Vacation Rentals in Cozumel

Vacation Rentals in Cozumel

Vacation rentals in Cozumel

Wonderful rental locations in Cozumel

Organize your next trip to the beautiful island of Cozumel. You will find this island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea right in front of the eastern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. Situated on the other side of the Cozumel Channel, the island is separated by the mainland and faces Playa del Carmen. The name Cozumel derives from the Mayan language and it means "the island of swallows." In this destination, you will have the chance to learn about the history of Mexico, explore tropical landscapes, go scuba diving and partake in water sports.

Vacation Rentals in Cozumel

With plenty of amazing rental properties, you will be able to find the perfect accommodation for your vacation in the sun. From beachfront properties to ones near the island center and surrounded by bars and boutiques, you will be assured that Cozumel will provide you with the ideal place for your needs. Imagine spending the morning having breakfast on the patio as you admire the beach. Have an afternoon swim in your private pool or sunbathe in your garden. Invite friends over for some tacos in your large dining room area. Have a glass of wine with your partner as you admire the sunset from your balcony. These are some of the memories you could be making with a rental property in Cozumel.

Vacations in Cozumel

The area and getting around

How to get to Cozumel

Making your journey to Cozumel will be quite easy. The most simple way to get to Cozumel is to fly straight into Cozumel International Airport. However, you may also make your way to Cancun International Airport and then make your way to Cozumel from there. Both airports provide commercial flights for international and national routes. If you fly into Cancun, you can take a bus or taxi to Playa del Carmen, which is just a short drive away, and then a ferry to Cozumel which will take 45 minutes.

Where to eat in Cozumel

Mexico is known to have one of the best cuisines in the world, which means that the eateries in Cozumel will not disappoint. Whether you are looking for an upscale dining experience or a more casual lunch place, Cozumel will be able to satisfy your appetite. If you want a cute and cozy location to have brunch, go to El Rincon de Addy. The cafe is located in a secret garden setting and their menu is filled with items such as their fresh juices, house-baked cakes, seasonal fruits, egg plates and a signature silver dollar hotcake. On the other hand, you can go visit the oldest restaurant on the island, Casa Denis. The restaurant was created in 1945 and they will serve you simple local food which ranges from traditional Mexican to Yucatan specialities.

Travelers and activities

Cozumel for outdoor explorers

Explore and enjoy the stunning tropical landscape of Cozumel while visiting the area. One of the most popular activities to do on the island is scuba diving and snorkeling. You will have the chance to spot whale sharks, sea turtles, and multicolored fish, as well as discover one of the most stunning coral reefs in the world. Another great way to explore nature, especially if you want to stay on land, is taking a jeep tour. The tours will drive you to Punta Sur park and El Cielito beach to then end up in the Chankanaab marine park.

Cozumel for family activities

Plan your trip to Cozumel with your family and enjoy these splendid activities together. Spend the afternoon with family at Paradise Beach. This beautiful cove filled with soft sand and crystal waters also has a range of facilities and activities that will satisfy kids of all ages. For an educational experience, check out Discover Mexico Park. Enjoyable for people of all ages, here you will find miniature replicas of places like the Metropolitan Cathedral and Tulum’s Mayan ruins.

Did you know that Cozumel is part of a small section of the world’s second-largest barrier reef system?

Top 5 travel tips for Cozumel

1. Punta Sur Ecological Park

Visit a 2,500-acre ecological park. Here you can find exotic birds, crocodiles, sea turtles, colorful flowers and stunning beaches to sunbathe on.

2. Playa Mia Grand Beach Park

Spend a sunny afternoon at the beach. The beauty of this area is that you will have the chance to use snorkels, waterslides, pools, kayaks, paddleboats and volleyball courts.

3. Atlantis Submarines

Take a night dive in a submarine. With this tour, you can visit the Felipe Xicotencatl wreck that sank decades ago, as well as spot sharks, sea turtles, stingrays and lobsters.

4. Visit the Mayan Ruins

Learn about the history of Cozumel. The San Gervasio archaeological site, which used to be known as Tantun Cuzamil, will offer you informative walking tours of these ruins.

5. Cozumel Pearl Farm

Admire one of the local crafts. The tour here will demonstrate and explain to you about pearl farming techniques, as well as how important it has been for the history of Cozumel.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Cozumel

On average, how much do vacation rentals in Cozumel cost?

Our data shows that Cozumel had an average price of $228 per night, a relatively high one compared to the destinations in Mexico.

During which months are vacation rentals cheaper in Cozumel?

]If you would like to get the most out of your money, the most affordable months to visit Cozumel are May ($193 the average per night for accommodation), August ($208), and June ($212).

During which months are vacation rentals more expensive in Cozumel?

At the time of booking a vacation rental in Cozumel, the highest prices are usually seen in the month of February (with an average of $255 per night), followed by January ($253), and then December ($249).

Is it necessary to plan a trip to Cozumel well in advance?

It's worthwhile to be proactive in Cozumel as only 33% of the properties are available throughout the year, according to last year's data.

What time of the year can I find more available vacation rentals?

The most available months are, on average, October (with an availability of 51%), August (50%), and September (48%), according to the trends observed in the prior year.

During which months is it more difficult to find available vacation rentals?

The month with the highest average booked rental figures is February (only 16% of properties were available on average last year). Followed by January (17%), and then March (20%). During these three months, the availability is only 18%. It is therefore recommended to book early.

Are there many vacation rentals in Cozumel?

Our inventory features around 570 properties from 5 partners, giving you plenty of choices when searching for your next dream vacation rental!

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