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Popular Accommodations in Italy

Apartment for 4 people in Lonato del Garda, with balcony, with pets
85 reviews
Lonato del Garda, Lombardy
$91per night
Apartment for 4 people in Santa Maria (Vibo Valentia), with pool and garden, with pets
1 review
Santa Maria (Vibo Valentia), Calabria
$36per night
Apartment for 7 people in Asti, with garden
7 pers., 2 bedrooms, 1,130ft²
18 reviews
Asti, Piemont
$88per night
Vacation village for 2 people in Marina di Puolo, with garden and pool as well as ocean view and view
4 reviews
Marina di Puolo, Campania
$90per night
Large vacation apartment for 6 people in Montefiascone
6 pers., 2 bedrooms, 646ft²
11 reviews
Montefiascone, Lazio
$45per night
Villa for 5 people in Costa Paradiso, with pool and garden
23 reviews
Costa Paradiso, Sardinia
$76per night
Apartment for 5 people in Torrita di Siena, with garden
5 pers., 2 bedrooms, 753ft²
1 review
Torrita di Siena, Tuscany
$79per night
Apartment for 3 people in Torri del Benaco, with garden
3 pers., 1 bedrooms, 484ft², 350yd to the beach
Torri del Benaco, Northern Lake Regions
$79per night
Apartment for 4 people in Lecce, with garden and pool
4 pers., 1 bedrooms, 1,345ft²
1 review
Lecce, Adriatic Sea
$178per night
Apartment for 4 people in Desenzano del Garda, with garden, child-friendly
4 pers., 1 bedrooms, 431ft², 750yd to the beach
34 reviews
Desenzano del Garda, Northern Lake Regions
$109per night
Vacation house for 4 people in Mascalucia, with pool and garden, with pets
7 reviews
Mascalucia, Sicily
$76per night
Apartment for 4 people in Colle di Val d'Elsa, with garden and pool
20 reviews
Colle di Val d'Elsa, Tuscany
$54per night
Apartment for 3 people in Sauze d'Oulx
Sauze d'Oulx, Piemont
$67per night
Large vacation apartment for 5 people in Europe, with lake view and terrace as well as view
5 pers., 2 bedrooms, 700ft², 650yd to the beach
Cilento, Campania
$60per night
Vacation house for 4 people in Roè Volciano, with garden, with pets
33 reviews
Roè Volciano, Lombardy
$107per night
Apartment for 4 people in Europe, with view and garden, child-friendly
18 reviews
Versilia, Tuscany
$54per night
Vacation house for 3 people in Santa Reparata, with garden and ocean view
3 pers., 1 bedrooms, 377ft², 90yd to the beach
Santa Reparata, Sardinia
$68per night
Apartment for 4 people in Santa Venerina, with garden and view as well as ocean view, with pets
4 pers., 2 bedrooms, 646ft², 4.4mi to the beach
4 reviews
Santa Venerina, Sicily
$53per night
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Highlights in Italy

  • Beaches and coastline
  • Beautiful countryside
  • Excellent wine
  • Great Italian cuisine
  • Mediterranean weather

Most popular in Italy

Pool 37,186
Internet 98,625
Pet allowed 49,331
Balcony/Terrace 74,424
TV 113,777
Air conditioning 74,071
Garden 61,396
Parking 97,134
Washing machine 97,895

Italy Vacation Rentals

Coastal Vacation Villas

The Italian coastline is dotted with spacious villas along the coast and in the countryside. Homes are located in Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and Milan and many other locations in the country. Hotspots in Venice are popular for its gondolas and sheer romance. The Amalfi coastline is one of the most popular areas to rent a home and here you will find luxury villas with private pools, beach access and lush gardens.

Spa Retreats and Holiday Villages

There are many spa resorts along the Italian coastline. The gorgeous Amalfi coastline is the perfect place to rent a resort home and get wellness treatments for the whole family. The Sicilian coastline features many holiday rental homes. There are numerous homes along the coastal road between Salerno port and the cliffs of Sorrento. Homes feature private pools, gardens balconies and magnificent views.

Vacationing in Italy

Boot-Shaped Peninsula

Italy is a long, boot-shaped Peninsula. Located within the peninsula are the Alps, Po Valley and the island of Sicily and Sardinia. It encompasses a total surface area of 301,340 km2 and shares a border with France, Switzerland and Austria.

An Island Dominated by Mountains

There are many mountainous areas in Italy. This is especially true of the south and in Sardinia and Sicily. There are also three active volcanoes in Italy: Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna and the island volcano of Stromboli

Perfect for Relaxation

Italian rural areas are as beautiful as its busy coastal hotspots. Palermo, Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia and Liguria are some of the best the countryside areas in Italy and offer a great choice if you are looking for a rural vacation in a rustic villa.



Outdoor Adventures in Italy

Italy is a great destination if you love adventures. On offer are the Caves in Le Marche, walking or Hiking in the Dolomites or a fun Kayaking trip in Naples. You can do a tour of Rome by bicycle or scuba Dive the Baia Sunken City. Extreme adventure lovers will enjoy Heli Skiing in Piedmont or paragliding.

A Great Beach Holiday Destination

There are many beautiful beaches to visit in Italy. These include Elba, Rumini, Lampedusa and Ostia. Here you will find some of the best seaside resorts and watersport activities and you can rent a vacation home near the beach.

Sailing in Italy

Italy offers some great locations to enjoy sailing. The Aeolian coastline features beautiful as does La Maddalena, the Gulf of Naples, Capri and the stunning Lake Como area.

Top 5 things to do in Italy

1. Renaissance Masterpieces

Home to Renaissance greats like Michelangelo's David in Florence and Duomo by Brunelleschi you will also find many other important works like Filippino Lippi, Scenes from the Life of St. Peter in Florence, The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in Milan. The Creation of Adam in the Vatican is one of Michelangelo's most famous works.

2. See the Pantheon

The Pantheon was once an important Roman temple dedicated to the Roman Gods. It is located on the site of an earlier temple commissioned by Marcus Agrippa. It is one of the most well preserved buildings in the region and is one of the most visited landmarks in Italy.

3. Florence Cathedral

The Florence Cathedral is Italy's primary church. It was commissioned in 1296 in the Gothic style from the original design of Arnolfo di Cambio. The Renaissance dome towers over Florence. The cathedral is named for named after Santa Maria del Fiore and was built on the site of the church of Santa Reparata.

4. Visit the Colosseum

The Colosseum is an oval amphitheatre in Rome. It is built from concrete and sand but is, nonetheless impressive as the largest structure of this kind ever built. It was here where famous gladiators battled to the death.

5.The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is located along the southern coast. It can be found on the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Salerno Gulf. This visually striking and beautiful area is very popular and each year thousands of people flock to its shores and rental homes. The area became a UNESO World Heritage Site for its cultural significance.

Tourists and locals throw money into the Trevi Fountain daily. This amounts to a sizeable sum which is collected and donated to charity.

Useful Information

Mediterranean Climatemate

The majority of Italy has a warm Mediterranean climate. In summer, temperatures are hot and dry and often reach 32° C, while winters are cool and rainy. Coastal temperatures seldom drop to freezing during the winter months.

Italian Festival

Italy hosts several popular festivals every year. In Rome, New Year's Eve is a national holiday that includes fireworks displays. During Carnevale revellers don masks and dance and run through the streets of Venice. The Good Friday vigil is held by the Pope at Easter in Rome.