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Highlights in Florida Keys

  • The Ernest Hemmingway House
  • The African Queen Canal Cruise
  • The Everglades National Park
  • Harry S. Truman Little White House
  • Key West Island T’ing

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Florida Keys Vacation Rentals

The Florida Keys is one of the preferred destinations for both local and international visitors. For locals, this is a budget-friendly destination characterized by affordable rental homes and sightseeing locations. In the Keys, there are plenty of vacation homes, including apartments, rooms, villas, camps, and boats. The choice is dependent on your preferences and the number of guests. Many vacation rentals have a pool, BBQ stand, and parking. Some rentals don’t allow pets while others do. Pick a rental home with amenities that work well for you and your fellow travelers.


Key West

Florida Keys are islands that lie along the Florida Straits in the Monroe County. These islands stretch along 112 miles from the coast of Florida on the Southeastern side and then move westward to Key West. The islands are characterized by their tropical climate and long sandy beaches. The city of Key West, located in Florida Keys, is the seat of Monroe County and composes the bustling city center in these islands.

Key Largo

Florida Keys is composed of some stunning sub-regions. First, the Key Largo. For scuba-diving enthusiasts, anyone in love with nature and anyone who wants to visit the Everglades National Park, make your way to Key Largo. The second key on Florida Keys is the Islamorada, which would again be perfect for scuba divers. It has a reef line and a fishing charter where fishing is done. Both of these keys have affordable and comfortable motels. The other keys in Florida Keys are Marathon, the Lower Keys, and Key West, which is the heart of culture, art and modern architecture.

Getting there

Traveling to Florida Keys can be done in different ways. First, you can fly to the Marathon then take a bus to your preferred spot on the island, or you can fly to Miami Airport then take the GreyHound Keys Shuttle to any destination within the island. The third alternative is to make a road trip out of it then take a ferry to the island.

Overseas Highway
Overseas Highway


Florida Keys for Scuba Divers

For scuba divers, Florida Keys has the most stunning scuba diving. This takes place in almost all the keys of Florida Keys, but in Key Largo and Islamorada have the outstanding scuba diving. For an adventurous couple who want to go crazy, try scuba diving in Florida Keys.

Florida Keys for Families

Swimming in the sea water and walking along the beaches is an activity that can be done by the whole family. The children will love making castles on the beach, and couples can watch the sunset as they walk along the beach. Anyone who is crazy about modern architecture, museums and culture will go crazy over the galleries, museums, national parks, and theaters that are found in this destination. This is an activity that the whole family can partake in. Daily sunset celebrations take place in Key West, which happens to be a city rich in culture and history.

Florida Keys for Fishing

Fishing is a famous activity in Islamorada. The fishing charter in Islamorada ensures that your fishing line is always hooked, and you will be directed to the best fishing areas.

Florida Keys for Art Enthusiasts and Foodies

Art galleries, quaint shops, hotels and resorts that are located all along Florida keys have got the art enthusiasts and foodies covered. There are 5-star resorts and little local restaurants that offer food for the whole family, and the local shops will ensure that you don’t go home without a souvenir.

Top Things to Do in Florida Keys

Go to the Harry S. Truman Little White House.

The Harry S. Truman Little White House is a house that President Truman once stayed in. This is a destination that would totally fascinate the kids.

Board the African Queen Canal Cruise.

This a ship that is over a hundred years old. Surprisingly, this ship is still in mint condition.

Snorkel and watch dolphins in Key West.

If you are crazy about dolphins, you will get your fix in Key West. Snorkeling is an activity that you can also do while in Key West.

Explore on the Key West Island T’ing.

On this boat, you partake in a sail on the deep sea waters, snorkel and go kayaking. You even get to sail through the Gulf of Mexico.

Visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.

In this conservancy, you get to see over 50 species of butterflies in a controlled environment. Flowering plants and trees are also in this conservancy.

Did you know that between 1937 and 1939 Ernest Hemmingway lived in Florida Keys, in a house that is now known as the Ernest Hemmingway House?

Useful Information


Florida Keys is in a region with a tropical climate, and this means that it is quite warm throughout the year. While packing, carry light clothes, and ensure that you pack some sunscreen to prevent sunburns.

Sunset Celebration

The main events that take place in Florida Keys are plays in the different theaters. However, every evening in Key West, there is the daily sunset celebration which everyone can take part in.