Hidden Gems for Utrecht

Find great things to do in Utrecht


The beautiful city, which dates back to the Middle Ages, is located in the heart of the Netherlands, built around the monumental Dom Tower in its historical centre. But it is not only the history also the amount of super nice and hip cafes and restaurants attract the people.
In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Utrecht.

1. Hidden Gem Utrecht: Frenchie Café

This is probably one of the most instagrammable cafés you have been so far. Frenchie Cafe is located on Lange Nieuwstraat, not too far from the Dom and Domplein. The interior is a mix of white marble round tables, soft pink couches and beautiful golden mirrors on the walls. Frenchie Café is a brunchcafé, which means you can not only stop by for a cake but also for dishes like avocado on toast, American pancakes, and truffle fries. However most of the people come für the unicorn donuts.

Frenchie Cafe

Frenchie Cafe / © Instagram: _abiteoutoflife

2. Hidden Gem Utrecht: Roost aan de Singel

If you are looking for a special and relaxing location during summer in Utrecht, check out Roost. It is a restaurant, bar, terrace and outdoor area. It is located at the edge of the center in Park Paardenveld with a view over the new canal. ROOST has one of the largest and sunniest terraces in the city. But in case the weather is not perfect, they also have an interior space and a covered terrace. Just grab something delicious from the BBQ Menu and hang out at the canal. How about a classic super delicious pulled pork sandwich?

Roost aan de Singel

Roost aan de Singel / © Instagram: michielton

3. Hidden Gem Utrecht: The Streetfood Club

Make sure to not miss this restaurant when you travel to Utrecht. This spot is probably one of the hippest in town. Their interior is insane! Inside the club are three different areas. You can end in an over the top pink room where pink monkeys hang on the walls, even the tables and chairs are covered in pink. In another room it is more like in a botanical garden because of the large amount of banana plants and in the last one there is a tropical cocktail bar. Even though the building itself is super old, the interior is the opposite. But not only the interior is stunning also the food is amazing! The chefs like to take you on a food trip from the slums of Mexico to the streets of Bangkok. The food concept is designed that way that you order a lot of small dishes and share with friends. Order about 3 dishes per person to get the full experience.

The Streetfood Club

The Streetfood Club / © Instagram: lacabanedelou

4. Hidden Gem Utrecht: 30 ml Coffee Roasters

When you’re wandering through the city center of Utrecht and you’re trying to find a nice place for a good cup of coffee then you should definitely go to 30ml. Not only the latte art looks great also the coffee tastes really good. The long cafe is lined with several tables and hanging lamps, all in natural wood, with added colourful designs of coffee trees. Do not miss the homemade cakes and cookies. One of the 3 “30ml” is located in the center and a great asset to Utrecht. Just visit and taste!

30ml Coffee Roasters

30 ml Coffee Roasters / © Instagram: thewilddreverie

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