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Sunshine State’s best cities for outdoor dining

The top 10 Florida cities for a summer full of outdoor dining


Florida has always been a favorite destination for outdoor dining in summer, and through the pandemic, it has solidified its importance even more… But which Florida cities take the cake for the most friendly for outdoor dining? Holidu, the search engine for vacation rentals, decided to carry out a study to determine which Florida cities offer not only the most but the best-rated outdoor dining options. To accomplish this, we evaluated the number of outdoor dining options available, but also took into consideration the Google ratings and number of reviews left. Stay tuned for our most delicious list yet, and enjoy some of the top-rated restaurants and bars for each city that you need to try. So get ready to pack your bags and plan your next foodie adventure! 

These trendy picks were found using the Google database and the data highlighted that:

  • Orlando took first prize as the best-rated city in FL for outdoor dining, scoring a 10/10
  • Southeastern Florida dominates the list with 4 of the top 10 spots! 
  • Tampa Bay area had a strong run with 3 of the 10 cities along its shores


1. Orlando, Florida | score: 10/10

The winner of this ranking is the magical city of Orlando. This iconic city is located in central Florida and is best known for being home to Disney World and Universal Studios. With all the hustle and bustle of the amusement parks, it is no wonder Orlando is jam-packed with plenty of outdoor dining to meet the demand. Orlando is not only busy during the summer, but thanks to the gorgeous Florida weather, it is an attractive destination all year long. Coming in at a little over 670 outdoor dining establishments, and an average rating of 4.32 stars on Google it is no wonder this city ranked at the top of our list as the most outdoor dining friendly city in Florida this year. 


Top-rated outdoor dining you can’t miss:

  1. Hungry Pants (303 / 4.8)*
  2. Grape and the Grain Wine Bar (170 / 4.7)*
  3. Bulla Gastrobar (1905 / 4.5)*

*number of Google ratings / average score

Orlando Photo by C. Cagnin from Pexels

 image: Orlando – credit C. Cagnin via Pexels

2. Miami, Florida | score: 9.71/10

Moving on to second place, our next must visit town for outdoor dining is Miami, and it’s easy to understand why. This southern waterfront gem is known for its nightlife and plethora of unique dining establishments that you won’t want to miss. Coming in at 630 outdoor dining establishments, you definitely have your pick when it comes to dining in Miami. Grab a drink by the sand on the warm scores or dine on seafood sky-high on a dining deck. With an average outdoor dining rating of 4.34 on Google, it is no wonder why Miami is such a well-loved vacation hotspot and praised for its cuisine. Don’t miss out on the second best outdoor dining friendly city in Florida.


Top-rated outdoor dining you can’t miss:

  1. Mandolin Aegean Bistro (2124 / 4.6)*
  2. La Mar by Gaston Acurio (1428 / 4.4)*
  3. Amara At Paraiso (1363 / 4.3)*

*number of Google ratings / average score

Miami mimi-di-cianni-swRx6JNNJh8-unsplash

Image: Miami – credit Mimi Di Cianni via Unsplash

3. Tampa, Florida | score: 9.62/10

Claiming third place with 618 outdoor dining spots is the well-loved Gulf Coast beauty of Tampa. This coastal paradise is nestled in Tampa Bay just northeast of St. Petersburg. Tampa is known for its allure of tourist attractions, including Amusement park Busch Gardens and the Florida Aquarium. Tampa’s unique mix of waterfront and high-rises lends to some incredible outdoor dining experiences. With an average Google rating of 4.34, Tampa is a must-visit this summer for our outdoor dining enthusiasts.


Top-rated outdoor dining you can’t miss:

  1. Armature Works (9239 / 4.6)*
  2. Bartaco (1647 / 4.4)*
  3. Jackson’s Bistro, Bar & Sushi (4223 / 4.3)*

*number of Google ratings / average score

Tampa nathan-mullet-A8aviF7HHKs-unsplash

Image: Tampa – credit Nathan Mullet via Unsplash

4. Jacksonville, Florida | score: 8.99/10

Located in the most northwestern part of Florida, Jacksonville is our largest city to make it on our top 10 list. Renowned for having the largest urban park system in the country, Jacksonville boasts over 530 outdoor dining spots. Between the skyscrapers and lush parks, you can find fantastic outdoor restaurants that transport you to another world. With an average Google rating 4.32, from over 428,900 ratings, Jacksonville is a dream for people looking to explore and expand their palette this summer.


Top-rated outdoor dining you can’t miss:

  1. The Bearded Pig (3439 / 4.6)*
  2. Taverna (1118 / 4.6)*
  3. River & Post (2716 / 4.4)*

*number of Google ratings / average score

The Jacksonville Landing, Jacksonville FL, Southeast view

Image: Jacksonville – credit Wikimedia Commons

5. Fort Lauderdale, Florida | score: 7.36/10

Coming in at number 5 this bustling summer destination is renowned for its stunning beaches and breath of culture and arts. With over 300 outdoor dining spaces, you won’t have to sacrifice a moment away from the Florida sunshine. Over 255,000 people agree that these outdoor dining establishments are fit for a king, earning an average Google rating of 4.36 for their charming open air-cafés, pizzerias, and much more. Make Fort Lauderdale your next ideal destination for summer break. 


Top-rated outdoor dining you can’t miss:

  1. Kaluz Restaurant (3820 / 4.6)*
  2. Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria (4568 / 4.5)*
  3. American Social (1701 / 4.3)*

*number of Google ratings / average score

fort-lauderdale-Image by sgd from Pixabay

Image: Fort Lauderdale – credit sgd via Pixabay

6. Miami Beach, Florida | score: 7.14/10

At number six is Miami Beach, this barrier island boasts some of the most stunning beaches and equally stunning views from its restaurants. With just under 300 spots to enjoy a meal under the sun, these delectable dining locations earned an average Google rating of 4.26 from over 244,413 reviews. Embrace the white sand and palm tree-lined shores while you sip on a cool cocktail. With such a wide range of options, it is no wonder Miami Beach is ranked as one of the best summer cities in Florida for our outdoor dining enthusiasts.


Top-rated outdoor dining you can’t miss:

  1. Ole Ole Steak House (2644 / 4.9)*
  2. Il Pastaiolo (1501 / 4.8)*
  3. La Leggenda Pizzeria (1003 / 4.7)*

*number of Google ratings / average score

Miami Beach karl-bewick-IGBJR6D6agU-unsplash

Image: Miami Beach – credit Karl Bewick via Unsplash

7. St. Petersburg, Florida | score: 7.06/10

Next up is the charming city of St. Petersburg! Located just south of Tampa, St. Petersburg has 270 places to grab a bit or drink under the sky. This city is bursting with excitement, and more importantly, good places to eat. With an average Google rating of 4.42 over 228,500 people agree you’d make the right choice for your outdoor dining experience in St. Petersburg. Whether dining under the stars, waterfront or beachside, this city is sure to meet every expectation you have and more. St. Petersburg has definitely earned its spot in the top 10 list of Florida’s best cities for outdoor dining.


Top-rated outdoor dining you can’t miss:

  1. CALI – St. Pete (1134 / 4.7)*
  2. Noble Crust (2646 / 4.6)*
  3. Casita Taqueria (2024 / 4.6)*

*number of Google ratings / average score

CityofStPete Downtown St. Petersburg flickr

Image: St. Petersburg – credit CityofStPete via flickr

8. Tallahassee, Florida | score: 6.74/10

Coming in a number eight on the list is the state capital of Tallahassee, with over 230 outdoor dining establishments for you to explore. Close to the Georgia Florida boarder, Tallahassee is one of the few landlocked cities on our list. Home to the rich history of Florida and Florida State University, you won’t want to miss the unique Florida charm of this vibrant city. Tallahassee provides a wide range of options for dining in its city, with an average Google rating of 4.30 from over 123,000 reviews.


Top-rated outdoor dining you can’t miss:

  1. Kool Beanz Cafe (1100 / 4.7)*
  2. Midtown Caboose (1513 / 4.6)*
  3. Backwoods Crossing (1430 / 4.6)*

*number of Google ratings / average score

Tallahassee Burnette Park credit Shawn Bayern via Flickr 2

Image: Tallahassee – credit Shawn Bayern via Flickr

9. Boca Raton, Florida | score: 6.62/10

On Florida’s southeast coast lies our next outdoor dining hotspot, Boca Raton. With a little over 200 outdoor dining sites to chose from, Boca Raton is known for its fine dining establishments. Outdoor diners gave this city an averaging Google rating of 4.30 for its chic range of options. Brimming with nature sanctuaries and a vibrant art scene, this luxurious city is perfect for your next outdoor dining adventure. You won’t want to miss this dining haven for summer.


Top-rated outdoor dining you can’t miss:

  1. Seasons 52 (1599 / 4.5)*
  2. Yard House (1460 / 4.4)*
  3. Louie Bossi’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria (1484 / 4.4)*

*number of Google ratings / average score

04 Boca Raton #5 credit Rory via flickr

Image: Boca Raton – credit Rory via flickr

10. Clearwater, Florida | score: 6.40/10

The tenth and final destination in this ranking is the city of Clearwater. Located in Florida’s Tampa Bay this town is known for its marvelous beaches and sunny weather.  Clearwater is a can’t miss this summer if you are looking for a bustling beach town with and vibrant outdoor dining scene. With a little under 200 outdoor dining spots and an average rating of 4.34, foodies will be set up for the perfect vacation getaway.


Top-rated outdoor dining you can’t miss:

  1. Ryan’s Island Cafe (1529 / 4.9)*
  2. Cristino’s Coal Oven Pizza (2436 / 4.7)*
  3. Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill (10485 / 4.5)*

*number of Google ratings / average score

04 Clearwater Beach, Florida credit rcgtrrz via flickr

Image: Clearwater Beach, Florida – credit rcgtrrz via flickr

Discover the rest of the ranking in the table below:

02 Top 20 cities for outdoor dining in Florida


All Florida cities with a population of over 85,000 were considered for this study. Data from Google Maps was extracted using the keyword ‘outdoor dining’. Results with less than 10 reviews were omitted, and the results were sorted through manually to exclude any results without relevant tags, e.g. ‘bar’, ‘restaurant’ or ‘cafe’. The total count of results with ‘outdoor dining’ was finalized (and any duplicates removed) and the number was then multiplied by the average Google rating, and normalized to get a ranking from 5 to 10, with 10 being the best.

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