Hidden Gems for Maastricht

Find great things to do in Maastricht

This beautiful city is located in the southeast of the Netherlands and perfectly combines historic and modern elements. In Maastricht you can stroll around, explore, do a little bit of shopping , enjoy some lunch in a great restaurant and sip a coffee in a trendy, healthy café. This little city has many highlights. In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Maastricht.

1. Hidden Gem Maastricht: Kafe Théa

KAFETHÉA is an independent coffee bar with a wide selection of vegan pastries. When you enter the cafe you get the feeling of being in a trendy and sustainable living room. The real highlight of the Kafe Thea is the “bookworm bar”, which is basically a bar made out of a shelf with tons of books. So feel free on a rainy day to grab a book, order a hot chocolate with almond milk and cozy up with your book. You can also come here for breakfast and enjoy some delicious pancakes.

Kafe Théa

Kafe Théa / © Instagram: mariednv

2. Hidden Gem Maastricht: Polare

For almost over 200 years, the church has no longer been used as a place of religious worship but rather as a building with very different functions, including as a bicycle storage room, and for carnival assemblies. After a complex restoration in 2006, the Dominican church has been home to a bookstore. The atmosphere here is simply unique. When you enter the building, you have a clear view of 1,200 square meters of books. You will also find a small but cozy cafe in the sanctuary.

Polare Maastricht

Polare / © Instagram: teenzhang

3. Hidden Gem Maastricht: Lumière Cinema

This film house is definitely a special place. The cinema is situated in a magnificent national monument in the Sphinx quarter, just a short walk away from the city center. The theatre shows not only current and popular movies but also films that are a bit unique or more like documentaries. Aside from the cinema itself, there is also an excellent restaurant that is part of the complex. Here you can have a coffee, lunch or dinner in an amazing, retro warehouse atmosphere.

Lumiere Cinema

Lumière Cinema / © Instagram: lumieremaastricht

4. Hidden Gem Maastricht: Teazone

The name says it already. This cafe is all about tea from all over the world. But it is not just the tea that comes from different cultures; the interior also has an eclectic mixture of designs. What is particularly special is that everything you see is for sale in this concept store. During the afternoon you can come here to enjoy a classic “high tea”. But the real hidden gem is the rooftop terrace during the summer time. Just relax in the sun and sip a cold lychee ice tea. All in all, Teazone offers you more than 140 different teas, the classic ritual of afternoon tea time, homemade cakes and high-quality coffee.


Teazone / © Instagram: claudiarusso

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