Villas in Bali

Villas in Bali

Villas in Bali

Fall in love with Bali, "Island of the Gods"

The paradisiacal place you hear about in all the travel agencies has arrived here to enchant you, yes, we are talking about Bali in Indonesia. This island is known for having giant volcanic mountains, beautiful beaches, and coral reefs, plus interesting cultural sites such as the Uluwatu temple. To enjoy your visit to the fullest, you should stay in the best of the best, close to locations such as Ubud Monkey Forest a couple of kilometers from Seminyak or the Peliatan. Holidu offers adequate alternatives just minutes from Ubud and Mengwi.

Always opt for the best villas and have a unique stay

Holidu doesn't disappoint with its offerings of villas in Bali, with options ranging from the most luxurious to the simplest with space for groups of 8 to 12 people to exclusive sites for couples. Their exteriors are tranquil with a natural and relaxing atmosphere, many of the alternatives have large gardens and furniture, accompanied by large pools in numerous instances private. Inside they have fresh, beachy decorations far from the modern city life: you will feel in another world, in a good way! You'll have everything you need: bed linen, bathrooms, and Wi-Fi with cable TV.

Travelers and activities

Bali for religious temple lovers

One of the most interesting tourist attractions in Bali are the temples, most of them are Hindu because Hinduism is the predominant religion in Indonesia; there is even an interesting curiosity about nine of these temples, and it is that they were built with the unique objective of protection against the bad spirits of the island. We especially recommend you to visit Tanah Lot, which is located on the highest part of a rock near the coast, it can be visited when the tide is low, although it is not allowed to enter inside; we tell you that it is the best location to take your camera with you, there are many landscapes and places here that you won't want to let go, even, it is recommended to go at sunset! The views are incredible. There is a popular tradition that says this temple is protected from intruders by thousands of snakes.

Bali for trekking lovers[

Of the best sensations you can witness in sports, trekking in off-the-beaten-track areas in the middle of nature is one of the most valued, it is unique! These sensations can be found by trekking on top of Bali's volcanoes, you could chase the sunrise from the highest point of renowned volcanoes in the area such as Mount Agung or Batur which are active volcanoes, or also opt for Bratan and Mount Merbuk. Besides doing a very fun form of hiking you will also admire how varied and spectacular the nature of this Indonesian island is, the most typical excursion is the one to the top of Mount Batur at 1,717 meters, which would take you to trekking of approximately two hours, you can do it without a guide or with transfer and guide included, there are several companies with which you can have this great experience, have fun!

Did you know that there are approximately 20,000 official temples in Bali, Indonesia?

Top 7 travel tips in Bali

1. Never let the fun stop!

One of the must-do activities in Bali are beach activities, and that's why we strongly recommend scuba diving or snorkeling in the best spots of the island such as Pulau Menjangan, Gili Trawangan and Nusa Lembongan. These are ideal because Bali's waters are year-round warm, and you'll also find massive coral reefs and flourishing marine life - you'll love it!

2. Rafting is a must if you go to Bali

Adventure and enjoyment are almost always good partners, and rafting has got it perfectly right. Bali has many rivers where you can do this activity, we recommend you to visit the most popular ones: Ayung and Telagawaja; around the island, there are many agencies offering these excursions and providing you with all the equipment, health coverage, and even the meals, so don't miss this experience!

3. Trekking and cycling for sportsmen and women

Bali offers a wide range of activities for everybody, and if you are sporty and would like to do a bit of trekking or cycling in the area, then, of course, you can also do some of that. These activities are in high demand in the area, so you're lucky. Mount Batur is one of the most famous places to go trekking towards sunrise or sunset, however, be aware of Bali's high temperatures which can often affect long hikes, so be careful.

4. Elephants are fascinating creatures, get to know them!

Maybe you've seen people riding elephants on social media and enjoying it a lot, so lucky people! Because in Bali you can do it; in Bali you will find the Elephant Safari Park which is only an hour away from Ubud. Here you'll see elephants being welcomed and well cared for, and then, you'll be able to take a ride through fruit, coffee, and bamboo plantations, you might even see other animals such as monkeys and parrots!

5. A bit of surfing in Indonesia, a dream come true

One of the most popular activities in Bali is surfing, and that's not a secret! Every year many tourists go to Bali in looking for great waves. The best-known surf spots in the area are Ulu Watu and the ideal dry season surf spots are in the south towards the northwest coast, specifically at Nusa Lembongan. If you don't know how to surf, don't worry, you can learn at two fantastic schools: Rip Curl School of Surf and Pro Surf School.

6. Join the Balinese culture

There, is nothing more satisfying than celebrating in a new country that we are getting to know its culture: being part of their religious celebrations or cultural festivities; we recommend you to travel when the commemoration of Nyepi is celebrated, this is a day when natives of Bali dedicate themselves to be totally inactive to tell the evil spirits that the island has no habitants, interesting, isn't it? Another intriguing festivity is Galungan, where children make processions for 10 days through all the villages paying homage to their gods, this celebration represents the moment when the deities decide to come down to Earth. And like these, there are many more that you will want to celebrate, join in and enrich your tourist experiences.

7. Take a time out at a spa for yourself

We've already noted that spirituality oozes comes out the pores of this Indonesian island, from meditations to fascinating celebrations that have left you pleasantly impressed. But now, if you were hunting down a place to let your body find the relaxation it needs, then a Balinese massage and some yoga at the Sundari Day Spa or Taksu Spa centers is a top choice alternative. Let yourself be pampered by the people at these spas and let the toxins in your mind and body come out and stay out, have a unique day.

FAQs: Villas in Bali

Which facilities are the most searched for by travelers when organizing their vacation in Bali?

Judging by the information from Holidu, when travelers look for villas in Bali, most of the time they choose the following facilities: pool (25%), internet (22%), and a air-conditioning (10%). Last year, most of the people searching on Holidu selected at least one of these filters when finding the perfect villa.

Which types of facilities can you typically find at the villas in Bali?

Out of the amenities offered by Holidu, it seems that the villas in Bali benefit from everything that travelers search for! Here, the villas generally offer a variety of facilities, the most popular being: air-conditioning (93%), pool (93%), and internet (87%)...What more could you want?

What are the reviews like for the villas in Bali?

On average, the villas get quite positive reviews. Last year's data reveals that 24% of villas have a rating average of 4.5 stars. This is a quite high ratio which allows us to confirm that you will without a doubt find the ideal villa for a wonderful vacation!

Are the villas in Bali suitable for vacations with children?

Holidu's data reveals that 54% of villas in Bali are suitable for vacations with children, it will therefore not be difficult to find the ideal villa for you and your children.

Are the villas in Bali suitable for travelers and their pets?

Yes! In Bali, 11% of the villas accept them, 65% even have a garden!

Do the villas in Bali often have Wi-Fi?

Certainly! According to Holidu, 87% of villas in Bali have Wi-Fi. So no need to panic, you will be able to stay connected at any time!

How much does it usually cost for villas in Bali?

According to the last year, there don't seem to be many villas in Bali that cost less than $100 per night. They can be quite expensive, 11% are even at more than $500 per night.

Do the villas in Bali generally have a fireplace or a pool?

Definitely! According to Holidu, 93% of villas in Bali are equipped with a pool. Perfect for spending your summer vacation by the pool! 26% even have a barbecue!

Are the villas in Bali suitable for vacations with a big group or rather for a weekend break as a small group?

Based on last year, 88% of villas welcome families of up to four people. Approximately 87% of the villas here include at least two separate bedrooms. Bali is the ideal destination for small groups of friends!

For a luxurious vacation in Bali, are Villas a good idea?

Some villas are, but others aren't as luxurious. So if you are looking for that special accommodation, don't delay in making a reservation because only 93% have a pool, while 93% have air conditioning only 1% have a sauna. However, if it's space you're looking for, 88% of the villas can accommodate four or more adults, and 65% have a garden.

Do the villas in Bali offer outdoor space to enjoy?

Yes, Bali is the perfect place to breathe in the fresh air and spend time outside! 62% of the villas have a balcony or terrace, and 50% have a view. 65% also have a garden, so you will certainly find your vacation paradise. If you like eating your meals outdoors, and especially if you like barbecues, 26% of the villas are equipped with them.

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