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Highlights in Panama City Beach

  • Endless sunshine
  • The beautiful white sandy beach
  • All kinds of water sports
  • Superb golf courses
  • Shopping opportunities
  • Natural beauty
  • Excellent nightlife
  • Wonderful seafood

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TV 3,182
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Panama City Beach Vacation Rentals

Find A Vacation Rental by the Florida Coast

Panama City Beach is one of northern Florida’s most spectacular resorts. There are hundreds of rental home choices in the nearby area, including beach cabins right by the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll find countless beachfront homes, with swimming pools, hot tubs and easy access to the sea, as well as local attractions and golf courses.

Stay in Spacious Rental Apartments in North-West Florida

There are also plenty of vacation home options in the Panama City area. You could choose apartments in the center of the city, not far from the major restaurants and bars. That way, you can be within 10 minutes of the beach, but have great dining and shopping amenities on your doorstep.

Vacationing in Panama City Beach


Panama City Beach is located on the northwest coast of Florida, not far from Pensacola. It consists of two major sections. First off, there’s Panama City itself, a sizable town with over 36,000 people. Just a few miles to the west lies Panama City Beach, a beach resort that is famous for its stunning white sands.

Getting There

The best way to get to Panama City Beach is to fly into Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, which is just 15 miles away. From there, you can rent a car or take hotel shuttles to either part of the destination. Alternatively, I-10 passes a few miles north, and Greyhound buses also run into Panama City from regional cities.

Getting Around

The Bay Town Trolley offers public transportation between the beach and the city itself, while Route 98 offers a fast road link between the two as well, across the Grand Lagoon. The beachfront stretches for miles and miles, and is a wonderful place to rent bikes, with its flat terrain.

Panama City Beach
Panama City Beach


A Famous Destination for Beach Fans

More than anything else, Panama City, FL caters for people who love the beach. The jewel of the Emerald Coast, Panama City Beach has soft, white sand, beautiful green waters and fantastic vacation rentals to choose from.

A Fantastic Place for Water Sports Lovers

If you love to strap on water skis or take control of jet skis, Panama City Beach is for you. There’s a huge variety of marine activities to choose from, including dolphin watching, diving, parasailing, sailing and snorkeling.

One of America’s Best Places to Fish

Fishing is almost an obsession in Panama City Beach, where charter companies and bait shops are everywhere. Rent a vessel of your own or head out with experienced local guides to fish for grouper, amberjack, and tiggers until the sun goes down.

The Jim Carrey film “The Truman Show” was filmed in Seaside, one of the suburbs of Panama City Beach.

Top 5 Things to do in Panama City Beach

1. See the Dolphins of Shell Island

Not far from Panama City Beach, the Shell Island peninsular is a wonderful spot to watch Florida’s dolphins at play. Take nature cruises or spend the day lazing on the island’s secluded beaches.

2. Enjoy the Resort’s Excellent Nightlife

Panama City Beach is very much a party town (at least during Spring Break). If dancing till dawn is your intention, massive clubs like Club La Vela (the largest in the USA) will have everything you need.

3. Visit the Pirates High Seas Fest

Every Columbus Day, Panama City Beach celebrates the history of navigation with a huge party. Be there in October to enjoy the kids’ parade, fireworks and reconstructed historic sailing vessels.

4. Shop, Eat and Relax at Pier Park

Panama City Beach's beautifully constructed seafront district is a great place to shop at independent boutiques, dine on gourmet seafood or watch live music events in the warm, Florida evenings.

5. Play Some Golf

Florida is probably the world’s greatest golfing destination, and there are some exceptional courses around Panama City Beach. Bay Point, Signal Hill and Hombre are all championship quality courses that golf fans won’t want to miss.

Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico

Useful Information


Panama City Beach is in northern Florida, which means that the climate is sub-tropical. Temperatures are steady almost all year-round and hardly ever drop below 65 degrees. May to October probably offer the best conditions. If you are up for a party, Easter is also fine, but be prepared for huge Spring Break crowds.

What to Expect

Because of the climate (Panama City Beach enjoys 320 days of sunshine every year) the schedule of events never seems to end. For example, December isn’t high season, but it still sees great events like the Panama City Beach Marathon and the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop. Whenever you go, expect music, fireworks and a good time.

Worth Knowing

The beach itself stretches for 27 miles, and hardly any of it has been developed into high-rise hotels. If you want to enjoy a secluded, tranquil beach break, you can easily find more remote beach properties away from the Spring Break or summer crowds. Also, be aware that Panama City itself doesn’t have a beach. It’s a great place to spend time and has a variety of vacation rental options, but you’ll need a car to access the coast easily.