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Popular Accommodations in Czech Republic

Vacation house for 6 people, with garden and view
6 pers., 2 bedrooms, 969ft²
2 reviews
Měčín, Western Bohemia
$44per night
Villa for 10 people, with terrace
7 reviews
Vidochov, Eastern Bohemia
$58per night
Vacation house for 11 people, with garden
11 pers., 4 bedrooms, 3,014ft², 2.4mi to skiing
1 review
Pilsen Region, Western Bohemia
$238per night
Vacation house for 6 people, with view and garden
6 pers., 1 bedrooms, 893ft²
Stará Voda, Western Bohemia
$23per night
Vacation house for 6 people, with view
Moravian-Silesian region, Northern Moravia & Silesia
$41per night
Apartment for 5 people, with sauna and garden
18 reviews
Česká Kamenice, Northern Bohemia
$56per night
Apartment for 4 people, with pool
4 pers., 1 bedrooms, 700ft²
7 reviews
Pilsen Region, Western Bohemia
$37per night
Vacation house for 6 people, with pool
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 1,292ft²
16 reviews
Rovná, Western Bohemia
$78per night
Vacation house for 6 people, with children pool and garden
21 reviews
Mníšek, Northern Bohemia
$43per night
Vacation house for 9 people, with view and garden
Lidečko, Northern Moravia & Silesia
$77per night
Vacation house for 2 people, with garden, with pets
54 reviews
Batňovice, Eastern Bohemia
$52per night
Vacation house for 15 people, with children pool and pool as well as garden, with pets
3 reviews
Holetín, Eastern Bohemia
$175per night
Vacation apartment for 4 people
4 pers., 1 bedrooms, 1,249ft²
Čáslav, Central Bohemia
$36per night
Vacation house for 12 people, with garden and jacuzzi as well as sauna
12 pers., 5 bedrooms, 2.4mi to skiing
8 reviews
Nový Hrozenkov, Northern Moravia & Silesia
$99per night
Apartment for 4 people, with garden
78 reviews
Hřensko, Northern Bohemia
$33per night
Vacation house for 7 people, with garden
30 reviews
Valtice, Southern Moravian
$165per night
Apartment for 7 people, with jacuzzi and garden, with pets
43 reviews
Třeboň, Southern Bohemia
$56per night
Apartment for 6 people, with terrace and sauna
6 pers., 2 bedrooms, 60yd to skiing
8 reviews
Špindlerův Mlýn, Eastern Bohemia
$132per night
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Highlights in Czech Republic

  • Winter sports areas
  • National parks
  • State capital Prague
  • Catharine cave
  • Bohemian dishes

Most popular in Czech Republic

Pool 573
Internet 1,976
Pet allowed 912
Balcony/Terrace 1,198
TV 2,147
Garden 1,014
Parking 1,804
Washing machine 1,298
Heating 2,053

Vacation rentals in Czech Republic

Varied excursions from the appropriate accommodation

The Czech Republic is rich in ancient cultural monuments and historical cities. Those interested in culture will therefore feel particularly at home in a holiday apartment in the middle of Prague or one of the other cities. There are also vacation rentals not far from the national parks, where you will soon be able to reach the hiking trails. In winter, a vacation rental close to the ski resorts is particularly recommended.

Large selection of holiday residences

In the Czech Republic there are large and small holiday homes, in the country and in the residential districts of the cities. In the mountainous region, a chalet is a particularly luxuriously furnished accommodation that also offers ample space for large families. In addition, you can rent a holiday apartment in the country or a city apartment not far from the most important sights in the Czech Republic.

The vacation rental with the extra service

Parking by car is usually not a problem in rural areas. Many landlords in the Czech Republic offer a shuttle service so that you can easily get to your accommodation without a car. In addition, there are holiday accommodations where breakfast is included. In addition to ski rental, some accommodation providers also provide bicycle or boat rental.

Holidays in Czech Republic

Location and orientation

Good accessibility of the holiday country

The Czech Republic, with a population of around 10.5 million, borders on Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria, so this holiday destination can be easily reached by car or train. The state capital is Prague in the centre of the Czech Republic. Other large cities are Brno, Pilsen, Ostrava, Liberec, Olomouc and ?eské Bud?jovice.

Landscape features of the Czech Republic

The rural regions of the Czech Republic are characterised by some basin landscapes and surrounded by impressive mountains. In the southwest of the country you will find the Bohemian Forest, the highest point of which has an altitude of 1,400 metres. To the north are the Sudeten Mountains and the Giant Mountains, where the highest mountain, the Schneekoppe, is located. The northwest of the Erzgebirge is a fantastic region for green activities.

Finding peace and relaxation in the nature parks

The most famous national parks are the Krkonoše National Park, the Bohemian Switzerland National Park and the umava National Park in the Šumava Forest. The latter national park comprises the largest forest area in Central Europe and also consists of plateaus, moors and swamps, moor lakes and romantic valleys.


Travelers and Activities

Vacation paradise for cyclists

The Czech Republic is ideal for exploring by bicycle. There is an extensive network of well-signposted cycle paths through the whole country, partly through the cities, partly through hilly terrain. Some routes can be found, for example, in the Bohemian Forest, which offers a breathtaking natural landscape as a backdrop for cycling. Well-known cycle routes are also those along the Vltava River and marked routes from Prague to Brno, ?eské Bud?jovice or Pilsen.

The finest wellness oases

The Czech Republic has several spa resorts with medicinal springs, which is why this holiday destination is also ideal for a relaxing holiday in a spa. Mariánské Lázn? and Karlovy Vary are among the most famous health resorts. There you can relax in hot springs, take your train through the water in the middle of a unique bath architecture or recharge your energy batteries with a soothing massage.

In winter travel to the beautiful ski resorts

Winter sports are not only a tradition in the Czech Republic. There are also extensive and varied ski areas that attract thousands of winter holidaymakers every year. The pistes in the northern Giant Mountains, in the Ore Mountains, in the Bohemian Forest or on the Keilberg can be considered for this. International centres for Nordic sports are Liberec and Harrachov, where the Nordic World Ski Championships and the FIS World Cup Jumping take place regularly.

The equestrian sport is especially important in Pardubice, where an international race called "Velká Pardubická" is held every year.

Top 5 travel tips

Pilsen City Market Square
Pilsen City Market Square
1. To the "City of 100 Towers"

The "Golden City", as Prague is often called, is full of architecturally significant buildings, museums and other sights. To visit all the cultural monuments in peace, you should take a few days time. The most famous are the Charles Bridge, the imposing cathedrals such as St. Barbara's Cathedral and St. Vitus's Cathedral, and the Prague Castle, which combines several exhibitions. You can take the way there via winding alleys and narrow stairs to enjoy a magnificent view from above.

2nd Nature Experience Cave Visit

The Czech Republic has more than 2,000 caves, 14 of which are visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year and are sometimes used as backdrops for fairytale films. The best known five caves are found in the Moravian Karst north of Brno, such as the Punkva Caves with the Macocha Gorge or the Katharinen Cave. Also worth seeing are the Sloup-ouvka Caves, the Výpustek Cave and the Balcarka Cave.

3. Fun and variety in the nature and adventure park

The nature and adventure park tastná zeme in Turnov is a true paradise for families with children. There are lots of attractions such as climbing frames, trampolines, swings and slides. In addition, your children can experience adventures in a replica castle or learn more about the nature of the Šumava in the Geopark. There is also a petting zoo and a maze.

4. Experience customs at first hand

An annual event in Vlcnov, which is now even on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, is the "Ride of the Kings". This is a procession of costumed actors, one of whom is particularly emphasized as a king who carries a flower in his mouth and is not allowed to speak for 24 hours. The origin of this parade is not quite clear. However, it is suspected that this Easter procession is of pagan origin.

5. Don't forget good food

The cuisine in Moravia and Bohemia is rich, hearty and dominated by meaty ingredients. Famous dishes are roast pork and sirloin with dumplings, cabbage and mushrooms. Traditional meatless dishes are baked cheese and potato pancakes. Also try the delicious pastries, such as colatsches, pancakes and plum dumplings. By the way, beer is the national drink of the Czechs, which is not surprising, as there is a centuries-old beer brewing tradition in this country, as well as some well-known brands, such as Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser.

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