Villas in Mykonos, Greece

Villas in Mykonos, Greece

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Popular Villas in Mykonos

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Villa for 8 people, with garden and ocean view as well as pool, child-friendly
8 pers.4 bedrooms2,153ft²0.9mi to the beach
per night
Villa for 2 people, with pool and balcony
2 pers.1 bedroom527ft²300yd to the beach
per night
Villa for 10 people, with jacuzzi and garden, child-friendly
10 pers.4 bedrooms1,453ft²1.2mi to the beach
(101 reviews)
per night
Villa for 12 people, with pool
12 pers.5 bedrooms350yd to the beach
(32 reviews)
per night
Villa for 6 people
6 pers.3 bedrooms1,184ft²500yd to the beach
FREE cancellation
per night
Villa for 8 people, with garden and pool, child-friendly
8 pers.4 bedrooms2,551ft²0.8mi to the beach
FREE cancellation
per night
Villa for 8 people, with balcony and jacuzzi, child-friendly
8 pers.2 bedrooms753ft²1.2mi to the beach
per night
Villa for 10 people, with pool
10 pers.4 bedrooms0.8mi to the beach
per night
Villa for 10 people, with ocean view and pool as well as balcony
10 pers.5 bedrooms3,552ft²950yd to the beach
FREE cancellation
per night
Villa for 12 people
12 pers.6 bedrooms4,198ft²700yd to the beach
FREE cancellation
(5 reviews)
per night
Villa for 4 people
4 pers.2 bedrooms1,184ft²350yd to the beach
FREE cancellation
(3 reviews)
per night
Villa for 16 people, with pool
16 pers.8 bedrooms1.1mi to the beach
per night
Villa for 4 people, with terrace and pool
4 pers.1 bedroom2,799ft²0.6mi to the beach
(291 reviews)
per night
Villa for 12 people, with pool and garden, with pets
12 pers.6 bedrooms261,358ft²40yd to the beach
per night
Villa for 23 people, with jacuzzi and pool as well as balcony
23 pers.11 bedrooms1.5mi to the beach
per night
Villa for 6 people, with pool and ocean view, child-friendly
6 pers.3 bedrooms1,184ft²550yd to the beach
per night
Villa for 28 people, with garden and ocean view as well as pool and sauna, with pets
28 pers.12 bedrooms6,458ft²90yd to the beach
per night
Villa for 10 people, with pool and garden, with pets
10 pers.5 bedrooms261,358ft²40yd to the beach
(2 reviews)
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Highlights in Mykonos

  • Gorgeous island
  • Fascinating history
  • Incredible Greek food
  • White sand beaches
  • Awe-inspiring architecture
  • Traditional villages
  • Great nightlife

Most popular amenities for Villas in Mykonos

Pool 785
Internet 984
Pets allowed 301
Balcony/Terrace 668
TV 936
Air conditioning 1,003

Other property types in Mykonos that might be interesting:

Villas on the Emerald Isle of Mykonos

Mykonos is best known for its world-renowned party scene and as a hotspot for jet setters, honeymooners and partygoers. This stands in sharp contrast to the myriad whitewashed blue-roofed villages, stunning coastline and rocky landscape. And what better way can there be to experience this island than from one of its gorgeous villas located right in the center of the action (Mykonos Town), next to the lively sandy beaches of the south coast, or inland in one of its pretty villages, home to winding passageways where you could get lost for days.

Traditional Greek villas overlooking the sparkling Aegean Sea

The typical architecture of the Greek islands is famous around the world. Rent a villa with flowered gardens and shining white walls, a real heaven, full of revitalization and luxury, far away from prying eyes, with a private infinity pool and stunning views out to sea. Villas in Mykonos truly are the stuff of a vacation of a lifetime!

Travelers and activities

Mykonos for nightlife

Mykonos Town is the spiritual home of the party scene in the Greek islands, known worldwide for its huge clubs that never close. Number one on your list has to be the mega open-air club of Cavo Paradiso, where thousands of people boogie to the records of international DJs under the night sky. Looking for a club and lounge bar hybrid? Head for the highly-popular Atsra, which boasts a truly unique atmosphere and character.

Mykonos for beach buffs

Mykonos’ fine golden sand beaches make it one of Europe’s most popular summer destinations. Choose from the many ‘party beaches’ in the south of the island, taken over by sunbeds and bars playing loud music, or for a more relaxed vibe, from the many off-the-beaten-track beaches in the island’s north. Looking for complete seclusion? Head for the beautiful Agios Sostis, with turquoise waters and stunning views over the bay.

Mykonos for water sports fans

Mykonos is a veritable water sports paradise, with windsurfing, wakeboarding, snorkelling and kite surfing all at your fingertips. For the kids there are various water games such as tube rides, banana boats and pedal boats. Divers are in for a particular treat in Mykonos – an island which holds a wealth of treasures and bountiful sea life. Paradise Reef is considered the island’s best diving spot, so what are you waiting for?!

„Mykonos has two of the best 20 clubs in the world, as voted by DJ magazine, so if it’s nightlife you are looking for, you have found it!“
Top 7 travel tips in Mykonos1. Visit the Windmills

Sitting on the coast just outside Little Venice in Mykonos Town lie a row of iconic white and brown windmills. Previously vital for the island’s wheat-based economy, they are now one of the most photographed attractions on the island, and are free to visit!

2. Step back in time at Lena's House

Lena’s House is an authentic sample of a Mykonian middle-class family house from the 1800s, and hosts a fine collection of local furniture from that era. A must see experience that takes you back to yesteryear and gives you a feel for what life was like before tourism discovered Mykonos.

3. Pig out on the local food

Some of the island’s specialities include kopanisti, a refreshing spicy cheese spread, ksinotiti, the island’s famous sour cheese, and louza, thinly sliced and slightly spicy pork. Also make sure to try out the refreshing salads, fresh seafood, and honey-soaked baklava. Delicious!

4. Amble around Mykonos Town

Lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets lined by white houses, blue doors and windows and colorful bougain villas of Mykonos, the largest town on the Greek island and center of the action. Finish up in the area of Matogiania with its chic shops and trendy bars.

5. Take in some medieval Mykonos heritage

Church Panagia Paraportiani is probably the most important architectural and religious monument in the Cyclades islands. This is a truly iconic Greek church and one of the most photographed sights in Greece.

6. Go on a shopping spree along Matogianni

Matogianni is the busiest alley in Mykonos, home to a gaggle of luxury stores, international clothing brands, jewelry boutiques, and works of art. This is the island’s hotspot, and when you finish your shopping there are a profusion of cafes, bars, and taverns to choose from to sit back and soothe your aching feet.

7. Explore Little Venice

The colorful seaside town of Little Venice is like something from a painting or a Hollywood movie. Watch the waves crashing a few feet away as you sip a drink and contemplate your glorious vacation in this truly astounding part of the world.

Villas in Mykonos, Greece

A destination that combines modern with ancient

Mykonos, located in the center of the Cyclades, is a gorgeous, lively cosmopolitan island full of culture, beaches and vibrant nightlife to keep you busy during your trip. You can both appreciate the unique cultural heritage of the island and indulge in the beach party life that comes around every summer between July and August. These villas are nestled all around the island in the best locations with marvelous views and peace and quiet.

Breath taking villas

Have a vacation in a classic, Greek style home, with sparkling white houses with blue railings and doors just like the photographs! These villas have everything you need to make your trip an epic one to remember. They feature amenities like private pools, breathtaking views of the sea and gardens on the terrace. Your sightseeing tour will start before you’ve even left your villa. Perfect for large groups or couples looking for something extra special.

Travelers and activities

Mykonos Greece for history lovers

It is to be expected that Mykonos, like everywhere in Greece, has its own unique history to uncover. A visit to the Folklore Museum of Mykonos will deliver a treasure trove of photographs, artifacts, ancient tools and more to help you better understand Mykonos’ past. Get away from the crowds and visit the quiet village of Ano Mero, one of the oldest on the island. While you’re here, visit the iconic 18th century Monastery of Paleokastro. Last but not least, visit the small but fascinating Archaeological Museum of Mykonos.

Mykonos Greece for water lovers

Beach buffs will fall in love with the clear, emerald waters of Mykonos. Be sure to dip your toes in the best beaches around as well as try out some of the water activities here. Spend the morning snorkeling or even sailing. One great activity to try is kayaking around the island. Aside from getting in some much-needed exercise, a kayaking tour will allow you to see the island from a unique perspective. Adventure seekers will love discovering the rich, under-the-sea life of the island through scuba diving at Paradise Reef.

Mykonos, Greece for party lovers and jetsetters

Be the life of the party at Paradise Beach. Party with thousands of people at the height of summer at Cavo Paradiso with live, world-class DJs right on the beach. During the day, go wine tasting and try the best of Mediterranean cuisine. Visitors are often delighted to find out that, apart from the beaches and nightlife, Mykonos has a great shopping scene. For a unique and picturesque shopping experience, head over to Matagianni. Some of the things you’ll find along this narrow, yet stunning alley are handmade souvenirs, local and luxury shops, art and plenty of cafés and Greek taverns. This area also showcases the impressive architecture of the Cycladic islands.

„Greek mythology says Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants defeated by Hercules in a legendary battle.“

Top 7 travel tips in Mykonos, Greece

1. Go island hopping

For starters, visit Delos, an important island in Greek culture full of ancient temple ruins. While you’re here you can visit the Delos Archeological Museum to learn about the history of the island as well as hike up to the highest peak for some beautiful views. Another gorgeous island that should be on your island hopping list is Rhenia known for its stunningly clear water. Perfect for a day of relaxing and swimming.

2. Photograph the Windmills of Mykonos

These stark white, picturesque windmills are one of the most iconic sites on the island. Back in the 17th and 18th century, this island once had more than 20 windmills. Now, only 7 are left as relics of a bygone era when wheat production, not tourism, was the island’s main economy. This is also one of the best places on the island to take in the sunset.

3. Peruse the Aegean Maritime Museum

Greek culture is inseparably rooted in its deep relationship to the sea. Even now, most of the country relies on boats for daily tasks as well as the sea for food. See the replicas of Greek ships at the Aegean Maritime Museum to learn about Greece’s rich maritime past.

4. Try local delicacies

Mykonos is known for its excellent, first-class Mediterranean cuisine. However, some unique island specialties that you should definitely try are: kopanisti (spicy cheese) and louza (thin slices of spicy pork). Foodies must visit Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm for unbeatable wine tasting and traditional products in a beautiful setting.

5. Go church hopping

Mykonos has more than 70 traditional Orthodox Greek Churches dating back to the Byzantine period. One of the most famous is the Paraportiani Orthodox Church. Also, don’t miss getting a photograph of the Church of Panagia Paraportiani. This local icon is actually 5 small churches built overlapping each other. Some consider it to be one of the most stunning churches in the world.

6. Enjoy the sunset at Little Venice

It’s easy to understand why one of the top 10 things to do on the island is visiting the neighborhood of Little Venice. The gorgeous scenic section along the harbor is perfect for souvenir shopping, taking photos, having a delicious meal at a historic restaurant or sipping a beer. Just a few steps from the water!

7. Go on an exclusive bike tour of Mykonos

Get off the beaten trail and have an adventure around the island by bike. There are several biking tours available covering all skill levels and that will take you on less well-known trails with special views of the island including beaches and churches. This is one of the best ways to get to know the island and have fun while you’re at it.

FAQs: Villas in Mykonos

When travelers are preparing for their vacation to Mykonos, which services are the most searched for?

When looking at the data from Holidu, when vacationers search for villas in Mykonos, the most chosen amenities are: pool (56%), internet (15%), and air-conditioning (8%). Last year, most of the people searching on Holiduused at least one of these services when finding the perfect villa.

Which types of amenities are available at the villas in Mykonos?

Out of the services you can find on Holidu, it can be said that the villas in Mykonos offer everything that travelers wish for! Here, the villas generally have a variety of facilities, the most popular being: air-conditioning (94%), internet (93%), and pool (83%)...Are you convinced yet?

How do travelers usually rate villas in Mykonos?

On average, the villas here have rather positive comments. According to the Holidu database, 22% of villas have a rating equivalent to or higher than 4.5 stars. This is a quite high percentage which allows us to confirm that you will without a doubt find the ideal villa for a wonderful vacation!

Are the villas in Mykonos suitable for family vacations?

According to the Holidu data, 46% of villas in Mykonos are suitable for vacations with children, it will therefore not be difficult to find the perfect villa for you and your family.

Are the villas in Mykonos suitable for travelers who wish to take their pets on vacation?

Of course! In Mykonos, 27% of the villas are pet-friendly, 29% even have a garden!

Do the villas in Mykonos tend to come with Wi-Fi?

Certainly! According to Holidu's data, 93% of villas in Mykonos offer Wi-Fi. It is therefore no problem for you to will be able to browse the internet during your stay!

How much do guests usually expect to pay for villas in Mykonos?

Many villas in Mykonos are, in general, rather expensive. According to last year's data, 69% cost on average more than $500 per night.

Do the villas in Mykonos often have a fireplace or a pool?

Definitely! According to the data collected last year, the villas in Mykonos have everything you need all year round. Here, 21% are equipped with a fireplace and 83% a pool.

Are the villas in Mykonos suitable for stays with friends or better for a vacation as a small group?

Here, according to Holidu's data, 75% of villas welcome groups of up to eight people, 72% of these villas are made up of at least four bedrooms. But 98% of villas are also perfect for families of up to four people, and 97% of the villas are made up of at least two separate bedrooms. This is therefore the perfect destination for groups of friends of all sizes!

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