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Popular Accommodations in Jura

Apartment for 8 people in Europe
3 bedrooms, 8 pers.
13 reviews
$90per night
Vacation house for 5 people in Morbier, with garden, with pets
1 bedrooms, 5 pers., 2.1mi to skiing
59 reviews
Morbier, Jura
$78per night
Apartment for 5 people in Paroisse Notre-Dame-des-Buis-et-Sapins, with garden
2 bedrooms, 5 pers., 1.5mi to skiing
5 reviews
Paroisse Notre-Dame-des-Buis-et-Sapins, Jura
$85per night
Room for 2 people in Paroisse Val d'Orbe
Paroisse Val d'Orbe, Jura
$22per night
Vacation house for 5 people in Europe, with garden
1 bedrooms, 5 pers.
25 reviews
$82per night
Vacation house for 4 people in Paroisse de la Combe-d'Ain, with garden, with pets
2 bedrooms, 4 pers.
23 reviews
Paroisse de la Combe-d'Ain, Jura
$56per night
Apartment for 2 people in Paroisse Saint-Anatoile
86 reviews
Paroisse Saint-Anatoile, Jura
$56per night
Chalet for 2 people in Les Moussières, with jacuzzi and garden
1 review
Les Moussières, Jura
$99per night
Vacation house for 8 people in Europe, with garden
4 bedrooms, 8 pers.
$258per night
Vacation house for 4 people in Maynal, with pets
1 bedrooms, 4 pers.
Maynal, Jura
$95per night
Vacation house for 4 people in Mouchard, with garden
2 bedrooms, 4 pers.
Mouchard, Jura
$56per night
Vacation village for 2 people in Bellefontaine, with sauna and garden
98 reviews
Bellefontaine, Jura
$110per night
Chalet for 6 people in Morbier, with garden, with pets
3 bedrooms, 6 pers., 2.4mi to skiing
Morbier, Jura
$90per night
Tent for 6 people in Menétrux-en-Joux, with garden
108 reviews
Menétrux-en-Joux, Jura
$78per night
Vacation house for 5 people in Boissia, with garden
2 bedrooms, 5 pers.
36 reviews
Boissia, Jura
$62per night
Vacation house for 4 people in Europe
1 bedrooms, 4 pers.
66 reviews
$56per night
Apartment for 2 people in Paroisse Val de Mièges, with garden
1 bedrooms, 2 pers.
42 reviews
Paroisse Val de Mièges, Jura
$50per night
Chalet for 7 people in Aromas, with garden
2 bedrooms, 7 pers.
4 reviews
Aromas, Jura
$91per night
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Highlights in Jura

  • 5,000 kilometres of marked hiking trails
  • UNESCO World Heritage Grande Saline
  • Saint-Pierre Abbey of Baume-les-Messieurs
  • Seven Hérisson waterfalls
  • Lac de Chalain
  • Grottes de Vallorbe

Most popular in Jura

Pool 54
Internet 303
Pet allowed 137
Balcony/Terrace 278
TV 371
Garden 236
Parking 361
Washing machine 304
Heating 355

Holiday cottages in Jura

Dreamlike stay in a natural atmosphere

Rushing rivers, green alpine pastures, dense fir forests, nature parks and wine-growing areas form a first-class environment for journeymen, families or gourmets in the region. Depending on your preference, you can reside in a vacation rental with water or on the edge of the forest or you prefer an apartment in the most beautiful villages of the country. An accommodation on the banks of the Ain or the Lac de Vouglans is particularly attractive. Culture and sights await you in cities like Lons-le-Saunier or Dole.

Between wildlife park and ski resorts

On the mountains and in the romantic valleys of the Jura mountains you spend relaxing days in a quiet idyll. The surrounding area invites you to explore the mountain massif on extended tours or to take rapid descents. You can rent a farmhouse or chalet in Lamoura in a dreamlike secluded location or enjoy your stay in a luxurious holiday apartment in Les Rousses.

Holidays in Jura

Location and orientation

Natural area in the east of France

In the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, the French department of Jura covers an area of 5,000 square kilometres west of the Swiss border. Jura borders Haute-Saône to the north, Doubs to the east, Ain to the south and Saône-et-Loire and Côte-d`Or to the west. The territory is named after the Jura Mountains.

Municipalities of the département

Jura is divided into three arrondissements comprising 17 cantons. The majority of the 260,000 inhabitants live in Dole, Lons-le-Saunier and Saint-Claude. The villages of Baume-les-Messieurs and Château-Chalon shine with the cultural tourism award of the most beautiful villages in France.

Around 500 tons of Bleu du Haut Jura blue cheese are produced in Jura every year.
Castle on a mountain ledge
Castle on a mountain ledge

Travelers and Activities

About stick and stone

Deep valleys, mighty peaks, wildly romantic river banks, ancient monasteries and mysterious grottos will be encountered on the scenic hikes across the region. Jura has a total of 5,000 kilometres of hiking trails through natural parks, towns and vineyards. The route through the peat bogs, the ascent to the 807-metre-high summit of Oliferne or the large Jura junction are highly recommended.

Exciting adventures for little guests

Families also get their money's worth in Jura. The varied leisure programme includes kayak tours on the rivers, beaches along natural lakes, bird of prey farms and zoos, fairytale playgrounds and ski schools. Special highlights are comfortable donkey hikes and amazing cave explorations.

Top 5 travel tips

1. white gold

The royal Grande Saline salt works in Arc-et-Senans date back to the period of absolutism that King Louis XV had built. The gigantic salt factory was in operation until 1895. Today, the UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts 100,000 visitors every year who can take a tour of the salt works, the director's house, workers' apartments and administrative offices. Interesting background knowledge can be found in the salt museum of the complex.

2. impressive monastery complex of the Middle Ages

In Baume-les-Messieurs there is the important Benedictine abbey of Saint-Pierre from 869, built by Abbé Bernon. The monastery was closed during the French Revolution and has been a listed building since 1862. Visitors can enter the three inner courtyards and visit the elaborately decorated parish church or apartments.

3. thundering masses of water

A breathtaking natural spectacle awaits you between Bonlieu and Doucier, where the seven waterfalls of the river Hérisson are located. Along a path of 3,100 metres, you will pass hidden caves, clear water basins and reach the Cascade de l'Eventail at your destination, which drops over 65 metres into the depths. The Museum Haus der Wasserfälle is also located here. The interesting exhibition informs you about the geology, fauna and history of the waterfalls.

4. turquoise blue bathing paradise

About 20 kilometres east of the small town of Lons-le-Saunier, the Lac de Chalain extends between limestone cliffs at an altitude of 486 metres. The azure blue water of the lake, which covers an area of 2.3 square kilometres and is up to 32 metres deep, radiates from a distance. The natural water is an oasis for bathers and water sports enthusiasts. Guarded beaches and the Les Lagons water park await you on the eastern shore. A variety of restaurants, the Lake Dwelling Museum on the western shore, fishing tours and a climbing park provide variety.

5. mystical world underground

At the source of the river Orbe you can immerse yourself in a fabulous world. The caves of Vallorbe, also called fairy caves, can be visited during a guided tour. Inside you will encounter bizarre rock formations that are 120 million years old. The treasure of the cave can be seen under four vaults and shows 250 different minerals with sparkling colours and abstract forms.

Vacation rentals in Jura

In total you will find more than 600 holiday apartments and vacation rentals from various providers in Jura. Holidaymakers can rent these from 35 € per night. Many of the vacation rentals on offer can be rented immediately online, which is faster and more convenient than an enquiry to the landlord.