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People travel to Paris because of the romance and to Bordeaux because of the wineries but what about the fourth biggest city in France? Toulouse, also called “Ville Rose,” is a destination that should not be missed! As one of the bike-friendliest cities in France, here you can explore everything by cycling around. In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Toulouse.In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Toulouse.

1. Hidden Gem Toulouse: Le Café Cerise

If you are looking for a nice brunch spot in Toulouse check out this café. Café Cerise offers a delicious menu with lots of goodies for breakfast and lunch. As the owner is very passionate about working with locals, the food is always fresh. Coffee lovers will also be delighted, as the coffee is roasted with passion and precision. Le Café Cerise is situated on a green street across the Garonne river, near the School of Fine Arts.


Le Café Cerise / © Instagram: caro_bleulys

2. Hidden Gem Toulouse: Ma biche sur Le Toit

If you fancy a drink with a view, this rooftop restaurant on Galeries Lafayette is a great choice. Offering everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner, many visitors choose to come here in the evenings for gourmet bites and a good bottle of wine or signature cocktails. But no matter the time of day, the stylish rooftop terrace invites you to enjoy a couple of hours with the awesome view.


Ma Biche sur Le Toit/ © Instagram: sovagabondages

3. Hidden Gem Toulouse: Marche des Carmes

Probably everybody knows the Victor Hugo market, but we would like to recommend a less crowded one: Marché des Carmes. The hall is home to around 50 stalls with fruits, veggies, meat, bread and other tasty foods. If you are staying in an apartment with a kitchen during your stay, fill your bags here with fresh ingredients and cook yourself a delicious dinner.


Marche des Carmes / © Instagram: chez_maylis

4. Hidden Gem Toulouse: Sovaga Café

You’ll immediately feel at ease when you step into Sovaga, a restaurant with gorgeous décor only a stone’s throw away from the Place du Capitole. In the midst of wooden furniture and hanging plants, you can enjoy healthy, gluten-free and vegan street food dishes. We would especially recommend to stop by for an afternoon piece of cake as their baked goods are simply a dream! Most of them are made out of raw, organic and local ingredients. Being as healthy as cake can get, you can eat two without feeling guilty!

Sovaga Café

Sovaga Café/ © Instagram: sovaga_toulouse

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