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Popular Accommodations in Arkansas

Vacation house for 3 people in Beaver Lake, with garden, with pets
3 pers., 1 bedrooms
1 review
Beaver Lake, Arkansas
$93per night
Camping for 6 people in Searcy County, with garden, with pets
6 pers., 2 bedrooms
9 reviews
$104per night
Vacation house for 2 people in Eureka Springs, with jacuzzi, 540 ft²
2 pers., 1 bedrooms
7 reviews
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
$99per night
Comfortable vacation house for 2 people in Eureka Springs, with garden
56 reviews
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
$79per night
Wonderful resort for 2 people in Beaver Lake, with jacuzzi
28 reviews
Beaver Lake, Arkansas
$136per night
Vacation house for 2 people in Arkansas, with terrace, 540 ft²
20 reviews
$131per night
Excellent lodge for 2 people in Arkansas, with jacuzzi and terrace, 590 ft²
41 reviews
$170per night
Country house for 2 people in Arkansas, with jacuzzi and garden, 550 ft²
$89per night
Comfortable vacation village for 4 people in Arkansas, with jacuzzi and garden, with pets, 740 ft²
46 reviews
$106per night
Chalet for 4 people in Hot Springs, with garden
4 pers., 2 bedrooms
Hot Springs, Hot Springs National Park
$60per night
Excellent lodge for 2 people in Eureka Springs, with jacuzzi and terrace, 260 ft²
214 reviews
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
$68per night
Comfortable country house for 6 people in Arkansas, 1200 ft²
5 reviews
$201per night
Lodge for 4 people in Arkansas, with terrace
10 reviews
$100per night
Vacation house for 6 people in Garland County
6 pers.
$1,033per night
Hotel for 6 people in Beaver Lake, with jacuzzi and garden, with pets
39 reviews
Beaver Lake, Arkansas
$79per night
Excellent bed and breakfast for 2 people in Beaver Lake, with jacuzzi and sauna as well as garden, 390 ft²
31 reviews
Beaver Lake, Arkansas
$109per night
Lodge for 2 people in Beaver Lake, with jacuzzi and garden, with pets, 540 ft²
13 reviews
Beaver Lake, Arkansas
$99per night
Excellent resort for 2 people in Beaver Lake, with jacuzzi and garden, 570 ft²
63 reviews
Beaver Lake, Arkansas
$136per night
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Highlights in Arkansas

  • Hot Springs National Park
  • Ouachita Lake
  • Ozark National Forest
  • Mount Magazine
  • Buffalo National River
  • Blanchard Spring Caverns
  • Gangster Museum of America
  • Ozark Folk Center
  • Bathhouse Row

Most popular in Arkansas

Pool 767
Internet 2,072
Pet allowed 842
Balcony/Terrace 1,692
TV 1,827
Air conditioning 2,298
Parking 2,263
Washing machine 1,559
Heating 2,162

Vacation rentals in Arkansas

Discover the hidden gem of Arkansas in your very own vacation rental to get the most authentic experience of southern American culture. Whether you're visiting for business or pleasure, Arkansas offers some of the most breathtaking natural scenery and friendly outgoing locals who can help you feel right at home. Most of your vacation rental options are located around Hot Springs in the Ouachita National Forest due to its many spa-like retreats and hiking opportunities. Another popular vacation rental destination is up north on the border shared with Missouri, offering many fishing, swimming, and other water sport activities. Choose between cozy wood cottages and vintage cabins, with many homes able to accommodate up to 20 guests. With amenities like screened in porches, private pools, mountain views, and more--there's the perfect rental home available in Arkansas to meet your travel needs.

Holiday in Arkansas


Arkansas is a landlocked state in the southern United States which shares a border with Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Mississippi. The Mississippi River runs along its eastern border, while the landscape of Arkansas tends to live up to "The Natural State" motto with many forests, valleys, and mountains. Most visitors come to Arkansas by car, however the capital city of Little Rock also hosts regional airline flights into Clinton National Airport. Like most places in the United States the fastest and most efficient mode of transportation is to rent your own car while visiting, providing you the freedom and flexibility to set your own travel itinerary.


Destination for nature enthusiasts

Arkansas didn't earn the motto of "the natural state" for nothing! From the ever famous Ozark National Forest to Mount Magazine, Buffalo National River to Blanchard Spring Caverns - one could spend years living in Arkansas and still only scratch the surface of the state's outdoor splendors. Luckily for visitors, there are many log cabin homes located near to these national parks so you can fully immerse yourself in all the state has to offer.

Destination for music lovers

Despite its location off the beaten track of other top music cities like Nashville and Dallas, Arkansas hosts many music festivals throughout the year which draw in crowds from neighboring states. Most of these events happen in the springtime, including the Toad Such Daze, Riverfest, and Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival. Along with musical performances, there are also often carnival rides, food trucks, and art exhibitions for the whole community to enjoy.

Destination for science seekers

Unleash the potential of your inner scientist at one of many exploratory museums located around the state. The Arkansas Museum of Discovery is located in the historic River Market District in Little Rock showcases exhibits challenging visitors to think outside of the box and use science to solve some of life's greatest unsolved mysteries. Another family-friendly destination, the Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs puts it's focus on partnering with early educators in the area to promote STEM learning and exploring.

The name "Arkansas" was officially put into law in 1881, and was based on a Native American Sioux tribe word. Though the formal pronunciation is based on the French interpretation of the word, the term Arkansas means "Land of downriver people."

Top 4 things to do in Arkansas

1. Hot Springs National Park

Visit the 47 hot springs that have given name to one of the oldest nationally protected areas in the United States. The water in Hot Springs National Park comes down from Hot Springs Mountain at an average temperature of 143° Fahrenheit. Though the water is too hot to bathe in, there are several spas in Bathhouse Row which allow visitors a chance to experience the rejuvenating effects of a long soak. We recommend stopping into Buckstaff Bathhouse for a more traditional experience.

2. Lake Ouachita

Created when the Ouachita River was dammed in 1948, the man made reservoir of Lake Ouachita allows visitors the opportunity to fish, canoe, and camp along the water's edges. The lake is completely surrounded by Ouachita National Park and close to the city of Hot Springs. Lake Ouachita is known as the "Striped Bass Capital of the World," as well as holding a non-stinging rare jellyfish and sponge which are found in only a few freshwater lakes around the world.

3. Ozark Folk Center

The Ozark Folk Center is a cultural site for crafts, music, food, and other Arkansas heritage markers. Alongside its wares, you can also watch live demonstrations and take classes to learn skills such as beginning spinning, soap making, and leather crafting. The Ozark Folk center is located in the town of Mountain View, with close connections to Ozark National Park. There are also several on-site cabins available for visitors to spend the night immersed in local tradition and culture.

4. Gangster Museum of America

Step back into Hot Springs' dangerous history with a trip to the Gangster Museum of America. The museum takes visitors through the periods of 1920-1940 when the opportunities for extreme pleasures brought in many shady characters to participate in gambling and bootlegging. The Gangster Museum of America is divided into several exhibits following notable characters such as Al Capone, Charles Lusiano, and Charles Maden. Play a round in the antique casino during your visit to get a better sense for the kind of legacy Hot Springs holds in the black market history.