Vacation Rentals in The Bahamas

Vacation Rentals in The Bahamas

Vacation rentals in the Bahamas

Excellent accommodation on the Atlantic coast

Caribbean coral reefs, crystal clear water and wildlife rich nature reserves make the Bahamas a wonderful destination for lovers, families, recreation seekers and water sports enthusiasts. Only a few metres from the breathtaking beaches of the islands you will find a fabulous vacation rental or a comfortable apartment on New Povidence, Great Abaco or Cat Island. You will spend your holiday in romantic seclusion or in picturesque places such as Nassau or Clarence Town.

Splendid domiciles for travel groups

Colonial buildings, luxurious beach villas and magnificent townhouses await you on San Salvador, Long Island or Eleuthera. Between palm trees and gleaming white beaches, you can rent a vacation rental on a narrow promontory or on the edge of West Side National Park. With your family or friends you can enjoy amenities like a sea view, a shuttle service, a private pool or an exotic garden.

Holidays in the Bahamas

Location and orientation

Caribbean archipelago

Between the coast of Florida, northern Cuba and the Turks and Caicos Islands there are more than 700 islands of the island state Bahamas. The archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean belongs to the West Indies and the Caribbean. Geographically, the Bahamas are assigned to Central America.

Special features of the atolls

With an area of almost 14,000 square kilometres, the Bahamas have a north-south extension of 650 kilometres and an east-west extension of 750 kilometres. The 30 inhabited islands have about 350,000 inhabitants, the majority of whom live in the capital Nassau and Freeport.

Port on the Bahamas
Port on the Bahamas

Things to know

Dreamlike regions

Deserted sandy beaches, where your footprint is the only one, early historical cave paintings and idyllic fishing villages unite on the fairytale islands of the Bahamas. Each region has its own special features. Berry Island consists of 30 beautiful Cays (coral reefs), has deserted headlands and small harbours. A true Robinson Crusoe experience opens Mayaguana, a pristine island untouched by tourism. Andros offers freshwater lakes, canals and an amazing variety of flora and fauna. While on Inagua mainly donkeys, goats and flamingos live, on Rum Cay archaeological finds point to primitive humans and Indians.

Breathtaking underwater world

The Bahamas are famous for their turquoise sea, which slopes flat and meets dark blue depths, the so-called "drop offs". Only a few parts of the planet offer a comparable snorkeling and diving paradise. Corals thrive in the steep underwater slopes and you will encounter colourful schools of fish, tunas, dolphins or hammerhead sharks. Around Exuma Cays and New Providence there are numerous diving schools leading you to sunken shipwrecks, mysterious caves and deep sea holes. A highlight is the third largest coral reef in the world, the "Tongue of the Ocean".

The Bahamas served in the James Bond movies "Never Say Never", "Fireball" and "Casino Royal" for a first class shooting backdrop.

Top 3 travel tips

Legendary animal world

Nassau is home to the Ardastra Garden, Zoo and Conservation Centre, where visitors can see endangered species up close or join in the feeding activities. In addition to giant constrictor snakes and iguanas, lemurs, Caribbean flamingos and parrots live here in the jungle.

Imposing weir systems

The capital presents several mighty fortifications that reflect the history of the 18th century. They include Fort Fincastle, Fort Charlotte and Fort Montagu. Visitors can visit the cannon-equipped facilities from the time of the American War of Independence.

ringlet tails in the wild

On the island Big Major Cay live the famous pigs Bahamas at the Pig Beach. Numerous tours accompany holiday guests to the floating mammals. They can be fed and provide unforgettable moments and souvenir photos.

Luxury hotels on the Caribbean island state of Bahamas
Luxury hotels on the Caribbean island state of Bahamas

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in The Bahamas

How much do you pay, on average, for vacation rentals in The Bahamas?

Last year, rentals in this destination had an annual average cost of around $377 per night.

When are vacation rentals cheaper in The Bahamas?

Those who want to be budget-friendly should visit The Bahamas in November, January, or May, which are the months that offer the most discount, with average prices of $353, $363, and $370 per night, respectively, based on the previous year.

When are vacation rentals more expensive in The Bahamas?

When it comes to booking a vacation rental in The Bahamas, the highest prices are usually found in the month of June (with an average of $389 per night), followed by July ($386), and then April ($384).

Should I plan a trip to The Bahamas well in advance?

It's worthwhile if you can book your stay with plenty of time when visiting The Bahamas, as only 42% of our properties are usually available throughout the year.

When are more vacation rentals available?

The months when it's easiest to find available accommodation in The Bahamas are September (the average amount of properties that are available reached 59% of the total last year), October (58%), and November (46%).

How many vacation rentals are there in The Bahamas?

In The Bahamas we work with 7 different providers to give you a choice of 2,100 properties, so you will not be short of options!

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