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Popular Accommodations in West Virginia

Lovely vacation apartment for 2 people in West Virginia, with jacuzzi and garden, with pets
2 pers., 1 bedrooms
20 reviews
West Virginia
$30per night
Country house for 4 people in West Virginia, with garden, with pets, 390 ft²
7 reviews
West Virginia
$171per night
Cozy resort for 4 people in West Virginia, with garden, with pets, 490 ft²
51 reviews
West Virginia
$133per night
Excellent lodge for 2 people in Pleasants County, with jacuzzi
24 reviews
West Virginia
$65per night
Comfortable lodge for 4 people in West Virginia, with jacuzzi, with pets, 290 ft²
189 reviews
West Virginia
$98per night
Cozy lodge for 2 people in West Virginia, with jacuzzi and garden, with pets, 690 ft²
27 reviews
West Virginia
$190per night
Wonderful lodge for 4 people in West Virginia, 320 ft²
103 reviews
West Virginia
$80per night
Vacation house for 32 people in Canaan Valley, with sauna
32 pers., 10 bedrooms, 100yd to skiing
Canaan Valley, Blue Ridge Mountains
$1,175per night
Fabulous apartment for 2 people in Lewisburg, with pets, 270 ft²
58 reviews
Lewisburg, Blue Ridge Mountains
$100per night
Large vacation house for 6 people in Snowshoe, 7200 ft²
6 pers., 2 bedrooms, 100yd to skiing
Snowshoe, Blue Ridge Mountains
$129per night
Resort for 2 people in West Virginia
44 reviews
West Virginia
$79per night
Gorgeous vacation house for 4 people in Jefferson County (WV), with garden
17 reviews
Shenandoah Valley
$92per night
Lodge for 2 people in Snowshoe, with jacuzzi and sauna
44 reviews
Snowshoe, Blue Ridge Mountains
$106per night
Vacation house for 5 people in Blue Ridge Mountains, with garden
Shenandoah Valley
$150per night
Vacation house for 8 people in Canaan Valley
8 pers., 3 bedrooms, 0.8mi to skiing
Canaan Valley, Blue Ridge Mountains
$309per night
Vacation house for 12 people in Canaan Valley
Canaan Valley, Blue Ridge Mountains
$237per night
Beautiful country house for 5 people in Summers County, with pets, 610 ft²
39 reviews
West Virginia
$99per night
Lodge for 3 people in Blue Ridge Mountains, 3200 ft²
109 reviews
Shenandoah Valley
$85per night
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Highlights in West Virginia

  • Harper's Ferry
  • Potomac Highlands
  • East End Historic Center
  • Appalachian Trail
  • Coal Heritage Trail
  • Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
  • Seneca Rocks

Most popular in West Virginia

Internet 1,110
Pet allowed 399
Balcony/Terrace 745
TV 835
Air conditioning 736
Parking 1,015
Washing machine 685
Jacuzzi 491
Heating 886

Vacation rentals in West Virginia

West Virginia is the perfect setting for a quiet weekend getaway with many vacation rental options throughout the state. Whether you're looking to book a historic victorian house or a traditional log cabin, most of the vacation rental properties are located within the Shenandoah Valley region in the east. This includes notable outdoor areas such as Seneca Rocks, Harper's Ferry, and Snowshoe. Here you will find accommodation which offers close access to many hiking trails, ski slopes, and historical sites. Other accommodation such as smaller apartment rentals with more upscale ammenities can be found closer to bigger cities such as Charleston and Huntington.

Holiday in West Virginia


Getting There

West Virginia is a state on the eastern coast of the United States known for its civil war history and fantastic hiking opportunities. The area was once part of the larger Virginia State, which separated over disputes surrounding slavery at the time of the American Civil War. The state is bordered by five states including Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. The area is known for its mountainous terrain, part of which passes through the famous Appalachian Trail which runs from Maine to Georgia. Most visitors to West Virginia choose to take advantage of the area's rich natural beauty with many vacation rental cabins available in cities like Harper's Ferry, Roanoke, and Harrisonburg. The state is generally lacking in public transportation infrastructure, so it's advised that tourists arrange their own transportation vehicle to get the most out of their trip to West Virginia.


Destination for mountaineers

Lace up your boots and prepare for some of the most unspoiled scenery in the entire United States. West Virginia boasts the three closest national parks in the country, allowing visitors to completely immerse themselves in 100,000 acres of river valley. Seneca is one of the most popular destinations as it features both a complicated rock face for experienced climbers, as well as a labyrinth of limestone caverns which were once used by Seneca Indians.

Destination for heritage seekers

Some of the most well-known battles of the Civil War were fought in West Virginia, which the state honors with many memorials, monuments, and reenactments throughout the year. The Civil War Discovery Trail operates 14 sites within West Virginia which focus on specific moments of the war including the Bulltown Historic Area, Jackson's Mill, Fort Mulligan, Cheat Summit Fort, and Harper's Ferry.

Destination for alternative art lovers

Being a coal-industry state, one of the most uniques souvenirs you can take home is a coal sculpture. Some of the items available for sale include jewelry and coal figurines of famous local characters. The best coal sculptures can be found along the Coal Heritage Trail which runs from Bluefield to Beckley and also features an Exhibition Coal Mine.

Due to the state's unique terrain, West Virginia earns its name as the "Mountain State" with a state motto which decrees that "Mountaineers are always free."

Top 4 things to do in West Virginia

Potomac Highlands

The Potomac Highlands in the eastern pan handle of West Virginia served as an important backdrop for many important events in America's history. Probably the most notable historical monument can be found at Harper's Ferry, a town who changed hands eight times between 1861 and 1865 due to its strategic location at the point where the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers meet. The Potomac Highlands are characterized by rugged mountains and flat valleys, with several water gaps where rivers or streams have cut through to provide important historical transportation functionality. Some of the most popular outdoor hiking, climbing, and camping opportunities include Seneca Rock, Smoke Hole Caverns, and North Fork Mountain.

Appalachian Trail

Made famous by noted travel writer Bill Bryson's memorial hike, the Appalachian Trail covers 2,200 miles of trails from Georgia to Maine. The main section of the trail which cuts through West Virginia is located near Harper's Ferry and also hosts the Appalachian Trail Visitor Center. Hikers should take note that there are no formal camping grounds at Harper's Ferry, though there are many vacation rental options within the city center.

East End Historic District

Located in Charleston, the capital of West Virginia--this historic district is filled with eclectic architectural gems ranging from Queen Anne Victorians to Greek revival houses dating back to 1815. Easily spend an afternoon transported back into the states' intercultural history as you explore a mix of mainly brick-laid houses. The East End Historic District is located in the old heart of Charleston, close to many government administrative buildings, restaurants, museums, and parks.


Get that European vacation you're looking for right in Georgia's mountain peaks at the Swiss-themed town of Helvetia. The area was settled in 1869 by Swiss immigrants who worked tirelessly to keep their traditions and culture alive. Most visitors come to unwind and appreciate the slower pace of rural life. Helvetia features 10 meticulously maintained historic buildings, with annual events and celebrations such as the Maple Syrup Festival, Community Fair, and the Swiss equivalent of Mardi Gras named Fasnacht.

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