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Popular Accommodations in The Netherlands

Vacation house for 4 people in Hellevoetsluis, with garden and pool as well as sauna, with pets
250 reviews
Hellevoetsluis, South Holland
$128per night
Vacation village for 5 people in Valkenburg aan de Geul, with garden and pool, with pets
57 reviews
Valkenburg aan de Geul, Limburg (Netherlands)
$56per night
Vacation house for 6 people in Tilburg, with terrace and pool as well as children pool
2 reviews
Tilburg, North Brabant
$163per night
Vacation house for 5 people in Uden, with children pool and pool
4 reviews
Uden, North Brabant
$67per night
Apartment for 2 people in Zandvoort, with garden
2 pers., 1 bedrooms, 450yd to the beach
38 reviews
Zandvoort, North Holland
$168per night
Apartment for 2 people in Katwijk, with terrace, with pets
51 reviews
Katwijk, South Holland
$110per night
Vacation house for 2 people in Maastricht, with terrace
2 pers., 1 bedrooms
32 reviews
Maastricht, Limburg (Netherlands)
$135per night
Apartment for 3 people in Westerveld, with garden, with pets
155 reviews
Westerveld, Drenthe
$63per night
Apartment for 2 people in Westerveld, with garden
22 reviews
Westerveld, Drenthe
$84per night
Chalet for 6 people in Noordwijk, with pool and garden, child-friendly
1087 reviews
Noordwijk, South Holland
$40per night
Apartment for 4 people in Tytsjerksteradiel, with garden, with pets
65 reviews
Tytsjerksteradiel, Friesland
$100per night
Vacation apartment for 4 people in Leiden
140 reviews
Leiden, South Holland
$71per night
Vacation house for 6 people in Hardenberg, with terrace, with pets
7 reviews
Hardenberg, Overijssel
$64per night
Vacation house for 4 people in Maastricht, with terrace
34 reviews
Maastricht, Limburg (Netherlands)
$179per night
Vacation house for 6 people in Delfzijl, with garden
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 300yd to the beach
12 reviews
Delfzijl, Groningen region
$135per night
Vacation village for 2 people in Europe, with garden, with pets
65 reviews
North Sea Netherlands, Zeeland
$86per night
Vacation house for 6 people in Koggenland, with pool
1 review
Koggenland, North Holland
$72per night
Vacation village for 2 people in Putten, with garden
2 pers., 1 bedrooms
8 reviews
Putten, Gelderland
$67per night
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Highlights in The Netherlands

  • Family-friendly holiday destination
  • Long sandy beaches
  • Ideal for a holiday with dog
  • Sailing on the Ijsselmeer
  • Culture in Amsterdam

Most popular in The Netherlands

Pool 1,258
Internet 6,497
Pet allowed 2,772
Balcony/Terrace 4,248
TV 6,431
Garden 3,957
Parking 5,473
Washing machine 4,649
Heating 5,850

Vacation rentals in the Netherlands

Living in the metropolises

Amsterdam is the number one tourist destination among the cities in the Netherlands, so the Dutch capital has by far the highest density of vacation rentals in the country. You will be particularly pleased to live there in a holiday apartment in the centre, where you will have a unique view of the canals. As tourist centres, The Hague, Groningen, Nijmegen, Utrecht, Maastricht and Rotterdam are also very popular, especially as these cities not only offer many accommodations in all price ranges, but also have a variety of sights.

A holiday apartment on the coast

The fact that the Netherlands was once wrested from the sea for centuries is something you can experience for yourself during a holiday in the picturesque arts, because many holiday resorts where you can pitch your tents are below sea level. Particularly popular with bathers are places like the holiday village Julianadorp on the Dutch North Sea coast, which is characterized by numerous thatched vacation rentals near the beach. A vacation rental in Zandvoort, on the other hand, promises endless sandy beaches. Alternatively, for a well-kept bathing holiday with a dog, there are accommodations on the islands of Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling or Ameland.

Amsterdam canals
Amsterdam canals

Holidays in the Netherlands

Location and orientation

Spatial division of the Netherlands

The Netherlands has undergone many changes over the centuries, which is reflected in the fact that the 19 provinces into which the country is divided do not necessarily correspond to the historical regions, some of which extend as far as Germany and Belgium. The coastal provinces of Zeeland, Zuid-Holland, Noord-Holland, Fryslan and Groningen as well as the province of Flevoland, which borders on the Ijsselmeer, are particularly frequented by tourists. Among the remaining provinces of Drenthe, Utrecht, Overijssel, Gelderland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg, the latter is a paradise for active holidaymakers due to its comparatively warm climate and varied topography.

Locomotion on site

The best way to get to your vacation rental or explore the treasures of the Netherlands from there is by car, especially as public transport is very patchy between the smaller towns. However, it is up to you whether you take your own vehicle or rent one. However, if you have moved into a holiday apartment in one of the large cities, you can easily get around the city centre by bus, train or taxi. There are also train connections between all major Dutch cities. If you want to take a more active approach, you can also take the bicycle, because both the numerous well-developed cycle paths, which are better than some roads in Germany, and the road users accustomed to cyclists, make cycling very pleasant.

In the Netherlands, there are the most museums per square metre in relation to the national area.

Things to know

Best travel time

The temperate maritime climate, which is influenced by the North Sea, ensures that the winters in the Netherlands do not become too cold and the summers not too hot. Accordingly, the summer months from June to September are best suited for a holiday by the sea, when up to seven hours of sunshine a day warm the North Sea to a refreshing bathing temperature of 17-18 degrees Celsius. Those who go sailing or windsurfing to the coast or to the Ijsselmeer can do this also in May and October due to the good wind conditions. Culture lovers planning a city trip can also add March and April. Since rainfall is to be expected all year round, you should always think of rainproof clothing.

Regular events

In many places in the Netherlands, the event year traditionally begins on 1 January with bathing in the ice-cold North Sea. The festival will continue in February with the "International Film Festival Rotterdam" and the "Ice Sculpture Festival Amsterdam" in February, the "HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show" in March, the "Koningsdang" in April and the Oldtimer Tulip Rallye in May. During the summer months, numerous open air events such as the "Holland Festival", the "Sensation Amsterdam" techno festival and the "Frisian Sailing Championships" attract countless tourists to the Netherlands. The programme is complemented by the "Netherlands Film Festival" in October, the "Amsterdam Light Festival" and last but not least the Maastricht Christmas Market.

Top 5 travel tips

A trip to Amsterdam

Even if your vacation rental is not directly in Amsterdam, you should pay a visit to the city, which is crossed by canals. In addition to a canal tour, a visit to the royal palace and the numerous museums is particularly recommendable. In the evening, night owls are drawn to the famous clubs "Paradisco", "Dansen bij Jansen" and the "Bourbon Street Club".

Sailing on the Ijsselmeer

If you've always wanted to feel like a real sea bear, book a trip with a wooden sailor on the Ijsselmeer, where you not only enjoy the ride, but also help set sail and moor. Weigh-balanced sailors also climb into the bow net during the trip and enjoy the freedom on the waves of the inland water.

Visiting the Van Gogh Museum

Visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and follow in the footsteps of the most famous Dutchman and marvel at some of his greatest masterpieces. These include "The almond blossoms", "The sower", "The potato knife" and "The sunflowers". During a guided tour through the museum you will also learn interesting facts about the life of the artist.

The windmills of Kinderdijk

Hardly anything is as much associated with the Netherlands as the windmill. The most famous of its kind can be found in Kinderdijk, where 19 windmills have been in operation since 1740. Have your picture taken in front of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and let us show you during a guided tour how complex the maintenance of the historic mills is.

Dutch Fast Food

If you don't feel like cooking in your holiday home, you can easily go for Dutch fast food, which is typically deep-fried. In addition to French fries, there are fried meatballs (frikandel) and meat skewers (satésaus) as well as croquettes. Another highlight for children are the fresh honey wafers (Stroopwafels).

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