Villas in Barbados

Villas in Barbados

Villas in Barbados

A true Caribbean gem

Barbados truly has it all. Here you can discover palm-fringed, white-sand beaches with sparkling turquoise waters. Explore thick, green rainforests. Feast on delicious Caribbean cuisine. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and enjoy an endless array of activities all over the island. This really is one of the best Caribbean destinations for couples, families, and groups of friends.

Stay at a villa in Barbados

Embrace your stay in Barbados to the fullest at an idyllic island villa, surrounded by palm trees and ocean views. There are countless villas on the island in varying sizes, locations, and design styles. Large groups and families can rent an oversized villa with enough space to sleep everyone. Splash around in your own private pool to cool off from the tropical sun. Many villas on the island come with balconies and ocean views so that you can enjoy tropical island ambience from the comfort of your rental.

Travelers and activities

Barbados for couples

Barbados is a top destination to escape with your other half, as well as a popular honeymoon destination. Head to the Barbados Boardwalk on the southern coast of the island for some of the best views of the sunset and the peaceful atmosphere. You can dine at a variety of upscale restaurants on the boardwalk after you watch the sun sink below the horizon as well. Don’t leave Barbados without sampling some of its ever-famous rum. Mount Gay Rum Distillery offers tours for visitors, where you can learn about the history of rums on the island. Some tour packages include lunch and a series of rum-drenched cocktails.

Barbados for foodies

Barbados is a fantastic destination for foodies, offering a vast range of dishes and cuisine options from around the world. For a top-rated fine-dining experience, head to The Tides Barbados, which is arguably the best restaurant on the island. Here you can enjoy a full menu of exquisite offerings and creative dishes. For excellent pizza, go to Pronto Food and Drink. Nishi Restaurant serves fantastic sushi, and for Caribbean fare, go to Jamaican Grill Kitchen.

The grapefruit originated in Barbados due to a natural cross-pollination between a pomelo and an orange. It was discovered in the 18th century.

Top 7 travel tips in Barbados

1. Visit the many beaches

One of the best things about Barbados beaches is that the entire shoreline and all of the beaches are public. There are no privately owned beaches on the island, which means that anyone can enjoy every magical little nook and cranny on the island. Discover a variety of isolated, less popular beaches, or enjoy the more popular ones. Be sure to head to Crane Beach, which is consistently considered the most beautiful beach on the island.

2. Swim with sea turtles

If you love wildlife, then swimming with the sea turtles is an activity you won’t want to miss! Several companies around the island organize boat tours where you can visit the main areas where turtles reside. You can take a swim around the shore and the boat, and you’ll likely see quite a few turtles. Just remember that while it’s ok to look at the turtles from a distance, it is forbidden to touch or try to interact with the turtles.

3. Sail around the island

Explore the turquoise waters and beautiful views of the island from inside a catamaran. There are a variety of companies around the island which offer boat tours. Many tours include a guide which will help you spot the Caribbean wildlife. If a peaceful afternoon on the sea with your friends, family, or significant other sounds fun to you, then make sure to book a boat tour.

4. Explore the rainforests

Barbados is a lush, tropical paradise full of green, thriving forests. Just 40 minutes north of the capital city, Bridgetown, you’ll find some of the most beautiful forested areas on the island. Take a hike through the jungle and enjoy the fresh air and nature sounds!

5. Eat a flying fish cutter

Locals say that you haven’t truly experienced Barbados until you’ve tried a flying fish cutter. Barbados is known for the abundance of flying fish which skim through its waters. The flying fish cutter is made with a fresh salt roll cut in half and filled with a grilled flying fish, lettuce, tomatoes, and sauce! You won’t want to miss out on this delicious island favorite.

6. Try the coconut bread

The coconut bread in Barbados is an island specialty, and you can find it all around! Stop by a local restaurant and ask for some coconut bread with a steaming cup of tea. It’s so good, you’ll probably want to stay for seconds!

7. Visit Animal Flower Cave

The east coast of Barbados is less inhabited and more wild, with plenty of natural features to discover. You can explore the underground Animal Flower Cave, which features a big rocky opening and stunning views of the Atlantic.

FAQs: Villas in Barbados

When planning a vacation to Barbados, which services are the most important for travelers?

Judging by the information from Holidu, when vacationers search for villas in Barbados, they often choose the following amenities: internet (26%), air-conditioning (15%), and a barbecue (14%). Last year, the majority of people searching chose at least one of these amenities when finding the perfect villa.

Which types of facilities can you find at the villas in Barbados?

Out of the amenities offered by Holidu, it can be said that the villas in Barbados benefit from everything that travelers desire! Here, the villas generally have a variety of amenities, the most popular being: air-conditioning (91%), internet (90%), and pool (76%)...Sounds tempting?

How are the reviews for the villas in Barbados?

On average, the villas get quite positive reviews. Last year's data reveals that 35% of villas have a rating equivalent to or higher than 4.5 stars. This is a quite high ratio which allows us to confirm that you will without a doubt find the ideal villa for a wonderful vacation!

Are the villas in Barbados suitable for vacations with children?

Judging by the Holidu data, 56% of villas in Barbados are suitable for families with children, it will therefore not be difficult to find the ideal villa for you and your children.

Are the villas in Barbados suitable for travelers and their pets?

In general, only 2% of villas in Barbados accept pets. We can therefore recommend that there are better destinations in North America to take your faithful companion with you.

Do the villas in Barbados often come with Wi-Fi?

Certainly! According to last year, 90% of villas in Barbados include internet connection. This means that you will be able to browse the internet throughout your stay!

What are the prices like for villas in Barbados?

Many villas in Barbados are, in general, quite expensive. Based off last year, 58% are at more than $500 a night.

Do the villas in Barbados usually have a fireplace or a pool?

Definitely! Based on last year, 76% of villas in Barbados have a pool. It is the perfect destination for a long summer weekend! 54% even have a barbecue!

Are the villas in Barbados suitable for trips with friends or rather for an escape as a small group?

Here, according to Holidu, 51% of villas accept up to eight people, 52% of these villas are made up of at least four bedrooms. But 98% of villas also have facilities for groups of up to four people, 97% of the villas have at least two separate bedrooms. This is therefore the perfect destination for groups of friends of all sizes!

For a luxury trip in Barbados, are Villas a good idea?

Some villas are, but others aren't as luxurious. So if you are looking for that special accommodation, don't delay in making a reservation because only 76% have a pool, while 91% have air conditioning none have a sauna. However, if it's space you're looking for, 98% of the villas can accommodate large groups, and 67% have a garden.

Do the villas in Barbados have a beautiful view?

50% of villas have a balcony or terrace, and 48% have a view, but since it is not very common so availability can be limited. If this is a priority for you, you should anticipate a bit more time for research, and use the filters that suit you the best to be sure to find the villa perfect for you. However, 67% of villas in Barbados have gardens, where you can enjoy the outdoors. If you like to have lunch or dinner outside, and especially if you like barbecues, 54% of the villas have them.

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