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Highlights Milos

  • Island getaway
  • Pristine waters
  • Volcanic island
  • Blue Paradise

Prices and availability

Current Vacation rental prices Milos

$191for 1 Apr - 8 Apr
$229 annual average
Average price per week

Current vacation rental availability Milos

34%for 1 Apr - 8 Apr
38% annual average
Percentage of available rentals

Vacation rentals in Milos

A dreamy island getaway

Milos has everything you could want and more from a Greek island getaway. Exquisite beaches with clear turquoise waters, quaint fishing villages, ancient Greek ruins, volcanic hot springs, caves, and shipwrecks are just some things this island offers. Milos is one of the lesser known and less touristic Greek islands, making it one of the more authentic places to explore in the country. If you’re looking for a quiet, unspoiled island experience, put Milos on your list!

Finding your perfect vacation rental in Milos

Milos vacation rentals have the classic aesthetics and whitewashed design-styles you’d expect in a Greek island getaway. The majority of vacation rentals here are full of natural light and tasteful furnishings. Stay in a vacation rental on the beach, or opt for a rental with a private balcony and ocean views. All the vacation rentals are oozing charm and peacefulness, so you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose!

Vacations in Milos

The area and getting around

Arriving at Milos

Milos Island doesn’t have an international airport, but flying internationally is doable by changing planes in Athens. If you’re already in Greece on an island hopping trip, you can easily find ferries from nearby islands to Milos. You can also get a ferry directly to Milos from Athens. Once you arrive, taxis are available throughout Milos to reach your final destination.

Getting around in Milos

A lot of the beaches are in remote locations where you can’t find buses. So, it’s best to rely on taxis throughout your time on the island. Another popular option is to rent a car that can handle rougher terrain and reach hidden beaches where taxis can’t go.

Travelers and activities

Milos for history buffs

Milos is a paradise for history lovers. The Catacombs of Milos are considered one of the top three most important catacombs in history, and they date back to the first century. It was originally used as a burial site and then a place of refuge when the Roman Empire was persecuting Christians. Another historically rich place to visit is the Ancient Roman Theatre. This was once a giant structure that could host up to 7,000 people, and a visit here will make you feel like you’re back in Roman times. Plus, the sea views are magnificent here.

Milos for adventure lovers

Adrenaline seekers won’t be disappointed in Milos with its endless thrilling offerings. Go swimming at an abandoned sulfur mine which is so perfectly preserved that you’ll find rail tracks, workers’ clothing, and the entire structure still intact, rusting by the sea. It’s without a doubt one of the most fascinating (and eerie places) to swim on the island. Another place not to miss is Tsigrado Beach. To reach this hidden beach, you’ll have to descend a ladder through a small opening which opens up to some of the bluest and the most pristine waters on the entire island.

The famous sculpture of Venus de Milo was discovered on Milos in 1820. Since then, it’s been displayed in Louvre Museum.

Top 5 travel tips in Milos

1. Go to Sarakiniko Beach

Milos Island is filled with as many spectacular beaches as you’d expect from a Greek island, but Sarakiniko is often considered the most unique one. The white and grey volcanic rocks found along the shoreline have been shaped by nature in such a way that have caused the entire shore to look similar to the Moon’s surface. So, grab your camera and beach towels and head to this spectacular beach, but don’t forget to pack some food as there aren’t any facilities or restaurants nearby. Also, it's a good idea to go early in the peak season, since this one-of-a-kind beach is the most popular destination on the island.

2. Visit Plaka

Plaka is the capital of Milos, and it’s filled with shops, cafés, and charming restaurants. You can spend an entire afternoon here walking around, enjoying Greek dishes, and listening to soothing Greek music wafting in the background. While you’re here, go to Plaka Castle and watch the sunset. Plaka Castle was left by Venetians from their rule of the island, and it offers great views since it’s on the top of a high hill.

3. Go snorkeling in Kleftiko Beach

Kleftiko beach is accessible only by boat, but it is certainly worth the journey. It is home to some of the most pristine waters and beautiful rock formations on the island. Spend the day snorkeling around hundreds of caves, exploring the underwater world, and simply soaking up the magical turquoise shades of the sea.

4. Enjoy a wine tasting in a cave

What could be better than sipping on Greek wines inside a cave that’s been transformed into a wine cellar? Kostantakis Cave Winery offers its visitors exactly that. The friendly manager will share all kinds of interesting facts about the history of the cave and the winemaking process as you try each delicious wine.

5. Savor a “volcanic meal” on Paliochori Beach

Paliochori beach is a wonderful sandy beach with pristine waters, and a very unique cooking method. In the sea here you can swim around bubbling areas caused by hot springs. Even better is the fact that the restaurants on this beach cook your meals in hot volcanic sand. Bring your goggles and your appetite and savor this unique experience!

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Milos

How much do the vacation rentals in Milos cost on average?

At an average cost of $210 per night, Milos lies at the upper end of the price range for vacation rentals in Greece.

What time of year offers, on average, the best vacation rental prices in Milos?

If you want to save the maximum during your visit to Milos, travel in October ($173 per night on average), May ($174), or April ($180), to find the lowest prices for the whole year.

In which months is it more expensive to rent a vacation rental in Milos?

Last year, the month that had the highest annual average in Milos was August, with an average price of $275 per night. This was followed by July, with an average of $252, and then February, with $241.

Are there usually many vacation rentals available in Milos?

In order to not have problems finding accommodation in Milos, we recommend you to plan ahead as 70% of rentals are usually booked, according to last year's data.

Which months offer the highest availability?

October, May and June are, in order of highest to lowest, the months that have the largest number of properties available, with an average availability of 49%, 41%, and 39%. However, even during these months, when the availability is the highest, the average is just 43%. So we highly recommend you always book a little in advance to make sure you get the rental of your dreams.

During which months is it more difficult to find available vacation rentals?

The months with the lowest properties available in Milos are, in order, August, July, and January with respective average availability figures of 8%, 17%, and 24%, based on the previous year. During this period, the availability is only 16%. It is therefore recommended to book early.

How many rentals are there in Milos?

Holidu works with 7 different partners to give you a choice between 650 properties we have in Milos.

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