Holidu introduces a new “eco properties” filter

Find and book more sustainable vacation rentals easily

  • The vacation rental portal Holidu introduces the new search filter “Eco properties”.
  • Vacation rentals where hosts already implemented sustainable measures can be easily identified with a label.
  • The offer is well received so far: accommodation that has been tagged as “Eco” was 20 percent more likely to have been booked in the past year.
  • 6,000 accommodations in Europe are tagged with the new “eco property” search filter.
  • In addition, Holidu offers a filter for accommodation with a charging station for e-cars directly at the accommodation.
  • Sustainability is becoming increasingly more important for hosts, as a recent survey shows.
Photo Eco Filter Holidu

June 2023

Sustainability is increasingly determining the decisions of many consumers – and this also affects vacations. The vacation rental portal Holidu (www.holidu.com) is supporting this demand by introducing the new search filter “Eco properties”. If this filter is activated, only vacation rentals that meet sustainable criteria will appear. To be labeled as “Eco”, an accommodation must meet at least eight environmentally friendly criteria. The total of 43 criteria defined by Holidu includes the likes of waste separation, green electricity and water-saving systems. In addition, the accommodations are marked with the “Eco” label on the search and details page so that they are also visible in a search without an active filter.

Accommodations with sustainable measures are booked more frequently 
Accommodations marked as eco-friendly are catching on: vacation rentals with the label, which was already introduced back in October 2021, were on average 20 percent more likely to be booked in the last 12 months. “The data shows that there is great interest among travelers and that many prioritize sustainability when looking for vacation accommodation,” explains Johannes Siebers, CEO at Holidu. The new filter simplifies the search now significantly. “We enable travelers to consciously choose accommodation where hosts have taken steps toward sustainability.”

Sustainable acting hosts get more visibility 
The vacation home portal Holidu offers a catalog of tested vacation accommodations. Already over 6,000 accommodations in Europe are tagged with the active “eco property” search filter. Holidu works with hosts and providers so that information about any sustainable measures in the accommodation description is shared transparently. Hosts receive a further incentive to invest in sustainable measures with the visibility created by the filter and the label. In addition, the feature aims to increase the number of guests who book more sustainable accommodations.

Filter for accommodations with a charging station for e-cars 
In addition, Holidu offers a filter for accommodations with a charging station directly at the accommodation. For example, travelers visiting Italy can choose from over 9,409 accommodations that allow convenient charging of their e-car at the house. Likewise, there are now many offers in France (9,571 accommodations) and Germany (9,357). In June 2022, Holidu and its subsidiary Bookiply conducted a survey among hosts: 40 percent of respondents in Germany said they would like to offer a charging station for e-vehicles directly at the accommodation in the future. In Italy, 25 percent of vacation home owners want this, and in Spain, as many as 19 percent.


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for hosts
Hosts are responding to this need among travelers. A survey of 2,471 hosts from Germany, Spain and Italy was conducted by Holidu in February 2023 and shows that vacation rental owners are making an effort to be sustainable. For example, 76 percent of hosts in Germany have already retrofitted their property to save energy. Most notably, landlords invested in thermostats (61%), thermal insulation (58%) and water-saving systems in the shower, toilet and faucets (57%) in the vacation rental. Solar panels were also installed (36%). In Spain (48%) and in Italy (52%), around half of the hosts have invested in energy-saving measures; in Spain mainly in water-saving systems and solar panels, in Italy primarily in thermostats and heat insulation.

Company Holidu is climate neutral
Since 2019, the vacation rental company Holidu, headquartered in Munich, has been climate-neutral and offsets all CO2 emissions generated by the operational processes and indispensable travel of its employees. You can find out more about sustainability at Holidu here: https://www.holidu.com/magazine/holidu-responsibility-for-sustainability


Here, vacation rental owners have implemented measures to meet sustainable criteria:

Country house Els Abats with sea view, garden and wifi in Mallorca, Spain

This accommodation in the mountains of Mallorca can accommodate four people and opens a great view of the sea and the nearby mountains. In the garden, there is a pool with chlorine-free water. The water is changed every seven days and treated with oxygen to keep the pool clean. In addition, the house is 95 percent self-sufficient thanks to an autonomous photovoltaic system. Landlord Pep Pinya Florit explains that guests are delighted. “Our house makes travelers aware of how well you can live with renewable energy.”

Check out the house here

Vacation rental “Casa das Furnas – Eco Home” with sea view in Algarve, Portugal

The spacious house is surrounded by greenery and can accommodate up to eight people. Inside, the accommodation offers plenty of space, a fireplace and a fast Wi-Fi connection. But the highlight of this property is the outdoor area with a direct sea view. Directly in front of the house is the beach Praia das Furnas, so you can safely leave the car for a visit to the beach. The accommodation gets 100 percent green electricity and has solar panels. Water-saving showers and toilets as well as rainwater treatment contribute to sustainability. Only ecological cleaning products are used.

Check out the house here

Check out our new filter here:

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