Villas in Marino Lazio

Villas in Marino Lazio

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Villas in Marino

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Marino or San Marino is a small nation, with 30,000 citizens, surrounded by Italy. Also, it’s considered the fifth smallest state and the oldest republic in the world. But there is more to discover, this gorgeous place is located in the mountains of the Adriatic Sea, with stunning hills, the Mount Titano (the biggest mountain of San Marino), medieval streets, fantastic views over the countryside and the vineyards of nearby Italy, easy to explore from the towers, and visit the Piazza Della Libertá, the most popular square in there! So, it’s time to visit Marino!

Lovely villas in the place you like best

These villas are in Castel Gandolfo in the Lazio region near to the lake Albano, it’s an attractive spot for hiking or fishing. Besides, you can explore the picturesque and famous town and admire the best views of the lush green countryside, or you can walk down the steep road from the town that will take you to the shores' lake where you will see many restaurants, bars and beach clubs. The villas are for 6 people and these are the features: 1 bedroom, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, an equipped kitchen with a microwave and a fridge, a washing machine and 2 bathrooms with a bidet, air-conditioning and internet, also the villa offers a terrace, a garden with a barbecue and private parking.

Travelers and activities

Marino for history lovers

In Marino you will find many small and unique museums to explore about the history of this region. One is Museo Di Stato with a collection that includes a great variety of finds related to the history of San Marino: archaeological objects, paintings, sculptures, coins and works from all periods and origins. Another museum is The Museo delle Curiosità which shows a strange collection of 100 facts, images and scenes with descriptions in about 4 languages that will impact you.

Marino for adventurous couples

Marino is the best play to explore its nature reserve in adventure days. For example, outside the city center, there is a beautiful countryside with rolling hills and fantastic landscapes where you can ride a bike, or rent a camper and enjoy the scenery. Another option is to explore the Mount Titano railway tunnels. You will see 32 km tracks and 17 tunnels. The Borgo and Montale Railway Tunnels that are part of the history of the freedom of this nation. According to a traditional story, San Marino also did this hike.

Marino is the fifth smallest country in the world, and it was founded in the year 302. It’s a unique republic where two heads of state are elected and called "captains regents''.

Top 7 travel tips in Marino

1. Explore the food and culinary traditions

There is not much difference between the food of this place to the rest of Italy because Marino has exquisite dishes that have nothing to envy to the great metropolises. Some specialities are: Ragú, this traditional dish is prepared with a special sauce, but in Marino is served with Bolognese sauce. Costolette di vitello: Bolognese –style veal cutlets. Coniglio with Finocchio: roast rabbit with fennel. Some famous drinks are: San Marino Moscato: it’s a sweet local muscat, and Mistrá, which is an aniseed-flavored liqueur, and also enjoy to the best local products: extra virgin olive oil with a naturally subtle spicy kick, cheeses, honey, fresh meat and more.

2. Explore the scenic town

Castel Gandolf is a picturesque town where you can find interesting places to visit. One is the Pontifical palace that was built as the summer residence of Pope Urban VIII in the 17th century to take a well-deserved break outside of Rome, but since 2016 it was opened to the public as a palace/ museum, although inside there is a flat for the Pope. Besides, you can explore the town center with narrow streets and many piazzas and enjoy the fantastic views of the lake and countryside. Near the main square, Piazza della Liberta you will find restaurants, cafés and souvenirs shops.

3. Have a remarkable day in San Marino

. San Marino has three towers located on top of Mount Titano and represent the national symbol. The first is Guaita and it was built in the 11th century. The Basket is the second, built in the 13th century it was used as an observation tower and prison and the third, the smallest is Montale, also built in the 13th century and was used as a point of strategy for defensive purposes. Another place to visit is the Basilica of San Marino with seven altars decorated with paintings and gemstones.

4. Explore the nearby and interesting regions

Emilia Romagna is a region at the north of Italy with the most beautiful beaches. Playa del Sol (Sun beach) is one of them with sparkling waters and a special area with dancers to be entertained or take part if you want to dance too. Lido delle Sirene is the most visited beach on weekends by Italians and well known by its incredible attractions: beautiful sand, animators, pool, and more. Altamarea beach village. This lovely place is also famous by its spectacular services: swimming pools, gym, spa, game zones and more. Wow! Isn’t it fantastic?

5. Enjoy a unique wine tour

Italy is famous for its wines and Emilia Romagna is one of the regions which has a great red wine. You will see in the rolling hills of Apennines the great vineyards of the Sangiovese grape and all the process to become a red wine of quality. In Marino, you can enjoy the first Sunday of October of each year, the Marino wine festival or Sagra dell’Uva, and it’s a typical event where you will see thousands of people from Roman hills. As well, the festival offers a procession, music and period costumes.

6. Visit the lovely Rome

Rome is the capital city of Italy and well known as the eternal city with a rich and interesting history as it was the home of the ancient Roman Empire. There are many interesting places you may visit. For example, the Vatican, the smallest country in the world is one of the most visited places in Rome and it’s located in the heart of Rome. San Peter basilica is one of the famous attractions of this place and one of the largest in the world, also is the place where the Pope presides over many liturgies during the year.

7. Enjoy astonishing festivals

San Marino Jazz festival is celebrated during three days in July with the best well-known jazz artists and jazz bands in the world. Another popular event is San Marino’s day, celebrated on September 3 each year and the republic offers this day with many activities such as: crossbow events, competitions, a beautiful concert by the military and more. Everybody enjoys it. As well, medieval day is an important day to celebrate during the event the students dress according to the costumes of that time.

Villas in Marino Lazio

Villas in Marino Lazio

Away from the hectic tourist throngs of Rome, 21 km southeast from the city center and part of the Lazio region of Italy, where the affluent go to escape the capital, this beautiful up and coming destination is definitely worth discovering. Marino, Lazio is a commune and city in the countryside of Rome nestled within the Alban Hills and has lakes, mountains and culture. It is bordered by 5 charming communes surrounding Lago Albano: Castel Gandolfo, Albano Laziale, Rocca di Papa, Grottaferrata, and Ciampino, each a unique gem in itself. You will find all our rentals throughout this stunning area.

Spacious villas the entire family can enjoy

Many of these rentals feature impressive architecture, sculptures and other icons making you feel like you are seeing Italy without ever leaving your accommodations. You will be fully immersed in your Italian dream. Other features include a kitchen, garden, pool, jacuzzi, terrace, washing machine, a/c, and parking. These spacious luxury rentals with lake views are a great option for families and large groups. There are also quaint villas perfect for couples or smaller groups. Some of them are child and pet-friendly so your whole family can see Italy without anyone being left behind.

Travelers and activities

Marino for adventurous travelers

Get off the beaten trail and discover real Roman culture with a trip to the southern countryside of Rome. Though not as popular as other well-known cities in Italy, this hidden destination is overflowing with unique activities. Its proximity to Rome is advantageous because you can visit Rome and yet enjoy Italian culture without masses of tourists fighting to view the spectacular sights. You will be thrilled you decided to come here and blown away by this intriguing historical destination.

Marino for history buffs

This charming area located between Marino and Lago Albano offers many scenic hiking trails in the hills and around the southern tip of the lake. Some trails take you between both lakes: Lago Albano and Lago di Nemi. The area's archeological parks will enrich your understanding of ancient Roman culture and offers incredible vistas of the city. For a special treat, the Pope’s summer home, now open to the public, borders the southside of Lake Albano in Castel Gandolfo. For an outdoor activity, Canoa Kayak Academy (Scuole di Canoa) provides unique tours along the lake. At the academy you will experience superb wine, salami and cheese tasting at an ancient Roman port. There are also many beautiful piazzas that are like a walk in time where you can grab a bite to eat and watch the world go by.

This fascinating locale is built on the ancient site of Alba Longa, which is considered the oldest Latin city in Italy, pre-dating Rome.

Top 7 travel tips in Marino

1. Take a stroll through the scenic gardens in Castel Gandolfo

Castel Gandolfo is a great area to discover more of Rome’s ancient history. This small town is brimming with amazing sites everywhere. You will be immersed in Old Italy without mobs of tourists blocking your view. Be sure not to miss sites such as Palazzo Barberini, Villa Comunale, Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, Anfiteatro Severiano and so much more.

2. Learn about the history of the popes at The Papal Palace

The Papal Palace has a lot more to offer than just being the Pope’s former summer residence. Don’t skip the Pontificial Villas and Barberini Gardens. Thanks to Pope Francis, the public can now enjoy a visit to the Apostolic Palace and witness a cornucopia of unique collections including the world-famous pope-mobile, a papal throne, liturgical antiques, and access to the Pope’s spartan bedroom. Finish your tour with a visit to the Pope’s organic farm for lunch or take cooking classes. Bear in mind that these tours must be booked well in advance.

3. Walk around and see the many archaeological sites

Parco di Castelli Romani is a beautiful park that’s great for hiking and dining. These small villages, built into the hills located within the park, offer a great variety of top-notch restaurants and perfect place to cool off from the summer heat. With a visit to Parco Archeologico Culturale di Tuscolo, you can learn more about how ancient Romans lived and enjoyed stunning views.

4. Visit the iconic city of Rome

All of the world-famous sites such as the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Pantheon and the Vatican are just a bus or train ride away. Piazza Navona is another favorite tourist spot. To beat the crowds, start your sightseeing trip early in the morning. Rome is like a big outdoor museum, so you may need to visit more than once to see everything, but it will definitely be worth it!

5. Wine and Dine

Another advantage of this area is its proximity to countryside food and wine tours. The Frascati comune is home to 2 first rate wineries: Minardi Historic Wine Tours and Azienda Biologica de Sanctis. There is also Old Frascati Food and Wine Tours and many others. In fact, this whole area is a treasure trove of Old-World wine tours and wine tasting.

6. Feel like a local in timeless Trastevere

Trastevere is another hidden Roman gem located along the Tiber river south of the Vatican. There are lots of great places to eat and explore in this charming town. You will also find great shopping and amazing dining options here. For something delightfully unusual, visit L’Isola Tiberina, the only island on the Tiber River. If you’re lucky you might catch one of the many food and film festivals held here.

7. Discover the mysterious Catacombs of Rome

These ancient catacombs are soaked with history and mystery. You will feel as if you are descending through time as you go down and explore them. The Roman Catacombs are between Marino and Rome, so be sure to stop there during your trip!

FAQs: Villas in Marino

Which types of facilities are offered at the villas in Marino?

Among the amenities available on Holidu, it seems that the villas in Marino have everything that vacationers want! Here, the villas generally have a variety of amenities, the most popular being: internet (75%), garden (69%), and barbecue (62%)...Sounds tempting?

How do travelers usually rate villas in Marino?

On average, the villas get quite positive reviews. Judging by the Holidu data, 31% of villas have a rating average of 4.5 stars. This is a relatively high percentage which allows us to confirm that you will easily find the ideal villa for a wonderful vacation!

Are the villas in Marino suitable for families with children?

According to the Holidu database, 75% of villas in Marino are child-friendly, so you won't have any difficulty finding the perfect villa for you and your family.

Are the villas in Marino pet-friendly?

Yes! In Marino, 44% of the villas give you the opportunity to bring along your furry best friend, 69% also have a garden!

Do the villas in Marino often offer Wi-Fi?

Certainly! According to last year, 75% of villas in Marino have Wi-Fi. This means that you will be able to stay connected throughout your stay!

What is the average price for villas in Marino?

According to Holidu's data, there are less than 40% of villas in Marino that are costing less than $100 per night. They can be very expensive, 19% even cost, in general, more than $500 a night.

Do the villas in Marino typically come equipped with a fireplace or a pool?

Good news! Based on last year, the villas in Marino are ideal for every season. Here, 50% have a fireplace and 50% a pool.

Are the villas in Marino suitable for vacations with a large group or better for a weekend break as a couple?

Here, according to the last year, 44% of villas welcome up to eight guests, 31% of these villas have at least four bedrooms. But 81% of villas are also perfect for families of up to four guests, 69% of the villas are made up of at least two separate bedrooms. Marino is therefore the perfect destination for taking your family on vacation (small or large)!

Are Villas in Marino luxurious?

Some villas are, but others aren't as luxurious. So if you are looking for that special accommodation, don't delay in making a reservation because only 50% have a pool, while 62% have air conditioning none have a sauna. However, if it's space you're looking for, 81% of the villas can accommodate four or more adults, and 69% have a garden.

At the villas in Marino are you able to have a beautiful view and spend time outside?

50% of villas have a balcony or terrace, and 31% have a view, but since this does not represent the majority so availability can be limited. If this is a priority for you, you should start your research early, and use the filters to be sure to find the villa of your dreams. However, 69% of villas in Marino have gardens, where you can bask in the sun. If you like to have lunch or dinner outside, and especially if you like barbecues, 62% of the villas have them.

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