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Popular Accommodations in Crete

Apartment for 3 people in Malevizi, with pool and children pool as well as garden
3 pers., 1 bedrooms, 538ft², 1.6mi to the beach
Malevizi, North Crete
$42per night
Apartment for 2 people in Hersonissos, with garden and pool
325 reviews
Hersonissos, North Crete
$30per night
Apartment for 2 people in Viannos, with balcony
Viannos, South Crete
$47per night
Studio for 2 people in Europe, with garden
10 reviews
Faistos, South Crete
$61per night
Villa for 5 people in Mylopotamos, with pool
Mylopotamos, North Crete
$168per night
Vacation house for 3 people in Hersonissos, with jacuzzi and pool as well as garden
3 pers., 1 bedrooms, 797ft², 0.6mi to the beach
Hersonissos, North Crete
$258per night
Villa for 10 people in Chania, with garden and pool, with pets
77 reviews
Chania, North Crete
$159per night
Villa for 14 people in Chania, with jacuzzi and garden
11 reviews
Chania, North Crete
$1,180per night
Villa for 23 people in Malevizi, with garden and jacuzzi
7 reviews
Malevizi, North Crete
$1,097per night
Vacation house for 7 people in Ierapetra, with garden, with pets
7 pers., 4 bedrooms, 10yd to the beach
10 reviews
Ierapetra, South Crete
$283per night
Vacation house for 5 people in Platanias, with garden
Platanias, North Crete
$269per night
Villa for 6 people in Apokoronas, with pool and garden
19 reviews
Apokoronas, North Crete
$120per night
Villa for 8 people in Hersonissos, with garden and jacuzzi
92 reviews
Hersonissos, North Crete
$411per night
Villa for 7 people in Rethymnon, with pool and garden
16 reviews
Rethymnon, North Crete
$73per night
Villa for 7 people in Platanias, with garden, with pets
13 reviews
Platanias, North Crete
$127per night
Villa for 2 people in Sitia, with garden
34 reviews
Sitia, North Crete
$242per night
Vacation house for 3 people in Heraklion, with garden
31 reviews
Heraklion, North Crete
$90per night
Villa for 9 people in Mylopotamos, with jacuzzi and garden
9 pers., 4 bedrooms, 1,507ft², 2.1mi to the beach
Mylopotamos, North Crete
$268per night
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Highlights in Crete

  • Temples and palaces
  • Pretty cities with a historic city centre
  • Boat trips and hikes
  • Lake Kournas
  • Renaissance festival

Most popular in Crete

Pool 3,662
Internet 5,770
Pet allowed 1,347
Balcony/Terrace 4,876
TV 5,431
Air conditioning 5,619
Garden 3,873
Parking 5,237
Washing machine 4,890

Popular Destinations in Crete

Apartments in Crete

On the Greek island really relax

Most holiday accommodation on Crete can be found in the coastal regions of the island, not far from beautiful beaches and secluded bays. You have the choice between a holiday apartment in a town or city centre or completely in a rural location. There, however, the availability of a car is worthwhile in order to be able to drive shortly to the shopping or to excursions in the next village.

From simple cabins to exclusive luxury apartments

The selection of vacation rentals on Crete is correspondingly large due to its popularity as a holiday destination. Here you will find the right accommodation for every taste, such as a cosy stone farmhouse or a magnificent villa overlooking the sea. In the town centres and on the beaches there are many apartment complexes, where you will also find a pool. A very special way to reside is to have your own boat, with which you can also sail to the neighbouring islands at any time.

The holiday apartment with the extra portion of service

Tourism plays an important role for the islanders, which is why they are happy to meet you locally to fulfil your wishes. Many landlords offer an included breakfast to the apartment and pick you up if desired from the airport or the ferry. You can also rent a bicycle from some family-friendly providers and use the playground in front of the house.

Holidays in Crete

Location and orientation

Holidays on the island

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean. The municipality also includes a number of neighbouring islands, which is why Crete is also a group of islands. Here you can swim in the sea along a coast more than a thousand kilometres long.

Discover varied landscapes

The northeast coast is the tourist centre of the island, where you will find many pretty villages and numerous shops, restaurants and bars. The Lassithi plateau spreads in the southeastern part of the island. There are important archaeological sites and secluded beaches. Rustic villages and nature-protected beaches lie predominantly on the southwest coast. The northwest is considered the green lung of Crete, where you will find endemic plants, deep gorges, small fishing villages and crystal clear sea.

Big cities and how to get there

Crete has several major cities, the capital of which is Heraklion. In addition there are the cities Chania in the west, Rethymnon with Venetian old town, Sitia on the east coast, Agios Nikolaos as well as Ierapetra and Kastelli-Kissamos. The best way to reach the island is by direct flight from Germany, or with a stop in Athens. Those who want to reach the island by car take the ferry from Pireas in Athens, which takes about nine and a half hours to get to Crete.

Cave of Psychro
Cave of Psychro

Things to know

The sunniest island in the Mediterranean region

The even Mediterranean climate gives the islanders of Crete around 300 days of sunshine a year. In summer the days are hot and dry, but in winter it is mild and rainy. There may even be snow in the high mountain ranges.

Experience folklore

Musically Crete has a speciality to offer. Because folk music has its very own direction and is shaped above all by instruments such as the lyre, the bouzouki and the laouto. You can enjoy this Cretan form of music in the taverns, which are played by live musicians.

Varied landscapes for hiking

The Samariá Gorge is a protected national park and can only be discovered on foot. There is also a 14-kilometre route from the Omalós plateau at Xilóskalo, through dense forests, past steep cliffs, through the village of Samariá and the "Iron Gate" to the end of Agía Rouméli, along with many other hiking trails.

Crete was inhabited more than 8,000 years ago. However, human inhabitants left their traces on the island 130,000 years ago. Therefore Crete is rich in archaeological sites and excavation sites.

Top 5 travel tips

Crete Windmill
Crete Windmill
1. Visit one of the most beautiful palaces in the world

According to legend, King Minos, the husband of the Phoenician princess Europa and the son of Zeus, once lived in the palace of Knossós, which was built around 1,900 BC. At the place where the palace ruins stand today, there were already first settlers around 5,700 BC. The impressive ensemble was destroyed by an earthquake two hundred years after its construction, which is why only the remains can still be seen today.

2. The old harbour of Knossos

The Minoan port city of Amnissos and the port of the same name have already been mentioned in several legends. It is said that the ships of Ulysses and Theseus docked in the harbour. Today you can visit the re-discovered harbour with its ruins and the buildings used at that time and let yourself be carried away into a bygone time, full of ancient legends and stories.

3. Go on excursions by boat

Many places on Crete offer different ship trips and boat tours, for example to the turquoise lagoon Balos in the west of Crete. Excursions start in the west of the island, from Kastelli. You can also reach a Venetian fort by boat. The tours start in Kolimbari and lead to the tip of the Gramvousa peninsula.

4. Collect wonderful impressions at the freshwater lake

The only natural freshwater lake on the island is Lake Kournas near Georgioupoli. It serves as a natural habitat for snakes, water turtles and a wide variety of dragonflies. Rent a pedal boat and explore the lake area. However, due to the calcareous rock of the mountains, the water is alkaline and feels soapy.

5. Experience parades and festivals live

On Crete pompous celebrations with splendid parades are held above all to the holidays. Such events can be experienced mainly on 25 March, 28 October and 9 November, the national holidays of Crete. In addition, there are festivals on New Year's Day, Easter Sunday and Christmas. The Renaissance festival in Rethymnon, which is always held in July, is particularly worth seeing.