Hidden Gems for Montenegro

Find great things to do in Montenegro

The small, Adriatic country Montenegro offers everything you could wish for. Located in Europe, this European country is jammed pack with rivers, lakes and mountains. It is the perfect place for a little road trip. In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Montenegro.

1. Hidden Gem Montenegro: Lake Skadar

This natural wonder is waiting to be explored. Lake Skadar is one of the largest lakes in Europe and is an absolute mecca for wildlife – especially birdlife. Even if you’re not into birdwatching, simply getting out on the lake in one of the flat-bottomed boats and admiring the wildlife is a great experience. The lake, as well as the entire area around it, constitute a national park in Montenegro, which was established in 1983. If you are into outdoor activities, there is a lot to do: cycling, hiking, swimming and, of course, eating your way around the lake. Mandarins, plums, figs, walnuts, peppers and pomegranates can be found on a lot of hiking trails. You should also try the locally-produced goat cheese with delicious honey.

Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar  / © Instagram: jetromatilainen

2. Hidden Gem Montenegro: My Brilliance Café

As it is hard to find healthy restaurants in Podgorica (the capital and largest city of Montenegro), we are more than happy to introduce you to “My Brilliance Café”. This spot offers much more than your daily dose of caffeine. You can get a buddha or smoothie bowl, fresh juices, gluten-free dishes and delicious cakes. Or how about trying the pink (beetroot) or green (matcha) latte? The stylish and colorful interior invites you to spend some time here with a good book or some friends. Also worth mentioning is that it is one of the rare non-smoking places in town.

My Brilliance Café

Brilliance Café  / © Instagram: mybrilliancecafe

3. Hidden Gem Montenegro: Tara Canyon

In the mountains of Durmitor National Park -a UNESCO World Heritage site – you can find Montenegro’s fun-filled adventure attraction: the Tara River Canyon. There are three major (natural) features to Durmitor – canyons, plateaux and mountains. The Tara canyon is the deepest in Europe (1300m deep at its peak) and it cradles the wild Tara River, with its clear blue waters for rafting. If you want to approach it from the top, you should plan a detour to the impressive Tara Bridge, cross the arched bridge and have a coffee break with a great view. Being here during sunset is a stunning experience.

Tara Canyon

Tara Canyon  / © Instagram: k.ro.line.hard

4. Hidden Gem Montenegro: Byblos Porto

If you have had enough of eating seafood everyday you might like this restaurant. Byblos is a Lebanese restaurant in the heart of Porto Montenegro. As Lebanese dishes are largely based on natural, unprocessed ingredients, like fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, an array of whole grains and cold-pressed oils, it is also quite a healthy option. Besides the main menu, you can also get drinks, shisha and mezze on the Byblos terrace beneath one of the nouvelle Arabian tents and enjoy the beautiful view of the Porto Marina.

Byblos Porto

Byblos Porto / © Instagram: natalia.ptr

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