Vacation Rentals in Portofino

Vacation rental for 4 people, with yard in Portofino
Vacation rental for 4 people, with yard
1 bedroom200yd to the beach
(10 reviews)
from $147 / nightFREE cancellation
Vacation rental for 5 people in Portofino
Vacation rental for 5 people
1 bedroom600yd to the beach
(47 reviews)
from $196 / nightFREE cancellation
Vacation rental for 5 people, with yard, with pets in Portofino
Vacation rental for 5 people, with yard, with pets
2 bedrooms250yd to the beach
from $195 / nightFREE cancellation
Vacation apartment for 5 people, with terrace in Portofino
Vacation apartment for 5 people, with terrace
1 bedroom650yd to the beach
from $245 / night
Vacation rental for 8 people, with balcony, with pets in Portofino
Vacation rental for 8 people, with balcony, with pets
3 bedrooms250yd to the beach
(29 reviews)
from $391 / nightFREE cancellation
Vacation rental for 10 people in Portofino
Vacation rental for 10 people
5 bedrooms250yd to the beach
from $1,901 / night
Vacation rental for 4 people in Portofino
Vacation rental for 4 people
1 bedroom500yd to the beach
from $165 / nightFREE cancellation
Vacation rental for 6 people in Portofino
Vacation rental for 6 people
3 bedrooms550yd to the beach
(6 reviews)
from $419 / nightFREE cancellation
Vacation rental for 8 people, with yard in Portofino
Vacation rental for 8 people, with yard
5 bedrooms
(2 reviews)
from $2,898 / nightFREE cancellation
Vacation rental for 10 people, with yard in Portofino
Vacation rental for 10 people, with yard
7 bedrooms150yd to the beach
from $4,829 / nightFREE cancellation
Vacation rental for 10 people, with yard in Portofino
Vacation rental for 10 people, with yard
5 bedrooms
from $1,851 / night
Vacation rental for 4 people in Portofino
Vacation rental for 4 people
2 bedrooms450yd to the beach
from $343 / nightFREE cancellation

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Highlights Portofino

  • Luxury and glamour
  • Portofino Marine Reserve
  • Castello Brown
  • Privileged location on the Italian Riviera
  • Parco Museum

Other property types in Portofino that might be interesting:

Prices and availability

Current Vacation rental prices Portofino

$464for 10 Jun - 17 Jun
$441 annual average
Average price per week

Current vacation rental availability Portofino

40%for 10 Jun - 17 Jun
42% annual average
Percentage of available rentals

Types of Vacation rentals in Portofino

Rentals and villas perfect for a luxury vacation

Enjoy the luxury and beauty of the Italian Riviera by renting a rental in Portofino for your next vacation! We offer you a magnificent search assistant so that you can find the best offers of tourist rentals and luxury villas for rent between private individuals in the area. Dozens of cheap rentals located throughout the town, but especially around Piazza Martiri dell'Olivetta. The most common are those with capacity for 2 and 4 people, perfect for couples and families with children. Almost all of them also have space for pets, so you can come with your dog on vacation without any problems. But if you really want to live all the luxury and glamour of this wonderful Italian city, nothing better than an exclusive villa in the upper part of the city, where you can enjoy incredible views from the terrace. Don't wait any longer to book your villa or rental in Portofino and come and enjoy a fantastic vacation!

Why book a rental in Portofino?

Portofino has been an important tourist center since the early years of the 20th century, when many tourists from United Kingdom and Germany began to summer there. Considered one of the most pleasant ports in the Mediterranean. The charm of the village itself, its excellent cuisine and the wide variety of cultural and natural itineraries make this corner of the Gulf of Tigullio an ideal place for any time of the years. Most travelers decide to rent their rentals in Portofino for July and August, when the temperate waters of the sea and nature make the city a small paradise.

Vacations in Portofino

The area and how to find your way around

Portofino: the most chic Italian village

Located in the northwest of Italy, Portofino is a small town of barely 400 inhabitants that forms part of the province of Genoa, in the region of Liguria. Situated in a bay at the foot of a promontory, in the middle of the Regional Natural Park of Portofino.

The best areas to find a rental in Portofino

Portofino is quite small, structured around two streets that lead to the promenade. Therefore, the area is not an aspect that should take away your sleep when renting a rental in Portofino. The important thing is that your accommodation fits your needs and preferences and allows you to enjoy a truly luxurious vacation. However, without doubt, one of the most recommended places is the famous "Piazzeta", the worldly heart of Portofino, which overlooks the port where both traditional fishing boats and luxury ships call. Can you imagine sleeping in one of those charming colorful villas that form a beautiful mosaic at the foot of the promontory full of lush vegetation?

Types of travelers and activities

Portofino for those looking for luxury and glamour

Portofino is an ancient and elegant village of a beauty that can hardly be described in words, which overlooks the Mediterranean. A jewel of the Italian landscape that is often frequented by people from the world of culture, entertainment and finance. The charm of its traditional façades would make up a medieval canvas if it weren't for the megayachts that attract the wealthiest tourists who remain faithful to Portofino both to hide and to exhibit themselves. A real haven for the jet-set, nobles, actors and millionaires who choose the luxury villas of the hills to enjoy their Vacations. What are you waiting for to book your villa in Portofino?

Did you know that Portofino is recreated in the United States at the "Portofino Bay Resort" of the Universal film studios in Orlando, Florida?

Top 5 Recommendations in Portofino

1. Visit the Parco Museum

The Parco Museum is one of the must-see places on any trip to Portofino, but especially for art lovers. Inside it houses an important collection of works by great artists of international prestige, among which 120 sculptures stand out.

2. See the beautiful views of Castello Brown

Built in the 15th century with a clear defensive vocation, Castello Brown is a house-museum located at a certain height, above the port of the town, so it offers incredible views of the environment.

3. Take a kayak tour of the Portofino Marine Reserve

A kayak excursion around the bay will allow you to access the most spectacular places in the protected marine area and Portofino park. Beautiful and charming places full of history such as Cala degli Inglesi, San Fruttuoso, Punta Chiappa, Porto Pidocchio and Camogli.

4. Make excursions in the Italian Riviera

Portofino is a town with a privileged location to know the most beautiful places of the Italian Riviera. Genoa or Cinque Terre, which are less than an hour's drive away are essential places. Both declared World Heritage Sites.

5. Try the Spaghetti over there, Elizabeth Taylor

During the filming of Cleopatra Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton began a torrid romance even though they were both married. His clandestine appointments took place in Portofino. In his honor, the Spaghetti alla Elizabeth Taylor, made with three types of tomato from San Marzano, Sorrento and Pachino are served in the restaurant La Terrazza.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Portofino

On average, how much do vacation rentals in Portofino cost?

Portofino is one of the most expensive cities in Italy. For a vacation rental here, you can expect to pay around $382 per night.

When are vacation rentals cheaper in Portofino?

According to our most recent data, the months that are the cheapest in Portofino are November, March and February, with average prices of $301, $325, and $344, respectively.

During which months are vacation rentals more expensive in Portofino?

Last year, the month that had the highest annual average in Portofino was July, with an average price of $464 per night. This was followed by August, with an average of $459, and then June, with $444.

Do I need to plan a trip to Portofino well in advance?

It is recommended that you book your stay well in advance when visiting Portofino, as only 47% of our accommodations are usually available throughout the year.

When are more vacation rentals available?

Last year, the months with the largest number of properties available of the year in Portofino were October, April and February, with average availabilities of 59%, 58%, and 57%, respectively.

When are fewer rentals available in Portofino?

According to data from last year, the months with the fewest housing options available in Portofino are, in order, August (with 26% of available rentals), July (29%), and June (40%).

Are there many vacation rentals in Portofino?

Holidu offers around 220 accommodations in Portofino from 3 different partners, so find the perfect type of accommodation you are looking for. We've got you covered!

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