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Popular Accommodations in Germany

Vacation house for 6 people in Wandlitz, with lake view and view as well as garden, child-friendly
2 reviews
Wandlitz, Brandenburg
$79per night
Vacation house for 2 people in Waldkirchen, with garden, with pets
176 reviews
Waldkirchen, Bavaria
$36per night
Vacation house for 3 people in Großpösna, with sauna and garden, with pets
85 reviews
Großpösna, Saxony
$94per night
Vacation house for 6 people in Kellerwald-Edersee national park, with garden, with pets
49 reviews
Kellerwald-Edersee national park, Hesse
$53per night
Apartment for 4 people in Mauth, with terrace
4 pers., 2 bedrooms, 3.2mi to skiing
1 review
Mauth, Bavaria
$43per night
Apartment for 4 people in Olpenitz, with balcony and sauna as well as ocean view
4 pers., 1 bedrooms, 0.7mi to the beach
Olpenitz, Schleswig-Holstein
$81per night
Vacation apartment for 2 people in Travemünde, with terrace, child-friendly
111 reviews
Travemünde, Schleswig-Holstein
$37per night
Apartment for 8 people in Wangerland, with pool and garden, child-friendly
15 reviews
Wangerland, North Sea
$57per night
Apartment for 2 people in Dornum, with garden, with pets
43 reviews
Dornum, North Sea
$34per night
Vacation house for 4 people in Hennstedt, with garden
10 reviews
Hennstedt, North Sea
$54per night
Apartment for 2 people in Großheide, with garden, with pets
7 reviews
Großheide, North Sea
$51per night
Vacation house for 2 people in Braunlage, with view and sauna as well as terrace, child-friendly
188 reviews
Braunlage, Lower Saxony
$32per night
Apartment for 4 people in Wangerland, with sauna and garden
134 reviews
Wangerland, North Sea
$35per night
Vacation house for 4 people in Butjadingen, with garden, with pets
158 reviews
Butjadingen, North Sea
$42per night
Vacation house for 2 people in Herzberg am Harz, with balcony/terrace and balcony, with pets
2 pers., 2 bedrooms
3 reviews
Herzberg am Harz, Lower Saxony
$60per night
Vacation house for 4 people in Olpenitz, with garden and sauna as well as view, child-friendly
4 pers., 2 bedrooms, 300yd to the beach
1 review
Olpenitz, Schleswig-Holstein
$63per night
Vacation house for 4 people in Bad Emstal, with garden and sauna as well as pool, with pets
41 reviews
Bad Emstal, Hesse
$91per night
Vacation house for 6 people in Dobin am See, with garden, child-friendly
170 reviews
Dobin am See, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
$45per night
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Highlights in Germany

  • Cultural masterpieces
  • Captivating cities
  • Beautiful churches and castles
  • Great beer and wine
  • High-class sporting attractions
  • Excellent transport links

Most popular in Germany

Pool 5,353
Internet 71,628
Pet allowed 32,330
Balcony/Terrace 68,104
TV 88,282
Air conditioning 1,528
Garden 38,552
Parking 82,116
Washing machine 48,317

Germany Vacation Rentals

Explore vacation rental options on the German coast

If you want a relaxed beach holiday with plenty of historical attractions nearby, Germany’s Baltic Coast is the ideal destination. In areas like Usedom, East Holstein and islands like Ruegen, Fresh air, great beaches and outdoor activities combine with superb accommodation options. At Holidu, you’ll discover a huge selection of attractive vacation homes, with chalets and beach houses as well as much larger family-friendly detached properties.

Stay in German cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich

Germany is a huge country, with a diverse collection of regions to visit, but its cities are the standout attractions. Whether you are heading to Oktoberfest or seeing the historical sights in Berlin, choose the perfect inner city apartment or townhouse from thousands of period and modern rental homes on the Holidu database.

Vacationing in Germany

A wonderful blend of nature, beaches and urban attractions

Germany is Europe’s largest country, and offers almost everything tourists could desire. There are party cities, ski resorts, peaceful lakes, beaches, festivals, wine regions and fascinating cities to explore in one of the safest, most tourist-friendly nations on earth.

How to get to a German rental home

When you make up your mind to visit Germany, getting there is not going to be a problem. The vast majority of Transatlantic visitors fly into international airports like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. These major airports are served by operators like Air Berlin, American, Delta and United, so there should be a convenient link to all parts of the USA.

Getting around Germany is easy

If you need to transfer to a Baltic resort or another city, there will be connecting flights to regional airports, as well as intercity buses with companies like Eurolines and Flixbus. Deutsche Bahn offers a reliable rail network all across the country, and the famous Autobahn system connects every region as well.

Germany's famous Rhine river
Germany's famous Rhine river


One of the great destinations for history lovers

History is everywhere in Germany. See World War Two battle sites, Hitler’s bunker, the Berlin Wall, palaces like Sanssouci, spellbinding baroque and medieval cities, as well as meticulously rebuilt masterpieces like Dresden and Leipzig.

An excellent outdoor destination

Ski in the German Alps, go sailing in Bavaria’s lake district, cycle or cruise down the Rhine, try kite surfing in Usedom, or scale some of Germany’s highest peaks like Zugspitze. Germans love to get outdoors, and whatever activity you enjoy, you can bet that it’s available.

A great place to savour fine food and wine

Germany is a world-famous destination for beer lovers, with stunning local varieties in every region and massive events like Munich’s Oktoberfest. Wine lovers can tour regions like Franconia, while gastronomes can feast on schnizels, pretzels, and authentic Berliner hot dogs.

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle

Top 5 things to do in Germany

1. See the historical sights in Berlin

One of the world’s great historical destination, Berlin is crammed with attractions, from the BrandenbergGate and Checkpoint Charlie to the Reichstag, Hitler’s bunker and the powerful Holocaust Memorial.

2. Attend a beer festival

If you love beer, you’ll love Germany. Oktoberfest in Munich is the most famous event, but you can catch lively festivals in Stuttgart, Bremen and Hanover as well.

3. Tour Bavaria’s fairytale castles

Bavaria’s outlandish castles are a sight to behold, and many of them feel like they could have been taken straight out of a Disney movie. Don’t miss King Ludwig’s famous castle at Neuschwanstein – one of the most beautiful in the world.

4. Catch a classical music spectacular

Germany is one of the world’s great centers for classical music and opera. See cut-price opera in Munich or Bregenz, see the Passion Play at Oberammergau, or settle in to witness Wagner’s ring cycle at Bayreuth.

5. Watch a Bundesliga match

Soccer fans shouldn’t pass up the chance to attend a Bundesliga or Champions League game during their stay. Experience some of the most good-natured and passionate fans at clubs like Borussia Dortmund or Bayern Munich and see superstars in action.

Germans eat over 800 million currywursts (sausages smothered in curry sauce) every year.

Useful Information

Pick the perfect season for a German vacation

Germany experiences very different weather conditions depending on the season, so timing your visit is important. On one hand, winter breaks to cities like Bremen or Munich can be really enjoyable, with great Christmas markets and the sight of snow-covered churches. However, if you want warm weather and the chance to swim or hike in comfort, travel from June through September. In Germany there’s always something to do, so there’s not a “bad time to go.”

Know when to make the most of urban festivals

How frustrating would it be to turn up in Munich as Oktoberfest is being dismantled, or to see the performers at Bayreuth packing up for the season? Knowing the dates of Germany’s major events can help to avoid any frustration. For example, Munich’s Oktoberfest actually starts in mid-September. While Bayreuth’sfestival runs in July and August.