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Escaping the cold in winter is something many people often try to do, whether it’s soaking up the sun in Bali or surfing the waves in Costa Rica. This year everything is different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from some inspiration and start dreaming about our future adventures! As a travel fanatic you might satisfy your wanderlust by following your favourite influencers, but do you also have some great inspiring travel photographers on your social media feed? Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals, has listed 8 travel photographers for you so that you can continue to keep your appetite for travel alive and start planning for 2021!

Mark Harrison, Canada

121k followers | @markharrison4

Mark has visited many destinations all over the world. Adventure flows through his veins and he always gains new special experiences. One of his craziest trips was to the Philippines where he attended a ritual on Good Friday, where people nailed themselves to a cross (thankfully, not to death), this was definitely a very wild experience to be witness to! Another memorable experience was in Colombia, where he came face to face with a firearm, which understandably made him nervous for a while. He also shares all of his wild experiences via YouTube. Mark’s three favourite travel destinations are India, Bolivia and Iceland.


ⓒ @markharrison4 – Instagram

Simone Wittgen, the Netherlands

21.7k followers | @simone_wit

Besides the fact that Simone holds the Travel Influencer of the Year 2020 award from Columbus Magazine, she also inspires over 21.7k followers with her beautiful photos. Among Simone’s favourite travel destinations are the Wadden Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and other destinations located in the Wadden Sea, especially Vlieland and Schiermonnikoog. She says that these places give a feeling of freedom, the scenery is incomparably beautiful and photogenic, and the villages are characteristic. Austria is also a favourite holiday country of Simone, both in winter and summer, and she would very much like to discover Scotland and Ireland and their wild nature. The most special travel experience for Simone was waking up with racoons inside her tent in a National Park in America.


ⓒ @simone_wit – Instagram

James Gabriel Martin, Dublin

933 followers | @jamesgabrielmartin

James travels all over the world photographing and writing for travel publications such as Lonely Planet among others. His work focuses on capturing cultures, different traditions and people’s activities in a unique way. His three favourite travel destinations are Japan, Spain and Iceland. For James, Japan and Iceland give him the opportunity to snap countless possible scenes. Spain is also a great travel country with the best food in the world (as well as reliably good weather!) and he thinks that the Spanish people are down to earth. The craziest experience James had was in Cuba, where he was suddenly surrounded by a growing group of dogs in a square in Havana. It was such chaos that people were even injured by the fighting dogs. James helped an elderly lady who suffered a nasty wound, she couldn’t speak English and she probably still thinks he was a doctor to this day.


ⓒ @jamesgabrielmartin – Instagram

Rufus, Amsterdam

44.8k followers | @rufus_airlines

From still life captures indoors to beautiful panoramas outdoors, Rufus’ photos make you immediately feel like packing your suitcase and exploring the world. Rufus loves flowers very much, so you will spot them as a regular feature in his shots. Many of his beautiful pictures have been shot in Amsterdam, but also in Zurich and surrounding areas.

Katjana Frisch, Munich

1,698 followers | @katjanafrisch

Photographer Katjana focuses her work on the outdoors, and she shoots beautiful pictures with her own unique touch. Her tough travel stories are a thrill to follow. Amongst others, the Alps, the Dolomites and Antarctica are destinations she shares amazing content of. At the moment she is discovering the beautiful landscape of Lanzarote.

Philip, Hamburg

1,636 followers | @p.c.o

As a photographer by hobby, Philip travels a lot, and animals and nature are the main themes for his photos. The enormously beautiful colour contrasts in his photos quickly make you dream about faraway places. His craziest travel experiences so far were kayaking with orcas swimming nearby or hitchhiking to Vienna with a beehive in the boot. “Travelling is just so much fun and around every corner, there is a new experience. Being in the wild and being woken up by a reindeer outside, seeing the northern lights, meeting interesting people from different cultures”.


ⓒ @p.c.o – Instagram

Anja Gebhard, Nürnberg

257 followers | @travel_storytelling

In addition to her full-time job, blogger Anja and her boyfriend take the chance to travel as often as possible. Her favourite travel destinations are Colombia, the Philippines and Nicaragua. Highlights, of course, are palm trees, surfing and the unbeatable South American vibes. The most special experience for Anja was a visit to a coffee plantation in Colombia. After two hours of waiting, she was finally taken and was allowed to experience the whole process from picking to coffee making.


ⓒ @travel_storytelling – Instagram

Vlad Marius, Romania

2,896 followers | @Vladm_photography

Are you also curious about discovering Romania’s enchanting landscapes? Vlad’s photography takes you on a journey through the beautiful hills and valleys of this extremely picturesque part of the world. Outside of his home country, his favourite travel destinations are Crete, Strasbourg and Interlaken. His 2,896 followers thank him every day for the colourful pictures and sense of escapism they provide.


ⓒ @Vladm_photography – Instagram

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