Villas in Sarasota

Villas in Sarasota

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Popular Villas in Sarasota

Villa for 4 people, with balcony and yard in Sarasota
Villa for 4 people, with balcony and yard
2 bedrooms2.9 mi to the beach
(19 reviews)
from $177 / nightFREE cancellation
Villa for 4 people, with yard and hot tub as well as terrace, with pets in Sarasota
Villa for 4 people, with yard and hot tub as well as terrace, with pets
2 bedrooms6.8 mi to the beach
(10 reviews)
from $227 / nightFREE cancellation
Villa for 4 people, with pool in Sarasota
Villa for 4 people, with pool
2 bedrooms5.6 mi to the beach
(6 reviews)
from $206 / nightFREE cancellation
Villa for 4 people, with hot tub and pool as well as terrace in Sarasota
Villa for 4 people, with hot tub and pool as well as terrace
2 bedrooms5.4 mi to the beach
(5 reviews)
from $173 / nightFREE cancellation
Villa for 4 people, with terrace in Sarasota
Villa for 4 people, with terrace
11 bedrooms4.5 mi to the beach
(8 reviews)
from $114 / nightFREE cancellation
Villa for 4 people, with terrace, with pets in Sarasota
Villa for 4 people, with terrace, with pets
2 bedrooms5.6 mi to the beach
from $95 / nightFREE cancellation
Villa for 5 people, with terrace, with pets in Sarasota
Villa for 5 people, with terrace, with pets
2 bedrooms2.6 mi to the beach
(8 reviews)
from $136 / nightFREE cancellation
Villa for 5 people, with terrace in Sarasota
Villa for 5 people, with terrace
2 bedrooms2.4 mi to the beach
(9 reviews)
from $122 / nightFREE cancellation
Villa for 2 people in Sarasota
Villa for 2 people
2 bedrooms6.3 mi to the beach
(51 reviews)
from $239 / nightFREE cancellation
Villa for 5 people, with pool and terrace in Sarasota
Villa for 5 people, with pool and terrace
2 bedrooms5.6 mi to the beach
(3 reviews)
from $119 / nightFREE cancellation
Villa for 6 people, with pool and yard in Sarasota
Villa for 6 people, with pool and yard
3 bedrooms6.9 mi to the beach
(5 reviews)
from $114 / nightFREE cancellation
Villa for 5 people in Sarasota
Villa for 5 people
2 bedrooms4.9 mi to the beach
from $252 / night

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Highlights in Sarasota

  • White-sand beaches
  • Beautiful marine life
  • Sunny city
  • Amazing recreation places

Other holiday ideas and property types in Sarasota that might be interesting

Villas in Sarasota

Relaxing coastal villas near the best recreation places

If you are looking for a relaxing villa with beautiful beaches and refreshing pools, Holidu has the perfect place for you in the sunny city of Sarasota. Located south of Tampa, Florida, this extraordinary city has near-shore villas with seascapes for you, tall palms and warm white sands. Besides this, the town offers a wide variety of activities and places where you can venture. Impressive mangrove tunnels, botanical gardens, all this and more makes Sarasota the ideal destination for a vacation during any time of the year.

Peaceful cozy villas with swimming pools

The county of Sarasota offers villas of all styles, from key west and coastal craftsman to west indie style with a touch of the British Caribbean islands. A semi-tropical setting with swimming pools and all the amenities, perfect for families and mid to older who wish to spend a pleasant vacation. And to make your vacation more pleasant you can find condos with terraces and balconies with an incomparable view of the city. All this surrounded by the stunning ocean! Ready to enjoy the magnificent villas in Sarasota?

Travelers and activities

Sarasota for nature lovers

If you love to immerse yourself in the wild, Sarasota offers you the best activities. You can kayak and paddle along the unique mangrove tunnel routes of the Ted Sperling Park in the South Lido Nature Reserve. A tour that is made up of two exciting stages that consist of a journey through Sarasota's beautiful ecozystem. During the first stage of the tour, your guide will take you to an open bay where you can see manatees and dolphins among other animals that make up the wonderful wildlife of the city. In the second stage, you will be able to paddle a kayak in clear waters where you will see colorful fish and immerse yourself in a hidden world formed by an arch of treetops. A destination with shallow waters and no waves to cause falls, ideal for rowing and spending some quiet time in nature. If you like something more out of the water, the county also offers many other incredible tourist attractions such as the Sarasota Jungle Garden where you can feed beautiful flamingos, hold snakes and take a picture with Florida's most iconic animal, the alligator.

Sarasota for nightlife lovers

The nightlife in Sarasota is made up of music, artistic performances, tropical drinks and a good dinner. All this is what Siesta Key Oyster Bar has to offer. A beach atmosphere with delicious oysters, shrimp tacos accompanied by a lime sauce, 24 hour live music and a coconut margarita are what makes this bar one of the best and most popular in the city. If you want to opt for a more creamy and fruity drink, at Daikiri Deck you can enjoy drinks made with chocolate, cream, coconut and vodka as well as drinks with fresh strawberries and rum. On the other hand, if you want a more intimate place to go with your partner, an excellent option would be Marina Jack Dining Room, a premier beachfront restaurant located in the center of Sarasota Bay where you will be able to enjoy a spectacular sunset accompanied by an exceptional menu with the best steaks, seafood and pasta. In addition to this, the place also gives you the possibility to rent a luxury boat to have an adventure at sea.

More than 42% of Sarasota County is water and has 13 public beaches, of which Siesta Key Beach has been named one of the best in the United States. The perfect place for water lovers!

Top 7 travel tips in Sarasota

1. Pet the marine life at the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium

A combination of science and fun where children can explore the secrets of the sea, observe manatees, sharks, sea turtles and many other incredible species. Children and adults can be in contact with manta rays, crabs and sea urchins in the contact tanks. You will also be able to dissect a squid and attend the limited time exhibition of sea monsters where you can see skeletons reproduced from fossils that date from 70 million years ago.

2. Do parasailing on the amazing beach of Siesta Key

Experience the exciting opportunity to see the beautiful waters of Sarasota from a bird's eye view. A boat trip that will take you up in the air along with new parasailing equipment that guarantees comfort and safety in this exciting activity. You'll be able to experience the adrenaline rush during a free fall where the captain will slow the boat down and let you fall until your feet touch the water, and when you least expect it he'll accelerate you back up into the air.

3. Enjoy delicious Italian desserts in Gelato Go

Try a selection of tasty artisan ice creams made with fruit grown by local farmers and ingredients imported from Italy at the Gelato Go ice cream shop. If you've never tried the typical sweet flavors of Italy before, this is the place to go and try it. Here, as well as finding one of the best ice creams in town, you'll also find a variety of Italian desserts such as Crostata, an extraordinary pie embellished with cream, kiwi and fresh strawberries, Tiramisu, a spongy cake with chocolate, coffee and mascarpone, and some spectacular cannoli, a fried puff pastry filled with a sweet and creamy filling that usually contains ricotta and chocolate pieces. A comfortable place to spend some time after a tour of the city's beaches and venues.

4. Visit Marie Selby botanical gardens

Explore the sanctuaries in front of Sarasota Bay and be amazed by the native nature of the region. A tropical urban oasis with plenty of places to look. A home of colorful Florida butterflies that you won't see anywhere else in North America and lots of regional flowers. In addition, in April 2021, Roy Lichtenstein's artistic world will be presented in the gardens, a sensational nighttime outdoor light show with sounds, aromas and palpable experiences accompanied by snacks, beer and wine.

5. Ride an electric bicycle by the beach

Pedal to the magical beach of Siesta Key as the sun goes down. An electric bicycle tour with 5 levels that will allow you to make little effort, where you will be provided with helmets, lights and all necessary safety equipment. During the tour, you will ride along the southernmost point, Crescent Beach and Point of Rocks, and then head north of the Key to Sunset Point. An experience absolutely recommended for all levels. If you don't know how to ride a bike, you don't have to worry, you'll be assisted by the friendly guides and you'll enjoy this activity to the fullest.

6. Go to The Ringling Palace

Home to one of America's preeminent art and cultural collections, this distinctively pink, Renaissance-style art museum has 66 acres of pure beauty to offer you, made up of permanent collections, fascinating exhibits from around the world, and classic sculptures that adorn the large courtyard. You can see masterpieces by names such as Rubens, Titian, Gainsborough and Velazquez, as well as colorful costumes and exhibits in the circus museum, plus a ticket to explore the magnificent Ca' d'Zan Mansion where you can visit the residence's beautiful rose garden and wrap yourself in varied scents and colors.

7. Discover The Myakka Canopy Walkway

If you want a remote place where you can walk and do physical activity with your family and children, an excellent option is the state park of Myakka Canopy Walkway. Here you will have access to a 74-foot high oak/palm structure with over 100 steps where you can observe the treetops, the meadow and even see eagles and hawks. The park also has many other activities and a café with lunch, craft beers and desserts such as ice cream for the children to refresh themselves.

FAQs: Villas in Sarasota

Which types of services can you typically find at the villas in Sarasota?

In regards to the facilities available on Holidu, it seems that the villas in Sarasota benefit from everything that travelers desire! Here, the villas generally include a variety of facilities, the most popular being: air-conditioning (93%), internet (82%), and pool (68%)...Pretty cool!

How do travelers usually rate villas in Sarasota?

According to last year, most villas in Sarasota scored a rating of less than 4.5 stars. It can therefore be assumed that it is not the best destination for the highest-rated villas in the USA.

Are the villas in Sarasota suitable for family vacations?

Judging by the Holidu database, 39% of villas in Sarasota are suitable for families with children, it should therefore be very easy for you to find the perfect villa for you and your family.

Are the villas in Sarasota suitable for travelers who wish to take their pets on vacation?

Of course! In Sarasota, 25% of the villas offer the possibility for travelers to take their pets with them, 36% also have a garden!

Do the villas in Sarasota mostly come with Wi-Fi?

Yes! According to last year, 82% of villas in Sarasota have internet connection. This means that you will be able to access your emails and favorite social media sites at any time!

Do the villas in Sarasota often come equipped with a fireplace or a pool?

Yes! According to Holidu, 68% of villas in Sarasota are equipped with a pool. Perfect for spending your summer vacation by the pool! 54% even have a barbecue!

Are the villas in Sarasota suitable for stays with several people or rather for a weekend break as a couple?

According to Holidu, 93% of villas are perfect for groups of up to four guests. Approximately 96% of the villas here include at least two separate bedrooms. Sarasota is the perfect destination for small groups of friends!

For a luxurious vacation in Sarasota, are Villas a good idea?

Some villas are, but others aren't as luxurious. So if you are looking for that special accommodation, don't delay in making a reservation because only 68% have a pool, while 93% have AC none have a sauna. However, if it's space you're looking for, 93% of the villas can accommodate four or more adults, and 36% have a garden.

Do the villas in Sarasota have a beautiful view?

57% of villas have a balcony or terrace, and 29% have a view, but since it is not very common so availability can be selective. If this is important to you, you should anticipate a bit more time for research, and use the filters to be sure to find the villa perfect for you. However, 36% of villas in Sarasota have gardens, where you can enjoy the outdoors. If you like to have lunch or dinner outside, and especially if you like barbecues, 54% of the villas have them.

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