Hidden Gems for Tuscany

Find great things to do in Tuscany

Tuscany is an easy region to fall in love with. With its idyll of olive groves, wine soaked villages, frescoed churches and truffle fields, it is perfect for a road trip with family and friends. In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Tuscany.

1. Hidden Gem Tuscany: Antinori nel Chianti Classico

This place is not only known for its excellent wines also for his outstanding contemporary design. A terracotta-colored winery sits on top of a ridge overlooking surrounding area and nestled into the hillside with soaring staircases, glass walls, and lines of steel barrels. You can book wine tours in advance. A 90 minutes tour costs around 32€. Be sure to enjoy lunch on the outdoor patio with amazing views. Visiting this vineyard is definitely worth a day trip!

Antinori nel Chianti Classico

Antinori nel Chianti Classico / © Instagram: nicolabottarogolfpro

2. Hidden Gem Tuscany: La Ménagère

This place is not a normal restaurant. Back in the days it was a marketplace filled with tableware and other goods for home. Today La Ménagère has been transformed into a restaurant, with areas for flowers, fragrances and a home accessories. The fresh and sophisticated kitchen can be a nice change from the delicious traditional but often heavy food in italian restaurants. You can also stop by, just enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy your afternoon with a good book. I mean could there be anything better that flowers, shopping and food in one place? If you’re in Florence, head to La Ménagère.

La Ménagère

La Ménagère / © Instagram: diletta_iannaccone

3. Hidden Gem Tuscany: Pienza

The little town of Pienza in the Val d’Orcia of southern Tuscany is really worth a day trip. Winding country roads flanked by vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields take you to Pienza. Unesco listed the historic center of Pienza (with only 2000 residents) as a World Heritage Site. The town’s position high on a hill means there are awesome and unique views over the stunning landscape. Pienza is also well known for its sheep’s cheese, the pecorino. So don´t miss to buy one or to order a mixed cheese plates in one of the delicious restaurants.


Pienza / © Instagram: itsantoniaaa

4.Hidden Gem Tuscany: Local Food Market

This place is not really a “market” as much as a deli restaurant with excellent food in Lucca. It is a bit off the beaten track, situated in a cozy backyard. Perfect for a little break from exploring the city! While dining, you can sit on a beautiful terrace which is covered with lemon trees. They also offer a homemade lemonade made from their own lemons. Whatever you chose on the menu, it will taste delicious and might be your best meal in Lucca.

Local Food Market

Local Food Market / © Instagram: dalilha

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