Hidden Gems for Bilbao

Find great things to do in Bilbao

Bilbao is one of the great treasures of Basque Country. In less than 20 years, it has transformed from a nondescript, industrial town into one of Spain’s coolest cities. Its beautiful architecture, superb art and delicious food are three great reasons to visit. In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Bilbao.

1. Hidden Gem Bilbao: Café Iruña

If you fancy a traditional establishment in Bilbao, the Café Iruña is the place to go. It is open all year round and serves breakfast, daily menus and dinner. It also offers a wide variety of appetizers, including the popular “pinchos morunos”, which are meat skewers made mostly with beef or pork. But Café Iruña is not only known for its food – also its atmosphere and striking decoration make an impression, with its unique Andalusian and Arabic flavor.

Café Iruña

Café Iruña / © Instagram: barrestophoto

2. Hidden Gem Bilbao: Mercado de la Ribera

A city vacation is simply incomplete without a visit to a market! La Ribera Market is Europe’s largest indoor market in terms of stalls. The market is filled with local produce from all over the Vizcaya region and Basque Country, much of it sold directly from the farmers themselves. The complex has three floors that boast a wide variety of produce. The ground floor contains the fish market, meat is on the first floor, and fruit and vegetables are located on the top floor. Live music performances by local jazz bands and some cultural events are also regularly held here.

Mercado de la Ribera

Mercado de la Ribera / © Instagram: hartisan

3. Hidden Gem Bilbao: Sua San

After your visit at the Guggenheim Museum, this restaurant is perfect for a little lunch break. Or how about a delicious breakfast with eggs benedict? The dishes at Sua San are made from natural, high quality ingredients, with exceptional flavours and unusual but delicious mixes. The interior design is minimalistic but has its own charm and the best part is that you can see the Guggenheim Museum from the outdoor terrace.

Sua San

Sua San / © Instagram: borntobelovers_leblog

4. Hidden Gem Bilbao: Guggenheim Museum

Whether museum lover or not, the Guggenheim is a must do. The building itself is alone worth seeing. Designed by Frank Gehry, it is a landmark of late 20th century architecture. The outside of the building is clad with titanium panels like the scales of a fish, which reflect every colour and alter the whole building’s appearance depending on the weather or time of day. The museum has acquired a permanent collection that spans from the mid 20th century to the contemporary period. The emphasis is on European and American painting as well as sculpture from the post-war period. The entrance fee is around 16 €.

Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum / © Instagram: claudimelo

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