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Popular Accommodations in Odenwald

Vacation house for 5 people, with garden, with pets
53 reviews
Waldbrunn, Odenwald
$45per night
Vacation house for 6 people, with terrace, with pets
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 732ft²
32 reviews
Waldbrunn, Odenwald
$56per night
Vacation apartment for 4 people, with garden
12 reviews
Reichelsheim, Odenwald
$39per night
Apartment for 9 people, with sauna and jacuzzi
20 reviews
Schönau, Rhine-Neckar-Region
$95per night
Apartment for 14 people, with garden and sauna as well as jacuzzi
3 reviews
Laudenbach, Lower Franconia
$207per night
Apartment for 4 people, with garden
15 reviews
Reichelsheim, Odenwald
$71per night
Apartment for 4 people, with garden and pool
4 pers., 2 bedrooms, 969ft²
13 reviews
Hirschhorn (Neckar), Bergstraße
$104per night
Apartment for 4 people, with garden
4 pers., 1 bedrooms, 710ft², 3.9mi to skiing
17 reviews
Weinheim, Rhine-Neckar-Region
$80per night
Apartment for 3 people, with garden
3 pers., 1 bedrooms
45 reviews
Miltenberg, Lower Franconia
$75per night
Apartment for 6 people, with garden
11 reviews
Breuberg, Odenwald
$67per night
Vacation house for 4 people, with garden
4 pers., 2 bedrooms, 753ft²
14 reviews
Waldbrunn, Odenwald
$117per night
Studio for 16 people
16 pers., 2 bedrooms, 2.9mi to skiing
Heidelberg, Rhine-Neckar-Region
$151per night
Apartment for 7 people, with balcony
7 pers., 3 bedrooms, 1,615ft², 2.1mi to skiing
4 reviews
Heidelberg, Rhine-Neckar-Region
$121per night
Vacation house for 6 people, with garden
6 pers., 2 bedrooms, 732ft²
20 reviews
Waldbrunn, Odenwald
$50per night
Apartment for 5 people, with garden and pool as well as sauna
5 pers., 2 bedrooms, 861ft²
2 reviews
Modautal, Odenwald
$83per night
Apartment for 2 people, with balcony
2 pers., 1 bedrooms, 807ft²
20 reviews
Weinheim, Rhine-Neckar-Region
$75per night
Apartment for 4 people
4 pers., 2 bedrooms, 753ft², 2.1mi to skiing
20 reviews
Heidelberg, Rhine-Neckar-Region
$196per night
Apartment for 6 people
6 pers., 2 bedrooms, 592ft², 2.9mi to skiing
6 reviews
Neckargemünd, Rhine-Neckar-Region
$158per night
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Highlights in Odenwald

  • Dog-friendly holiday region
  • Mountains, forests and valleys as far as the eye can see
  • Paradise for hikers
  • Many historical sights

Most popular in Odenwald

Internet 435
Pet allowed 164
Balcony/Terrace 325
TV 469
Garden 272
Parking 451
Washing machine 208
View 68
Heating 462

Popular Destinations in Odenwald

Vacation rentals in the Odenwald

Living in Heidelberg

Those who spend their holidays in the Odenwald cannot miss the former residence of the Electorate Palatinate with its world-famous old town and the historic castle ruins. The range of spacious and modern holiday apartments in Heidelberg is correspondingly large, offering you not only comfort and a central location for excursions, but also sometimes very special views of the Odenwald. You will be particularly pleased to live in a bright holiday apartment in the historic building fabric of the old town, especially as you can enjoy the view of the Neckar river from the balcony during breakfast.

Apartments in and around Michelstadt

Another tourist centre of the Odenwald is the small town of Michelstadt, which is characterised by its Gothic town church and the countless well-preserved half-timbered houses. In many of these buildings there are now well-equipped holiday apartments, which despite their modern furnishings still make the breath of history very tangible. If you don't want to pitch your tents in the old town, you can also move into a vacation rental on the outskirts of town, which is excellently connected to the city centre thanks to the well-developed public transport network.

A vacation rental in the countryside

If, on the other hand, you would like to avoid any tourist hustle and bustle and let your soul dangle either alone, with your family or your dogs in a vacation rental surrounded by greenery, you will also find the right domicile in the Odenwald. The many small sleepy villages in the middle of the gentle valleys promise peace from the stress of the big city on the one hand, but on the other hand underline their value as a starting point for exploring the surrounding countryside. Amorbach, Miltenberg and Eberbach are ideal holiday resorts.

View of the vineyards before Bensheim
View of the vineyards before Bensheim

Vacation in the Odenwald

Location and orientation

Nature area structure of the Odenwald forest

The up to 626 m high low mountain range stretches over parts of southern Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Lower Franconia, with the Rhine-Main plain bounding it to the north, the Kraichgau region to the west and the Spessart region to the east. The Odenwald forest, crossed by many tributaries of the Rhine, Main and Neckar rivers, is also characterised by its varied landscape, which is characterised by bizarre sandstone formations, extinct volcanoes such as the Otzberg and deep forests, making it an attractive destination for tourists.

Locomotion on site

If you are planning a holiday in the heart of the Odenwald, you should in any case travel to your vacation rental in your own vehicle in order to be mobile at all times and comfortably reach the countless sights. Thanks to the numerous partly multi-lane federal highways, which cut through the spacious area, you can reach within a short time wherever there is something to experience. If, on the other hand, you pitch your tents in the urban centres of Darmstadt or Heidelberg, you can easily do without your car and use the public transport network or car sharing services. If you enjoy motorcycling, you will also find ideal conditions for sporty rides in a charming setting on the winding roads of the low mountain range.

Travelers and Activities

The Odenwald for hikers

The low mountain range is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers with a network of over 10,000 kilometres stretching from north to south and from east to west across the Odenwald forest. In addition to many insider tips, which you should ask for directly on site, there are also true tourist highlights waiting for you, such as the Burgenweg from Darmstadt-Eberstadt to Heidelberg or the Nibelungensteig, which takes you to the most important scenes of the Nibelungen saga.

The Odenwald with dog

The extensive geography of the Odenwald is perfect for your four-legged friends, who can let off steam to their heart's content on the seemingly endless green spaces. There are also many dog-friendly holiday apartments and cottages with fenced plots, so you can let your dogs run off without a leash while you relax on the terrace and enjoy the sun.

If one takes the Nibelungenlied at face value, the dragon slayer Siegfried was murdered at a spring in the Odenwald by the wicked Hagen of Tronje.
Green Odenwald in summer
Green Odenwald in summer

Top 3 travel tips

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg is one of the few major German cities to have survived the turmoil of the Second World War unscathed. Accordingly, you can not only explore the 1.6 kilometre long historic old town in all its splendour, but also the world-famous Heidelberg Castle, which has been enthroned unchanged over the valley floor on the northern slope of the Königsstuhl since the 18th century. A must for every Odenwald holidaymaker.

Dripstone cave near Eberstadt

The Eberstadt stalactite cave is located 70 kilometres southeast of Heidelberg. It was only by chance that this miracle of nature was discovered during blasting in the 1970s and has since been used as a tourist show cave. In the up to 6 metre high halls of the 600 metre long cave there are several bizarre stalactite and stalagmite formations which take you back in time. We also recommend the geological nature trail as well as the one-hour guided tour, during which you will learn everything you need to know about the formation of stalactite caves. Due to its minimum width of two metres, the cave is also accessible to wheelchair users.

Frankenstein Castle

Everyone has heard the story of Viktor Frankenstein and his monster, which he is said to have brought to life in his dark castle. And in fact, an alchemist and doctor named Konrad Dippel once lived at the castle, who for decades carried out proven experiments shrouded in mystery and served the British Merry Shelley as a model for her novel. Today you can visit the eerie walls down to the deepest cellars and follow in Frankenstein's footsteps. A visit is especially worthwhile on the weekends around Halloween, when the castle is inhabited by ghosts and witches.

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