Hidden Gems for Toronto

Find great things to do in Toronto


Art, food, beaches, nightlife – in Toronto, you’ve got it all. The nation’s most populous city is a top place to have fun and enjoy life.
In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Toronto.

1. Hidden Gems Toronto: Odin Café and Bar

No city trip without visiting a good coffee place. Odin, a Nordic-Canadian cafe and bar will be your spot! It is a beautiful and spacious cafe with scandinavian-inspired minimalist design, a great work environment and good drinks. If you spent your afternoon here until an early evening than Odin stocks a full bar with a small wine, beer and cocktail selection. If you are a bit hungry they also have a full snack menu complete with sandwiches, avocado toast and other planted based food. No matter what may have brought you here, this coffee shop has it all. So grab a Almond Milk Mocha with a shot of their housemade dark chocolate sauce and enjoy some free or working time at Odin.


ODIN / © Instagram: tiff_engee

2. Hidden Gems Toronto: Bandit Brewery

There is nothing better than a good beer after exploring the city the whole day by foot. Bandit Brewery will be your go to place. Bandit Brewery is an open-concept brewery, taproom and patio located inside a former auto shop at Dundas and Roncesvalles. The owners were inspired by the experiences and the atmosphere of German beer gardens, that bring people with all backgrounds together through great beer. You can choose between 20 different types of beer from the tap.

Bandit Brewery

Bandit Brewery / © Instagram: bandit_brewery

3. Hidden Gems Toronto: Rosalinda Restaurant

This place is a vegan Mexican restaurant where your foodie dreams come true. The owners of Rosalinda already manage two other successful and yummy restaurants in Toronto. They had their plant oriented dining concept in their minds for a long time already. This concept is also reflected in the interior as the space is decked out with lots of plants and the roof looks like in a greenhouse. How about a crispy tofu and rice bowl with salsa macha, black beans, avocado, peanuts and chipotle vinaigrette

Rosalinda Restaurant

Rosalinda Restaurant / © Instagram: allstylelife

4. Hidden Gems Toronto: Evergreen Brick Works

Evergreen is an innovative public space and a community environmental centre that inspires and equips visitors to live, work, and play more sustainably. It connects citizens, business, academia and government in order to shape Toronto for the better. There is often a motto day like Winter fridays or Summer wednesdays. On winter Fridays for example you can skate under the stars on the outdoor skating rink, grab a hot chocolate and cozy up around the fire. There are also often some local markets you could visit.

Evergreen brick

Evergreen brick / © Instagram: works_evergreen_brick_works

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