Cottages worldwide

Cottages worldwide

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Cottage rentals: Top offers

Away from the big cities, cottages offer the promise of a relaxed vacation. In the countryside, with view of mountains or endless fields, you can find a wide range of cottages that are the perfect option for a trip or simply to enjoy some time away from the hustle of city life.

Cottage rentals for every budget and taste

Tired of the bustling of city life? Enjoy the best of the countryside has to offer and rent a cottage by the lake or with great mountain views. No matter what your plans are, simply a few days surrounded by nature and silence or an isolated place to throw a party, you can find here many different cottages with all the needed amenities. When it's freezing cold and snowy outside, you can sit inside and enjoy a glass of wine in one of our cottages with a fireplace. For even more relaxation, try one of our cottages with a pool, where you can take a swim on a warm day.

Cottages in the England and much more

You don't have to go far to find amazing cottage rentals perfectly suited for you: we have a whole variety of cottages in the United States for you, in places such as Maine or Nantucket. However, if what you really want is a very nice time abroad look no more: we have the perfect options in places such as the United Kingdom for you, where you can enjoy great cottages in York or England among others. Alternatively, you may prefer to and rent a cottage somewhere else, in Europe perfect for larger groups and for families, in places such as Italy or in Germany, where you can enjoy some quality time away from home!

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