Vacation rentals in Eleuthera

Vacation rentals in Eleuthera

Vacation rentals in Eleuthera

A breath-taking beachside destination

Eleuthera is a Bahamian paradise for divers, beach lovers and big wave surfers looking for their next Caribbean dream vacation. Walk along pink sand beaches. Explore hidden caves. Swim with sea turtles. This gorgeous destination has what it takes to deliver the trip of a lifetime. These charming rentals are located throughout the length of the island in Central Eleuthera, Harbor Island, Spanish Harbor in the north and hidden gems like Lighthouse Beach in Rock Sound to the south.

Beautiful beachside rentals

Enjoy your very own beach view in these laid-back independent rentals. These charming rentals can accommodate solo travelers, couples or medium sized groups. You will find they are fully equipped with everything to make your stay as cozy as possible including a balcony/terrace, TV, kitchen, washing machine and gardens. Hang out by the pool while savoring classic Bahamian cocktails or sit back in the hammock and take in the Bahama breeze while watching the sunset. You are sure to have an incredible vacation in whichever accommodation you choose.

Vacations in Eleuthera

The area and getting around

A beach destination with variety

Travelers will find a variety of activities to enjoy in this long island east of Nassau, Bahamas. Located 200 miles off the coast of Florida, to the north you’ll find bluffs, charters, blue holes and Pink Sands Beach. Eleuthera is a narrow island just a mile wide and about 110 miles long. On the central part of the island you’ll find pink beaches and surfing waves near Governor’s Harbor and Surfer’s Beach. There’s also a turtle reserve. The southeast has gorgeous, crystal-clear shallow waters as well as interesting caves to explore.

A destination full of restaurants and things to do

For nightlife on this quiet island, do as the locals do and enjoy an authentic fish fry. You will find plenty of great restaurants, pubs and sunset lounges throughout the length of the island. However, Governor’s Harbour is the place to go if you’re looking for great eats, fine or casual dining and exciting nightlife. One of the best ways to get around is by golf cart. While in Eleuthera, be sure to try some Bahamian classic dishes such as Conch Salad, Conch Fritters, and the Island’s famous pineapple dishes.

Travelers and activities

Eleuthera for Divers

Eleuthera is a choice find for elite and beginner divers alike. There are tons of Blue Holes, incredible shallow reefs and caves to keep you stimulated underwater. The Bahamas is blessed with having one of the highest concentrations of therapeutic blue holes on the globe. Some of the top ones you will find in Eleuthera include Ocean Hole in Rock and Sapphire Hole. Eleuthera also has the biggest number of ship wrecks in the Bahamas making it great for wreck diving. This Island has gorgeous, healthy coral reefs ranging from shallow to deep, so a range of different dives is possible. Try chartering a boat for an exciting dive excursion.

Eleuthera for water and nature lovers

This destination has a lot of surprises in store for nature loving travelers. You will find cool caves to explore with historic significance like Preacher’s Cave. Other caves such as Smugglers Cave, Rum Bottle Cave and Hatchet Bay Cave boast aesthetically fascinating tunnels and natural formations. Visitors enjoy activities such as SUP, picnicking, snorkeling, bone fishing and just about any water sport you can think of. While in Eleuthera, check out Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve. This newly opened World Class Bahamian Botanical Garden is dedicated to preserving and showcasing native Bahamian species and medicinal plants.

Known for pineapple plantations and the most shipwrecks in the Bahamas, Eleuthera’s name comes from the Greek word for “freedom”.

Top 5 travel tips in Eleuthera

1. Take a scenic drive

Visit Glass Window Bridge. This scenic landmark bridge is located between two waters and is a great place to take some epic photos. The color contrast between the 2 oceans is a must see.

2. Witness a sailing race

The four-day North Eleuthera Sailing Regatta is an exciting event to add to your personal travel journal. Regarded as one of the biggest sailing races in the Bahamas, this 295 mile sailing race starts in Miami’s South Beach and traditionally ends on Eleuthera’s shores. The event inspires a host of activities including first rate Bahamian food and drinks, lively cultural presentations, not to mention live entertainment.

3. Go beach hopping

Sunbathers have a plethora of beaches to choose from on Eleuthera’s uncrowded shores. Take walks on gorgeous pink sand beaches at French Leave Beach and Harbor Island. Get photogenic at Lighthouse Beach or Ten Bay Beach while exploring tons of others.

4. Watch turtles hatch and take their first steps towards the sea

Uniquely located on an inland blue hole, Edwin's Turtle Lake Marine Reserve is a great place to enjoy nature, family recreational activities and possibly catch the turtles hatch and make their way towards the water. This magical, once in a lifetime event, might be the highlight of your trip.

5. Visit a pineapple farm

Eleuthera’s prized pineapples are arguably some of the sweetest in the world. Engaging in an agri-tour of the island’s coveted pineapple farms is definitely something to add to your to do list. Although the tours are somewhat seasonal, you will learn a lot about cultivation techniques used to produce the world-renowned “Sugar Loaf” pineapple. If traveling during the season, pineapple tasting is guaranteed.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Eleuthera

How much do the vacation rentals in Eleuthera cost on average?

Eleuthera is one of the cheapest destinations in The Bahamas. An overnight stay there costs on average $383 per night.

During which months can you find the best price for vacation rentals in Eleuthera?

According to our most recent data, the months that are the cheapest in Eleuthera are January, May and February, with average prices of $347, $358, and $367, respectively.

When are vacation rentals more expensive in Eleuthera?

When booking a vacation rental in Eleuthera, the highest prices are usually found in the month of April (with an average of $408 per night), followed by July ($407), and then June ($406).

Are there usually many vacation rentals available in Eleuthera?

It is recommended that you book your stay with plenty of time when visiting Eleuthera, as only 34% of our accommodations are usually available throughout the year.

What time of the year can I find more available vacation rentals?

The months when it's easiest to find available accommodation in Eleuthera are September (the average amount of properties that are available reached 63% of the total last year), October (59%), and August (44%).

When are fewer rentals available in Eleuthera?

According to data from last year, the months when it is most difficult to find accommodation in Eleuthera are, in order, February (with 18% of available rentals), March (20%), and June (23%).

Are there many rentals in Eleuthera?

We have 530 rentals for you in Eleuthera, provided by our 3 local and international partners.

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