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Hidden Gems for Lake Constance

Find great things to do at Lake Constance


Lake Constance is the perfect location for a weekend trip. Long strolls along the lake, cute little cafes and beautiful nature will await you. You will find the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure here.
In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Lake Constance.

1. Hidden Gem Lake Constance: Café Bloggers

Fancy some soul food in the middle of a feel-good oasis? Then the breakfast creations at Café Bloggers are a must. Between green plants, lots of wood and cosy bamboo chairs, they offer super tasty smoothie bowls, eggs, a good portion of caffeine and many other colourful treats for an energy kick in the morning. At Café Bloggers everything happens with lots of attention to detail: every plate, every glass, every bowl is arranged here in a particularly creative way. How about a chocolate smoothie bowl for breakfast?

Cafe Bloggers

Cafe Bloggers / © Instagram: cafebloggers_kn

2. Hidden Gem Lake Constance: Meersburg Therme

The sauna world of the Meersburg Therme is a place for rest, regeneration and revitalisation. With seven different saunas and steam baths, a hammam true to the original, a wide range of massages, newly designed relaxation rooms to unwind in, as well as refreshing indoor and outdoor pools and an idyllically landscaped garden directly on the lake, it is the perfect retreat to “recharge your batteries” and “gather strength”.

Meersburg Therme

Meersburg Therme / © Instagram: Staerk_gmbH

3. Hidden Gem Lake Constance: Pinot Wine Bar

If you spend some time at Lake Constance make sure to not miss a good glass of wine. A lovely location for that is the Schmidt Winery in Wasserburg. As it is a family business, the vineyards and fruit slopes have been family-owned for many generations. The new building at “Weingut Schmidt am Bodensee” houses wine production, fruit processing and gastronomy under one roof. The modern architecture meets sustainability and a wood-burning stove, embedded in the midst of nature and the vineyards. During summer you can enjoy your wine and some delicacies on the sunny south terrace of the Pinot wine bar while enjoying the stunning view.

Pinot Weinbar

Pinot Weinbar / © Instagram: schmidt-am-bodensee

4. Hidden Gem Lake Constance: Eilguthalle

If you fancy a little different dining experience, book a table at Eilguthalle in Lindau. Here you can enjoy your dinner in a special atmosphere surrounded by vintage cars. The cuisine combines tradition with modern and tries to use as many local products as possible. How about a fillet with truffle fries? During summer time you can also sit outside and enjoy your drinks with a view of Lake Constance. It really is a prime location!

Eilgut halle

Eilguthalle / © Instagram: chrisgaethke

5. Hidden Gem Lake Constance: Fischersteg

An unforgettable place for the summer days, Fischersteg is one of the most unique spots to have some refreshing drinks when visiting Bodensee. This footbridge that stretches into the lake was originally built in 1902 as a fishing bank. Later it became a landing stage for seaplanes in 1923. Thankfully it is now used as a bar where you can drink delicious cocktails and stay with wonderful memories. Due to its location, chill atmosphere and opening time it is a great bar to come with your partner. All these factors make it a really romantic place, especially if you come together for the sunset.


Fischersteg / © Instagram: vikis_cosmos

6. Hidden Gem Lake Constance: SEO Küchen Handwerk

At SEO Küchen Handwerk you’ll be thoroughly impressed by the quality, presentation and deliciousness of the dishes they offer. This fancy restaurant is ideal for when you are in the mood of spoiling yourself with creative and unique plates. The chef is no other than Roland Pieber, one of the top chefs in Germany. Everything here is prepared with in-house grown herbs for the maximum taste. Not only will you eat delicious veal or any other tasty dish, but you will have an awesome view of the lake and the Montfort Castle.

SEO Küchen Handwerk

SEO Küchen Handwerk / © Instagram: seokuechenhandwerk

7. Hidden Gem Lake Constance: Weingut Aufricht

There is no denying that a single glass of wine can put a smile on your face. In Weingut Aufricht, with all the wine tasting going on, you’ll become the happiest person ever. This family-owned business is a true hidden gem of Bodensee located in a secluded place in the Meersburg area. Here, you’ll be in awe with the beautiful green vineyard and the incredible view of the lake. They also have an amazing roof terrace where it is possible to enjoy the wines you’ll be tasting. If you are a wine lover, it doesn’t get any better than this when you are around Bodensee.

Weingut Aufricht

Weingut Aufricht / © Instagram: weingut_aufricht

8. Hidden Gem Lake Constance: Burgerheart Konstanz

For all you burger and fries aficionados looking for a delicious meal, Burger Heart has your back! Here, they have fries with almost any topping you can imagine; pumpkin with feta cheese, grana padano with pesto sauce and much more. Their burgers are also on a whole other level with many different tasty fillings to choose from. At Burger Heart, not only will you eat amazing food but come out feeling like you did something good for the world. For each burger you order they buy a meal for someone in need! So if you needed a better excuse to eat mind blowing burgers this is your chance.

Burgerheart Konstanz

Burgerheart Konstanz / © Instagram: burgerheart_konstanz

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