Vacation rentals in Central City

Vacation rentals in Central City

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Highlights Central City

  • Casino town
  • Historic buildings
  • Ghost towns
  • Hiking

Prices and availability

Current Vacation rental prices Central City

$395for 14 Dec - 21 Dec
$395 annual average
Average price per week

Current vacation rental availability Central City

100%for 14 Dec - 21 Dec
100% annual average
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Vacation rentals in Central City

A serene casino town in Colorado

Central City is a quaint town situated along the border of Gilpin County and Clear Creek County in Colorado. This small town boomed during the gold rush era, things then settled down when the gold ran out. Nowadays, it’s a charming small town that effortlessly combines the serene Colorado atmosphere with small casinos and other attractions. Central City has a beautiful, historic downtown perfect for strolling around. The city’s established opera house hosts wonderful regular events and there are a variety of top-rated restaurants throughout the town serving incredible cuisine. Central City is the perfect vacation destination for casino goers, adventurers, and history lovers.

Finding your perfect vacation rental in Central City

Central City vacation rentals come in a wide variety of options with a little something for every type of traveler. Rentals here come equipped with modern design features and bright indoor areas with plenty of natural lighting. Many rentals have wooden siding and spacious yard areas. Expect rentals that come equipped with comfortable furnishings and all the amenities you could possibly need to feel comfortable throughout your stay. Some rentals even come with jacuzzis and saunas. Opt for a historic, Victorian-style rental in downtown Central City. Pet-friendly rentals are available for people traveling with pets.

Vacations in Central City

The area and getting around

Arriving in Central City

The closest airport to Central City is Denver International Airport. Reaching Central City from Denver Airport with a taxi or a rental car takes a little over an hour. Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are also widely available. There are not any direct public transit options from the airport to Central City. However, if you’re willing to take multiple modes of public transportation, you can take a train and then a bus from the airport to the city. This journey takes about three hours.

Getting around Central City

Downtown Central City is very pedestrian-friendly and walking is the best way to explore the town and its history. There are even walking tours you can join to learn about the buildings downtown. If you’d like to visit the popular neighboring town of Black Hawk, there’s a free shuttle you can use. If you’d like to visit the attractions a bit further away, such as some ghost towns nearby, your best option will be renting a car or taking a taxi.

Travelers and activities

Central City for history buffs

Central City is a paradise for history lovers due to the importance it gives to historical preservation. A historical gem not to be missed during your stay is Hidee Gold Mine. Here you can learn about the history and the process of gold mining with the assistance of an experienced tour guide. The best part is that you are given your own tools at the end of the tour to look for some gold! Another great place to check out is Gilpin History Museum. The museum is located in an old school that was built in 1870. It has lots of information about life in Central City and how things have changed over the last few centuries. The Gilpin History Museum also offers tours where they give fascinating facts about the historical buildings around town.

Central City for ghost town enthusiasts

Central City’s population saw a sudden drop when the gold vein dried up. Now, the area has several ghost towns that are sure to excite ghost town lovers. One of them is Nevadaville. The population of this town was 1,000 people back in the day, but then it was suddenly abandoned after the gold was gone. The town currently remains abandoned except for two people who still live there. You can walk around the eerie streets of the town and see the Masonic temple that’s still being used. Keep in mind that the abandoned mine shafts you’ll see are dangerous to get near so be sure to exercise extra caution. Another ghost town to visit in Russell Gulch. This town also got abandoned after the gold-mining era was finished. Then someone bought properties in the ghost town and built a disc golf course. Hike up to this ghost town and have a fun day playing disc golf!

Central City’s nickname was “the richest square mile on earth” during the gold rush because of its lucrative gold vein.

Top 5 travel tips in Central City

1. Try your chances at Easy Street Casino

Easy Street Casino is a beautiful little casino in a historic building. The casino may be small, but it has lots to offer its customers. You can even find retro nickel machines that dispense coins when you win. If you’re visiting with kids, they can play arcade games while you’re enjoying your time in the casino.

2. Take a stroll in the historic downtown

The downtown area of Central City is beautifully built and wonderfully preserved. Walk around downtown and feel as if you’ve been transported through time. Stop by for some drinks at one of the various breweries and enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the town.

3. Visit Central City Opera House

The historical Central City Opera House was founded in 1932, and it’s one of the first opera houses in the U.S. It offers top-quality events and performances to its visitors. The architecture of the building is simply gorgeous. Seeing an event or going to their annual festival is an unforgettable experience for vacationers.

4. Have dinner at Teller House

Teller house is a spectacular restaurant that kept its old-school charm completely intact. Visitors here will feel like they’re having a meal in the past. You can also have some drinks at their bar where some of the most important people in U.S. history once enjoyed a drink, such as President Ulysses S. Grant.

5. Visit Dostal Alley Brewpub & Casino

Dostal Alley Brewpub & Casino is the perfect place for anyone who wants to have a delicious, hearty meal while enjoying a little gambling. It’s a small place, yet it packs a lot of fun and flavor. The friendly staff and tasty brews will make your day an unforgettable one.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Central City

On average, how much do vacation rentals in Central City cost?

Central City is one of the cheapest cities in the USA. An overnight stay there costs on average $296 per night.

What time of year offers, on average, the best vacation rental prices in Central City?

Those who want to be budget-friendly should visit Central City in March, May, or April, the cheapest months of the year, with average prices of $202, $252, and $264 per night, respectively, based on the previous year.

When does the price of vacation rentals in Central City go up the most?

It can be concluded, by analyzing the data from the previous year, that costs per night for accommodation here are usually higher, on average, during the months of September ($357), October ($331), and December ($322).

Are there usually many vacation rentals available in Central City?

When going on vacation to Central City, we recommend you to think ahead as 93% of rentals are usually booked, according to the data from last year.

What are the best months for a spontaneous getaway?

Last year, the months with the most vacation rentals available of the year in Central City were January, November and April, with average availabilities of 19%, 19%, and 12%, respectively.

Are there many vacation rentals in Central City?

Our catalog features around 40 vacation rentals from 2 partners, giving you plenty of choices when searching for your next dream vacation rental!

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