Vacation rentals in Freeport

Vacation rentals in Freeport

Vacation rentals in Freeport

A tropical paradise

As the second-biggest city in the Bahamas, Freeport is a lovely and lively Caribbean destination located on Grand Bahama Island. It is a popular vacation spot with its wonderful year-round warm climate and easy-going island lifestyle. Freeport is perfect for any travelers who love sandy beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, a vast selection of water activities, and delicious food.

A vacation rental for everyone

Freeport vacation rentals come in a wide spectrum of styles and sizes, with something for every type of traveler. There are oversized vacation rentals available for big groups complete with many rooms and a fully equipped kitchen. Couples can opt for a cozy, romantic vacation rental with stunning ocean views and palm-tree lined gardens. Stay in the busy downtown area just a short walk from endless restaurants and shopping options. Or, stay in a quiet area of the city close to the water. There are several child-friendly and pet-friendly options for families who want to include everyone.

Vacations in Freeport

The area and getting around

Arriving in Freeport

It takes about 15 minutes to get to Freeport from Grand Bahama Airport. Although there aren’t many public transportation options for traveling to or from the airport, travelers can easily find a taxi, a shared taxi, or book a private shuttle. There are also upscale transportation options that you can share among a group or book privately, such as limousine transfers.

Getting around Freeport

The city has plenty of buses called ‘jitneys’ which are one of the easiest ways to get around Freeport. They run all day until sunset and stop at many of the main parts of the city. Taxis are also very common, easy to find, and work on a meter system. Since the city is very scenic and roads are pedestrian-friendly, walking is a great way to explore Freeport during the daytime. If you’d like to island hop, there are ferries and water taxis that can whisk you away to nearby islands.

Travelers and activities

Freeport for nature lovers

Freeport is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Spend a day at Peterson Cay, a small, untouched paradise of an island. But what’s under the water is the best part. You can snorkel here and experience a colorful and lively underwater world along with turtles, sting rays, and infinite tropical fish. This island is also a bird sanctuary, so you can spend some time bird watching too. Another place not to be missed in Freeport is the Garden of the Groves. Here you can see the local flora and fauna, walk around waterfalls, and watch the local birds and butterflies. You can also learn about the history of the island.

Freeport for families

Freeport offers endless fun options for families. Spend the day at Pirate’s Cove Zip Line and Water Park. It’s the perfect place for enjoying different water sport activities or just relaxing on the sandy beach. Visit the Junkanoo Museum of the Bahamas where you can learn about the local culture and play interactive games offered by the museum.

Freeport is only 62 miles (108 km) away from Florida, making it the perfect destination for travelers seeking an international vacation without the long journey.

Top 5 travel tips in Freeport

1. Relax at Taino Beach

No vacation in Freeport is complete without spending a day lounging on the beach and admiring the perfect, turquoise waters of the Bahamas. Taino beach offers exactly that. Find a spot on the wide stretch of paradise where you’ll feel like you have your own private, secluded beach. If you’re feeling social, there are many options for restaurants and bars nearby as well.

2. Visit The Perfume Factory

The Perfume Factory in Freeport is one of the most interesting places to visit on the island. Not an industrial building but a stunning pink mansion, The Perfume Factory is home to some of the most wonderful Bahamian scents. And the best part is that you can make your own perfume. Mix and match the scents you like and leave The Perfume Factory with a completely customized perfume!

3. Take a tour at The Bahamian Brewery

Take a break from the beaches with a stop at The Bahamian Brewery where you can sample island beers. Here you can witness the whole process of brewing, from start to finish. And more importantly, you can taste the most popular island brews after the tour.

4. Go shopping at Port Lucaya Marketplace

Port Lucaya Marketplace is the heart of shopping in Freeport. Here you can find duty-free items as well as souvenirs to bring back home. Aside from shops, Port Lucaya Marketplace has many restaurants, bars, and various entertainment facilities. At the marketplace square each evening there’s live music playing Bahamian songs you can dance to all night.

5. Have dinner at Smith’s Point

Smith’s Point fish fry is a traditional event that takes place every Wednesday evening. Locals and tourists get together and enjoy local cuisine while dancing all night. This is the perfect opportunity to eat some authentic local dishes and to get in sync with the island rhythm.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Freeport

What was the average price for a vacation rental in Freeport last year?

Accommodations in Freeport offer very affordable prices, with an annual average of $217 per night in the previous year, which makes it the best budget-friendly vacation destination in The Bahamas.

When are vacation rentals cheaper in Freeport?

If you would like to save the maximum during your visit to Freeport, travel in May ($197 per night on average), September ($207), or November ($208), to find the lowest prices for the whole year.

When are vacation rentals more expensive in Freeport?

Last year, the month that had the highest annual average in Freeport was February, with an average price of $231 per night. This was followed by March, with an average of $226, and then June, with $225.

Is it necessary to plan a trip to Freeport well in advance?

Considering the data observed last year, it is an excellent city for an impromptu getaway, since it has an average annual availability of 66%, which is comparatively high.

When are more vacation rentals available?

The most available months are, on average, September (with an availability of 75%), October (72%), and May (71%), according to the trends observed in the prior year.

During which months is it more difficult to find available vacation rentals?

However, there is no need to worry because even during the months with the least availability the average is 59%. It will therefore be effortless to find your dream accommodation no matter the time of year.

How many vacation rentals does Holidu have in Freeport?

Holidu offers around 180 accommodations in Freeport from 6 different partners, so find the perfect type of accommodation you are looking for. You can count on us!

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