Hidden Gems for Tegernsee

Find great things to do on Tegernsee

With its crystal waters dotted with boats, beautiful mountain backdrop and neat lakeside villages, Tegernsee is a classic Alpine lake resort, the terminus of a direct rail link with Munich. In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Tegernsee.

1. Hidden Gem Tegernsee: Siebenhütten Alm

Immediately behind Wildbad Kreuth, a magnificent natural paradise awaits. It is easy to reach and wonderfully situated on the Hofbauernweißach. On the way to the Alm there are numerous beautiful resting places, which invite you to take a dip in the cool water or a break in the shade. The name comes from the days when the seven mountain huts were actually operated by seven farmers from Kreuth. Only three huts remain; two of them are used as storage and one as a rustic snack station. The food available here is typical of the region. Try the cheese from the natural dairy “Tegernseer Land” and the beer, of course, from the Ducal Brauhaus Tegernsee!

Siebenhütten Alm

Siebenhütten Alm / © Instagram: limona.de_

2. Hidden Gem Tegernsee: Naturkäserei TegernseeLand

Amidst the Tegernsee mountains, the “Naturkäsereich” produces flavourful semi-hard, hard and soft cheeses as well as creamy yoghurts made with quality pasture milk from the Tegernsee region. The products are top quality, as the participating dairy farmers must observe specific regulations for their milk to qualify as ‘pure pasture milk’. The natural, highly aromatic properties of the fodder have a positive impact on the production, taste and quality of pasture milk. You can book guided tours to learn how the cheese is produced, or simply come to the “Gastub´n” and enjoy some cheesy dishes.


Naturkäserei TegernseerLand / © Instagram: kitchen

3. Hidden Gem Tegernsee: Monte Mare Sauna

Arrive, feel good and just relax. The monte mare sauna is located directly on lake Tegernsee. It offers a variety of sauna and wellness facilities for everyone to unwind and be pampered. The highlight of monte mare is the unique sauna boat “Irmingard”. Enjoy direct access to the Tegernsee combined with the backdrop of the Bavarian Alps. Can there be anything better? Especially in winter, the snowy scenery is simply breathtaking and balm for the soul. The sauna can be reached from Munich in less than an hour. Depending on the day of the week, two hours cost €18-23.

Monte Mare Sauna

Monte Mare Seesauna / © Instagram: danischmuck

4. Hidden Gem Tegernsee: Café Aran

Aran is a fantastic coffee house with in-house pastry shop in a prime location on the Tegernsee. While sipping your delicious coffee on the veranda you can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding mountains. For lunch there’s farmer’s bread with a selection of mouthwatering spreads. Sound boring? Not at all! Every bite tastes like heaven! You’ll find the café directly by the water in Tegernsee. So just stroll around the lake and stop off here.

Café Aran

Café Aran / © Instagram: lisa_rpl

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