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Hidden Gems for Antwerp

Find great things to do in Antwerp


Antwerp is an inspiring source of culture thanks to its impressive architecture and stunning museums and churches. Shopping lovers can explore the stores of Antwerp’s designers and foodies and will have plenty of cafés and restaurants to choose from.
In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Antwerp.

1. Hidden Gem Antwerp: Bardin

Bardin is hidden coffee bar on Mechelsesteenweg in the heart of the city. It’s the perfect getaway from the hustle and buzzle of Antwerp. The Scandinavian inspired interior is a dream: lots of wooden elements, Balistyle lamps, stylish cushions and so on. The owners wanted to create a place where people like to linger. That was a success! During summer time you can enjoy your coffee outside which inspired the name. So, Bardin is a combination of ‘bar’ and ‘jardin’. The cafe serves, lunch or afternoon snacks. How about banana oat pancakes with fresh fruits and coconut? All in all: come hungry, leave happy.


Bardin / © Instagram: zitavennekens

2. Hidden Gem Antwerp: Pakt

When you enter this area you will feel a bit like in New York. PAKT is in a series of former industrial warehouses next to the neighborhood of ‘t Groen Kwartier in Antwerp. This place is a hotspot for entrepreneurs and urban farmers who nourish the heart of Antwerp with creativity and culinary experiments. It is the ideal spot to get a locally produced coffee, lunch or dinner in a unique setting, surrounded by breathtaking rooftop gardens. For lunch you can choose between “Standard” which offers mouthwatering pizza fresh out of the wood oven or “Racine” for healthy dishes like quinoa sandwiches. At “Caffenation” you will get your daily dose of caffeine, just bring some time to relax and explore.


Pakt / © Instagram: antwerpen

3. Hidden Gem Antwerp: Bar Palmier

If you fancy a drink after dinner or after a long exploring day in Antwerp, stop by at Bar Palmier. As the name suggests, you will end up in a small jungle: lots of tropical plants, wallpaper with jungle print, rattan furniture and velvet cushions will await you. Just order one of the delicious drinks accompanied by some snacks like a filled crab taco and relax.

Bar Palmier

Bar Palmier / © Instagram: barpalmier

4. Hidden Gem Antwerp: Mark

If you stroll around the city, go for a little shopping stop at Mark. The shop window says: READ, CYCLE and CHERISH. The concept store is a combination of a bicycle shop, book shop and gift shop. MARK focuses on consumers with an eye for quality, sustainability and beauty. You could spend hours in the store just exploring the funny gadgets, tableware, clothes, etc.


Mark / © Instagram:  mark_antwerp

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