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Most popular cities in the US for coffee lovers

Celebrate pumpkin spice latte season in these coffee hotspots


With the first day of fall behind us, the crisp air has transported us into Pumpkin Spice Latte Season. What better way to celebrate than with a warm cup of Joe. Americans are very passionate about their coffee, so it only makes sense to put the cities to the test and see which is truly the craziest about their caffeine. Coffee shops can be cultural hubs when exploring a new city to get a sense of the local community and meet new people. Coffee has been a huge part of American culture, but what are the must-visit cities for coffee lovers? Holidu, the search engine for vacation rentals, decided to find out the most searched cities in the US when it comes to coffee. So grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte or Americano and get ready to explore with Holidu’s top 10 most popular cities for coffee in the US. These trendy cities were selected using Google search volume, and the data highlighted that:

  • Denver, Colorado was the most searched city in the US for coffee, according to Google
  • The state of Texas brews up a storm with 2 of the top 10 most searched for cities 
  • The South comes in hot with 4 of the top 10 spots all located in southern states  

Image: Thump Coffee, Denver, United States credit Lexie Barnhorn via Unsplash

1. Denver, Colorado – 74,900 searches per year

The king of coffee, coming in at number one on the list, is Denver Colorado with a Google search volume of over 74,000. In the past year, 1,000 of these coffee enthusiasts have searched for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes in Denver, by far the most in our top 10 list. If you are a self-declared coffee lover, Denver should be at the top of your list. With roasteries and cafés on every corner, Denver is known for its coffee culture. Embedded into the community, it is said that the second incident that helped lay the groundwork for ‘coffee breaks’ occurred in Denver at Wigwam Weavers during the 1940s to boost productivity. Whether you are fixing for a fall themed joy in a mug or a classic cappuccino to pour over during a long workday, Denver coffee shops are at the heart of it all. Make Denver the next stop on your autumn adventure! 

Coffee shops you can’t miss:

  • Blue Sparrow Coffee (324 / 4.7)*
  • Commonwealth Coffee Roasters (144 / 4.7)*
  • Copper Door Coffee Roasters (268 / 4.6)*

*number of Google Maps reviews / average ratings


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2. Nashville, Tennessee – 67,800 searches per year

Coming in at number two is the soul filled town of Nashville with over 67,000 in Google search volume. Nashville is known for its incredible music scene and nightlife, but did you know it’s also known for its coffee? With several roasteries in the heart of Nashville, its coffee shops are studded with lounges and community desks. Making Nashville the ideal place for a workcation or to just relax with friends. Coffee lovers can get the best of both worlds, having a lively city to explore without needing to sacrifice on the quality of their coffee! 

Coffee shops you can’t miss:

  • Crema, Coffee Roasters (1328 / 4.6)*
  • Pinewood Social (3462 / 4.5)*
  • Frothy Monkey (1528 / 4.6)*

*number of Google Maps reviews / average ratings


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3. Dallas, Texas – 66,600 searches per year

The next on our list if you need a jolt of caffeine, is Dallas, Texas with over 66,000 searches for coffee shops in the area. Dallas is home to the Cowboys and sweet southern cooking, but what you may also not know is that it is also a haven for coffee lovers. Texas is going through a ‘coffee-roasting renaissance’ with boutique coffee roaster establishments popping up all over the state. Some in Dallas include Cultivar Coffee specializing in ‘slow’ coffee and Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters who focus on sourcing sustainably and attention to detail. This autumn season, get in the spirit by stopping by one of these highly rated cafés or some of the other instagramable coffee shops in the area, such as the Funny Library located in the Virgin Hotel.  

Coffee shops you can’t miss:

  • White Rock Coffee (1346 / 4.7)*
  • Houndstooth Cafe (496 / 4.6)*
  • Fiction Coffee (467 / 4.6)*

*number of Google Maps reviews / average ratings


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4. Houston, Texas – 63,400 searches per year

This ‘space city’ has out of this world coffee. Ranking fifth on the list with just over 63,000 searches is Houston, Texas. From Greek, to traditional, to community driven coffee houses, Houston really has it all! Check out the Sunset Coffee Building in Allen’s Landing Park, the city’s birthplace! This building was an old industrial coffee roasting site and is now turned into a dynamic space. Along with spaces available to rent for events, there is a café with a charming balcony that has an outstanding view of the White Oak and Buffalo Bayous. Don’t forget to also check out one of the many two story coffee shops that call Houston home. With so many sprawling cafés, everything is truly bigger in Texas!

Coffee shops you can’t miss:

  • Agora (2473 / 4.5)*
  • Throughgood Coffee (611 / 4.7)*
  • Catalina Coffee (1335 / 4.5)*

*number of Google Maps reviews / average ratings


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5. Chicago, Illinois – 60,500 searches per year

Hold on to your hats for this next one, blowing into the top five is the windy city of Chicago with over 60,000 searches in the past year. Filled with quirky cafés studded with art, Chicago is known for taking its coffee seriously. Escape the cold by cozying up in a warm café over a piping cup of hot coffee! You can also brave the cold and explore its many waterways and movable bridges with a to-go cup! Don’t forget to visit the ‘Bean’ statue, standing at 33 feet high, it is one of the biggest art pieces in the world of its kind and many of the cafés surround the Millennium Park in which it is located. What can we say? Chicago is a one-stop shop for all your sightseeing and caffeine needs.

Coffee shops you can’t miss:

  • Dark Matter Coffee – The Mothership (982 / 4.8)*
  • Sawada Coffee (1123 / 4.7)*
  • The Wormhole Coffee (1488 / 4.6)*

*number of Google Maps reviews / average ratings


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6. Seattle, Washington – 53,600 searches per year

If you are looking for the pinnacle of coffee culture, grab your favorite mug and head to Seattle.  Being home to the birthplace of Starbucks, this city comes to us as no surprise. Seattle, Washington, had over 53,000 searches in the past year, and it is easy to see why. The first stop on your coffee exploration should pay tribute to the first ever Starbucks in Pike Place Market that opened in 1971. We also recommend checking out Seattle’s oldest espresso bar, Cafe Allegro, established in 1975 in the University District of Seattle.  

Coffee shops you can’t miss:

  • Original Starbucks (4274 / 4.4)*
  • Anchorhead Coffee (1174 / 4.7)*
  • Cafe Allegro (596 / 4.5)*

*number of Google Maps reviews / average ratings


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7. Atlanta, Georgia – 51,800 searches per year

Home to the World of Coca-Cola there is more than one way to get your caffeine fix in this southern metropolitan city. Atlanta had over 51,000 searched in the past year and while being known for being home to Coca-Cola Atlanta has developed a strong coffee market. Although coffee culture was slow to migrate to the South, Atlanta is now a coffee hotspot in the south, with many coffee roasters and shops in the city. When visiting, you must head over to Ponce City Market to grab your to-go coffee from Dancing Goats Coffee Bar and walk the Atlanta BeltLine. Atlanta is also home to Taproom Coffee, the coffee and craft beer bar where you can taste Atlanta brewed craft beer, while still getting your coffee fix. Atlanta truly has it all for coffee lovers!

Coffee shops you can’t miss:

  • Taproom Coffee (475 / 4.7)*
  • Hodgepodge Coffeehouse (1,067 / 4.6)*
  • Dancing Goats Coffee Bar (860 / 4.6)*

*number of Google Maps reviews / average ratings


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8. Portland, Maine – 46,100 searches per year

Although famous for its lobster, Maine claws its way onto the top 10 list for most searched coffee cities with over 46,000 Google searches. Although slow to start, Maine has fully embraced the coffee culture, even going as far as making coffee-flavored liqueur a household staple. Grab a cup of Joe from one of the many shops in the city center or if you are feeling adventurous, a glass of Allen’s Coffee Brandy. In Portland, you are sure to find the perfect cup of coffee! 

Coffee shops you can’t miss:

  • Tandem Coffee + Bakery (997 / 4.7)*
  • Bard Coffee (766 / 4.6)*
  • Coffee Me Up (424 / 4.8)*

*number of Google Maps reviews / average ratings


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9. San Diego, California – 45,000 searches per year

San Diego is known for its stunning beaches and year round sunshine. Dazzling its way onto the top 10 list, San Diego is our only California city to make the top 10 list! Coming in with 45,000 searches in the past year, San Diego outshines its competitors for coffee culture. Did you know, the first commercially produced coffee in the US came from farms in San Diego? No wonder San Diego beat out so many other large metropolitan cities and made it into our list! 

Coffee shops you can’t miss:

  • James Coffee Co. (1017 / 4.7)*
  • Communal Coffee (920 / 4.6)*
  • Spyhouse Coffee (1710 / 4.3)*

*number of Google Maps reviews / average ratings


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10. Minneapolis, Minnesota – 44,600 searches per year

Make sure to bundle up for this next one. Sliding into the final spot on our list is the ‘Twin City’ of Minneapolis. Known for its proximity to Lake Superior this chilly city keeps warm with its coffee culture. Known for its role in the ‘Third Wave’ of coffee economics, Minnesota helped revolutionize ethically sourced coffee through small-batch coffee and fair trade. Pay your respects to this city by checking out one of its many coffee shops and cafés. We recommend cozying up with a campfire mocha from Café Astoria, it’s a can’t miss during the colder months.

Coffee shops you can’t miss:

  • Cafe Astoria (1090 / 4.7)*
  • Groundswell (864 / 4.5)*
  • Nina’s Coffee Cafe (797 / 4.5)*

*number of Google Maps reviews / average ratings


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Discover the rest of the ranking in the table below:


The ranking was created by Holidu, the search engine for vacation rentals, based on the sum of the last 12 months of Google Search Volume for “coffee shops in + city name” (as of September 23, 2021). From our initial list of 29,000+ US destinations in the Holidu database, we created a top 100 ranking of the most searched for United States cities for their coffee shops based on this Google Search Volume.

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