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Popular Accommodations in Greece

Villa for 11 people in Europe, with garden
25 reviews
Mandra - Eidyllia, Attica region
$126per night
Apartment for 3 people in Europe
1 bedrooms, 3 pers.
1 review
Skyros, Continental Greece region
$125per night
Villa for 8 people in Sitia, with balcony and balcony/terrace
2 bedrooms, 8 pers.
3 reviews
Sitia, Crete
$99per night
Vacation apartment for 4 people in Vrahati, with terrace
Vrahati, Peloponnese region
$91per night
Vacation house for 3 people in Europe, with balcony
1 bedrooms, 3 pers.
3 reviews
South Crete, Crete
$52per night
Villa for 16 people in Europe, with pool and garden
7 bedrooms, 16 pers.
East coast of the Attika region, Attica region
$499per night
Villa for 9 people in Ierapetra, with pool and garden
7 reviews
Ierapetra, Crete
$253per night
Villa for 6 people in Makry Gialos, with pool and garden
3 bedrooms, 6 pers.
Makry Gialos, Crete
$175per night
Apartment for 2 people in Vourvourou, with garden
65 reviews
Vourvourou, Central Macedonia region
$91per night
Villa for 6 people in Europe, with pool and garden
2 bedrooms, 6 pers.
Rhodes, South Aegean region
$111per night
Resort for 5 people in Europe, with garden
3 bedrooms, 5 pers.
2 reviews
Pilion Peninsula, Thessaly region
$73per night
Villa for 5 people in Hersonissos, with pool and garden
3 bedrooms, 5 pers.
9 reviews
Hersonissos, Crete
$151per night
Studio for 4 people in Andreas, with garden
Andreas, Peloponnese region
$80per night
Apartment for 2 people in Europe, with garden, with pets
12 reviews
Skyros, Continental Greece region
$48per night
Apartment for 2 people in Vasilikos, with garden
1 bedrooms, 2 pers.
28 reviews
Vasilikos, Ionian Islands
$84per night
Villa for 5 people in Europe, with garden and pool
20 reviews
Corfu, Ionian Islands
$104per night
Villa for 27 people in Europe, with pool and garden
8 bedrooms, 27 pers.
23 reviews
Istieas-Aidipsou, Continental Greece region
$1,056per night
Vacation house for 5 people in Platanias, with garden
7 reviews
Platanias, Crete
$215per night
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Highlights in Greece

  • Stunning coastal scenery
  • Great beaches
  • Ancient attractions
  • Superb food
  • Beautiful weather
  • Lively nightlife
  • Excellent tourist infrastructure

Most popular in Greece

Pool 10,342
Internet 21,947
Pet allowed 5,468
Balcony/Terrace 17,823
TV 20,773
Air conditioning 21,226
Garden 13,485
Parking 18,816
Washing machine 17,230

Greece Vacation Rentals

Stay in a whitewashed villa in the Greek Islands

Greece is a classic Mediterranean getaway destination, with solid sunshine, great food and an endless supply of superb vacation home choices for you to choose from. Travelers to the country will find attractive villas on every island, and near every resort, with traditional ceramic roofs and whitewashed walls (along with amenities like pools to cool off in the scorching Greek afternoons). Find them all at Holidu.

Pick a vacation rental near Ancient Greek sites

You’ll also find plenty of rental homes near Greece’s most famous tourist sites. Stay in apartments in Athens city center to be close to the Acropolis, find a refuge on the Peloponnese Peninsular, or somewhere near Mount Athos in the north of the country. There are holiday homes, apartments, beachfront villas, holiday villages and even remote eco-lodges, so find the perfect Greek venue for your next holiday.

Acropolis of Athens
Acropolis of Athens

Vacationing in Greece

One of the world’s greatest vacation destinations

Situated in the eastern half of the Mediterranean Sea, Greece welcomes around 30 million visitors every year to its sun-baked beaches, ancient sites and atmospheric tavernas. Whether you want to laze around on Rhodes or be in the thick of urban Athens, getting to the country should be easy from anywhere in the USA.

Plenty of airlines fly into Greek airports

The most popular entry point for international visitors is E. Venizelos Airport near the capital, Athens, which handles flights from New York, Philadelphia and Newark (although seasonal schedules may apply, so sometimes it will be necessary to fly via Paris or London). However, you can also catch connecting flights to Rhodes, Crete, Corfu and Kefalonia, to name just a few alternatives.

Get around by rental cars, buses, ferries or trains

Navigating Greece can be complex if you intend to include the country’s islands in your itinerary. On land, highways connect all of the major cities, while cheap buses ply the same routes (and there are a few train connections too). If you’d like to island hop by boat, ferry ports include Piraeus, Patras and Paros, and schedules can be found online.


One of the finest historical destinations

Find out about the birthplace of civilization by visiting the site of the Parthenon, the Oracle of Delphi, Corinth, Mycenae, Olympia and Sparta – as well as the spectacular monasteries at Mount Athos.

A superb beach destination

Greece mixes fins, sandy beaches with reliable sunshine almost every month of the year. Fly to islands like Mykonos of Corfu and enjoy idyllic beach vacations, with every amenity you could ask for.

Great fun for lovers of food and wine

Greek cuisine is another national highlight. Find a cosy taverna in a different scenic location every night and tuck into delicacies like souvlaki (lamb kebabs), stifado (a kind of vegetable and meat stew) and some of the freshest seafood anywhere in the world.

Top 5 things to do in Greece

Islands of Greece
Islands of Greece
1. Visit the Acropolis

Probably the world’s most famous ancient site, Athens’ Acropolis is where it all began. It’s where ancient Athens took shape, where the city’s people worshipped and arrived at a revolutionary new way of governing: democracy. It’s also a fascinating, awe-inspiring place to visit.

2. See the Churches of Mount Athos

Another inspiring historical sight, the monasteries of Mount Athos in northern Greece were built in the 800s AD on steep mountain sides. Crammed with treasures inside, these beautiful buildings are some of the most stunning Christian architectural achievements.

3. Go island hopping

Part of the attraction in Greece are the thousands of picturesque islands. Buy a combination ticket and flit between gorgeous locations like Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and Ithaca, reliving epic journeys like the voyage of Ulysses.

4. Party all night in Mykonos

Greece has its share of raucous party destinations, but Mykonos is head and shoulders above the rest. Check the packed annual schedule of festivals and gigs, or just hit clubs like Paradise almost any night of the year.

5. Tour the sites of Ancient Greece

You could spend years visiting the hundreds of archaeological attractions in Greece, but must-seesinclude the Byzantine town of Mystras, the theater of Epidaurus and Olympia – venue for the first Olympic Games.

Greece is made up over 2,000 separate islands, although only around 200 of these are actually inhabited.

Useful Information


Greece is the kind of vacation destination that has a very pronounced tourist season, so if you want to avoid big crowds or the hassle of having to book every restaurant you visit, time your stay wisely. Peak season tends to fall in the European summer holidays, between June and August, when the temperatures hardly dip below 90 degrees.

When to visit

For a more relaxed vibe and, consider touching down in spring or the fall. Spring’s probably the best time to go. The weather will be warm, there won’t be any rain, and the country’s meadows will be covered in vibrantly colored wildflowers – an incredible sight. However, there’s a catch. If you intend to island hop, go in the summer, as seasonal schedules can be thin on the ground outside high season.


Major festivals are well worth attending, but can also cause travel headaches. For example, being in Athens for Easter is great fun, but some services can become a little tougher to book. Another date to remember is the Feast of the Virgin (August 15), which turns almost every community into a party venue for one spectacular day.