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Hidden Gems for South Tyrol

In our travel guide you will find great things to do in South Tyrol


One of Italy’s most captivating places to visit, South Tyrol is a wonderful province filled with excitement and adventure. It is the home of the incredible Italian Alps and the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This destination is beautiful from spring through to winter thanks to its 300 sunny days per year. Located in northern Italy, South Tyrol is an excellent place for hikers, wine enthusiasts, lake lovers, castle fanatics or anyone interested in an unforgettable vacation.

In our travel guide, you will find great things to do in South Tyrol.

1. Hidden Gem South Tyrol: Restaurant 37

Right at the center of Bolzano you can find this amazing hidden gem. Restaurant 37 specializes in alpine cuisine but they put a modern twist on their dishes. Their menu rotates regularly to keep it original and fresh every time. You can expect to eat from delicious tartar and risotto, to excellently cooked beef. And of course, they do not forget to offer a wide selection of tasty local wines for you to choose from. The restaurant has an indoor as well as an outdoor area where you can eat while enjoying the beautiful view of the rooftops of Bolzano.

Restaurant 37 South Tyrol

Restaurant 37 / © Instagram: 37alpineeating

2. Hidden Gem South Tyrol: Alter Schlachthof

In front of the river that crosses Brixen in South Tyrol lies this stylish modern restaurant. If you come for breakfast, you will have a wide choice of delicious sweet and salty dishes. They also offer lunch and dinner too! So there is no bad time of the day to come by. It is also an excellent place to go with your friends on the weekends. You’ll have fun hearing live music while eating any of their tasty burgers and trying local beers. For all of you that love to eat outside, Alter Schlachthof also has a nice outdoor eating area for those warm days in the summer.

Alter Schlachthof South Tyrol

Alter Schlachthof / © Instagram: alterschlachthofbrixen

3. Hidden Gem South Tyrol: Gompm Alm

For a unique eating experience in the Alps, don’t hesitate coming to this fantastic place. Gompm Alm is a restaurant located in the Hirzer Mountains at 1,800 meters above sea level. To get to this hidden gem you can grab the Hirzer cable car or do a 30 min hike from Klammeben. After all that exercise you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the area and of course, incredible food. Here, they are known for their Alpine and Mediterranean dishes and their wonderful organic gin. They offer an amazing tomato salad which you should try, as well as a classic Kaiserschmarrn and much more.

Gompm Alm South Tyrol

Gompm Alm / © Instagram: gompm_alm

4. Hidden Gem South Tyrol: Haselburg

Looking for a fancy and unforgettable experience during your vacation in South Tyrol? Then you cannot miss the Haselburg restaurant. Located in Castel de Flavon, you’ll be delighted by the incredible view of Bolzano you can spot from up there. It has an excellent combination of ancient and modern decor that makes its atmosphere super unique. Haselburg’s cuisine is also fantastic for the palate and the eyes, thanks to its astonishing presentation. Octopus, beef and risotto are just some of the many delicious dishes you can find. For an even better experience, you can order their seven dish blind menu where they will surprise you with plates of their choosing.

Haselburg South Tyrol

Haselburg / © Instagram: haselburg

5. Hidden Gem South Tyrol: Lake Vernago

It doesn’t matter the time of the year you go to Lago di Vernago, every season this lake offers something different and unique to marvel at. The landscape is incredibly colorful due to the turquoise waters of the reservoir and, depending on the year’s period, the greens, oranges or whites of the mountain. Not only can you relax by admiring the view but it is also a great place for hiking! The hike around the lake takes around two hours to complete. During the walk you’ll be in the great company of llamas and pass through a beautiful suspension bridge over the water.

Lago Di Vernago South Tyrol

Lake Vernago / © Instagram: visitsouthtyrol

6. Hidden Gem South Tyrol: MMM Corones

Even if you don’t like going to the mountains or museums you owe it to yourself to visit MMM Corones. This museum has an incredible and unique architecture for you to admire, and the view is just jaw dropping. It is located on the peak of Plan de Corones mountain at 2,275 meters above sea level. If you are a mountaineering aficionado, you’ll fall in love with the rich history of Alpinism portrayed inside. This is a project created by none other than the famous alpinist Reinhold Messner, he could also be your guide inside! This is a great place to visit both in summer and winter for totally different experiences.

MMM Corones South Tyrol

MMM Corones / © Instagram: trekkingblog

7. Hidden Gem South Tyrol: Oberholz

If you are looking for another great restaurant with a phenomenal view during your vacations in South Tyrol, Oberholz will give you exactly that and even more! The restaurant is designed in a way to allow a 360 panoramic view of the area, delivering incredible views at every turn. You can eat inside where you’ll have a cozy modern atmosphere or when it’s sunny, go to their great terrace and enjoy the warm weather. Their menu won’t disappoint you either thanks to its variety. The dishes are really sophisticated and delicious like their grilled beef with celeriac creme or many other South Tyrolean specialities.

Oberholz South Tyrol

Oberholz / © Instagram: oberholz_dolomites

8. Hidden Gem South Tyrol: Piramidi Di Terra a Perca

Who knew that landslides, erosion and water over hundreds of years could create such a natural spectacle as Piramidi Di Terra. This beautiful rock formation is an unskippable hidden gem on your next visit. You’ll be amazed by the colorful rocks which change in color depending on the sunlight and the 3D-like experience while admiring them. To get here is also wonderful, you will have to do some hiking through the greens of the mountain. The hike will take around 30-40 min from the nearest parking lot. It is totally worth it because you’ll encounter cool signposts and great photo worthy spots during your walk.

Perca Piramidi Di Terra South Tyrol

Piramidi Di Terra a Perca / © Instagram: iuliansz

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