Hidden Gems for Sardinia

Find great things to do in Sardinia

Beautiful beaches, great seafood and lots to explore. This week is all about Sardinia! In our travel guide you will find great things to do in Sardinia.

1. Hidden Gem Sardinia: Explore Bosa

This little town is really worth visiting! Bosa is truly charming, with its multi-coloured houses set on the side of a hill, which in turn is crowned by a castle. The town is where the river Temo meets the sea, and where you can enjoy a stunning sunset. Just be sure to also wander around the narrow streets and explore the city! It´s located in the west of Sardinia. Don´t miss the special yellow wine called “Malvasia.”


Bosa / © Instagram: jijie.m

2. Hidden Gem Sardinia: Taccas Restaurant

This restaurant is a must when you visit Sardinia. Here you’ll get an excellent sampling of Sardinia´s delicacies, like sausages, cheese, pastries and house-made bread. Indeed, it’s an Italian-style tapas bar. You can find Taccas right in the center of Cagliari. The wine is also recommendable: great taste for a reasonable price.

Taccas Restaurant

Taccas Restaurant / © Instagram: taccas

3. Hidden Gem Sardinia: La Pelosa Beach

This beach is a true Sardinian oasis! The water is crystal clear and the sand brilliantly white. It almost feels like being in the Caribbean, so perfect for a whole beach day. Good to know: The area is also known for snorkeling and diving, so don´t forget your gear. The beach is just 2 km away from the harbour village of Stintino.

La Pelosa Beach

La Pelosa Strand / © Instagram: frillailla

4. Hidden Gem Sardinia: Dulcis Pasticceria

If you have already gotten your caffeine fix at all the lovely traditional Italian cafes and you’re fancying something modern, this is the place to be. Within Dulcis Pasticceria you’ll find amazing cakes, really good coffee and a large selection of teas. Perfect for a little afternoon break! They are open every day.

Dulcis Pasticceria

Dulcis Pasticceria / © Instagram: mervinoblog

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