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Find great things to do in Heidelberg

Often considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Heidelberg is an enchanting old town, full of tradition and richly populated by historic buildings like its famous castle. This city on the River Neckar is worth a trip! In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Heidelberg.

1. Hidden Gem Heidelberg: Unter Freunden

If you stroll through the alleys of the old town all morning, you will eventually get hungry. ‘Among friends’ is the perfect location to satisfy your hunger and thirst as they will serve you the best pizza in town. There is a huge selection of delicious pizzas, some of them quite unusual: (toppings include) hummus, figs, eggplant, oyster mushrooms, pecorino, coriander-parsley pesto, and pear-gorgonzola. They are also well known for their vegan pizza. What is also special about Unter Freunden, however, is that the pizza doesn’t come in pre – made slices. You can cut off the piece yourself according to your appetite! You pay by weight.

Unter Freunden Restaurant

Unter Freunden / © Instagram: issys_happiness

2. Hidden Gem Heidelberg: Castle

The ruins of the once-grand Schloss Heidelberg (Heidelberg Castle) rise up on a rocky hilltop over the university town of Heidelberg. Towering over the Altstadt, Heidelberg’s desolate Renaissance castle gives a romantic impression, especially from across the Neckar River when illuminated at night. Construction of the castle started around 1300 and it was used as a royal residence for centuries by many of Germany’s Prince-lectors. You can reach the castle either via a steep, cobbled trail in about 10 minutes or by taking the “Bergbahn” from the Kornmarkt station. One of the most popular events there is the Heidelberg Castle Festival from June to August, which boasts an eclectic mix of theater, choral music, chamber orchestras, jazz, folk, and opera.

Heidelberger Schloss

Castle / © Instagram: higgi1311

3. Hidden Gem Heidelberg: Coffee Nerd

You will get the best coffee in Heidelberg here! Coffee Nerd impresses visitors with its minimalistic interior, high tech coffee gear and a great selection of national roasters. Their coffee is also absolutely delicious owing to their handcrafted Seattle coffee machine, a 3-group Slayer espresso, which is the Rolls Royce among coffee makers and rarely seen in German cafes. In this calm and relaxed atmosphere, you can sit at the counter by the window, in the loft (where usually people like to read), in generous, cozy armchairs or outside. In addition to the coffee, make sure to order an exquisite, freshly baked cake, pastry or, our favorite, Pasteis de Nata.

Coffee Nerd Cafe

Coffee Nerd / © Instagram: simon.robertson

4. Hidden Gem Heidelberg: Vierling Store

For anyone who loves beautiful design, browsing around and looking for small gifts, this concept store is perfect. Vierling offers marvelous, sustainable objects, which are beautifully-presented in a welcoming shop atmosphere! There are simply great products to discover in every corner of the store; You will find wooden boards, handmade ceramic bowls, coffee-to-go mugs, candles and many more lovely items. The entire, upscale store is simply stylish and trendy.

Vierling Laden

Vierling / © Instagram: vierling.heidelberg-

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