Vacation Rentals in Indonesia

Vacation Rentals in Indonesia

Vacation rentals in Indonesia

Wonderful rental locations in Indonesia

Plan your next trip to the beautiful country of Indonesia. Officially known as the Republic of Indonesia, this country is located in Southeast Asia right between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. Indonesia also shares borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and part of Malaysia. This country has over seventeen thousand islands for you to discover. Indonesia is further known to be the world's largest island country with a population of about 270 million people. Where you want to experience island life or visit the capital city, Jakarta, you will be able to choose from plenty of places while visiting the area. From historical landmarks to natural landscapes, the country of Indonesia will keep you entertained throughout your visit.

Vacation Rentals in Indonesia

There are plenty of stunning rental properties to enjoy while visiting Indonesia. From accommodations by the beach, nestled in the middle of nature to ones closer to the city center, you will not run out of options. Spend your morning having breakfast on your porch as you admire the surrounding nature. Have an afternoon by your private pool cooking up some Indonesian food on the grill with your friends. Admire the city lights from the balcony while sipping on some wine with your partner at night. These are some of the possibilities waiting for you with a rental property in Indonesia.

Vacations in Indonesia

The area and getting around

How to get to Indonesia

Making your way to Indonesia will be quite a breeze. The main way of entry to the country of Indonesia is either from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Tangerang, which is just outside of the capital city, and the Ngurah Rai International Airport which is located in Bali. Both of these airports provide the most convenient commercial flights from national and international routes. Within the country, you will be able to move around by bus, as it is the mainstay of Indonesian transport, as well as by train for longer travels.

Where to eat in Indonesia

We will be able to find plenty of delicious restaurants while visiting Indonesia. Whether you want to find something more upscale for a special occasion out or a casual lunch spot to grab a quick bite, the choices available will keep you satisfied. If you want to try out some fresh seafood, go to Bandar Djakarta. Here you will find some of the best seafood dishes in a modern setting. You will be able to choose fresh fish, crabs, clams, and prawns, directly from the aquarium. Another great restaurant is Pinisi Resto. Located in the middle of the culinary scene of Bandung, you will find this eatery inside of a massive wooden ship by the lake. The menu is made from a mix of Western and Indonesian cuisines.

Travelers and activities

Indonesia for outdoor explorers

You will be able to find plenty of ways to discover the natural landscapes of Indonesia. One of the most popular activities is Ayung River Rafting in Ubud. The area is stunningly beautiful and filled with lush green forests, you will be able to explore this scenery as you raft down grade 2 rapids, perfect for beginners. Another great way to discover the country is by trekking to Padar Island. With the many islands that surround this archipelago country, trekking should be a must. This one hour hike up the steep side of the island will give you a panoramic view of the ocean from up above.

Indonesia for family activities

If you choose to visit Indonesia with your family, you might want to check out these activities to have a delightful time altogether. Check out the Mangrove Discovery Tour with your family. You will be able to enjoy a fun boat ride through the mangrove forests of Bintan with a tour guide that can teach you everything about the flora and fauna of the area. Another great experience to have altogether is sailing Komodo National Park. You can take a private chartered boat with amenities, bathroom and lunch on board. The tours usually stop at Padar, Mesa village and Kanawa, as well as ending with stargazing from the sea at night.

Did you know that there are 100 active volcanoes in Indonesia?

Top 5 travel tips for Indonesia

1. Surfing in Kuta

Visit the famous Kuta beach which is located in the south of Bali and it is the perfect location for beginners learning to surf. After a long afternoon, you can also catch a stunning sunset from the beach.

2. Borobudur Temple

This Buddhist temple is located in Magelang and it dates back to the 9th Century. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will be able to admire its unique central dome surrounded by 72 sculpted figures of Buddha.

3. Pulau Weh

Situated right off the coast of Aceh, this island still experiences volcanic activity and it's the perfect spot to go snorkeling to see the abundance of tropical fish.

4. Tanah Lot

Here you will find a rock formation emerging out of the sea with a Hindu temple on top of it. You will be able to reach this temple only at low tide by foot.

5. Lake Toba

Located in North Sumatra, you will find this stunning natural lake that was created from the crater of a dormant volcano. Here you can go swimming, sunbathing or partake in water sports.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Indonesia

How much do the vacation rentals in Indonesia cost on average?

With an average cost of $249 per night, Indonesia lies at the upper end of the price range for vacation rentals in Asia.

When are vacation rentals cheaper in Indonesia?

]If you are looking to get the most out of your money, the most budget-friendly months to visit Indonesia are November ($223 the average per night for accommodation), September ($231), and March ($235).

When are vacation rentals more expensive in Indonesia?

Last year, the month that had the highest annual average in Indonesia was January, with an average price of $283 per night. This was followed by February, with an average of $269, and then April, with $263.

Should I plan a trip to Indonesia well in advance?

Here, last-minute travelers are welcome, because the average availability in Indonesia is 69%, which is above average for Asia, based off last year.

When are more vacation rentals available?

Last year, the months with the most vacation rentals available of the year in Indonesia were February, September and August, with average availabilities of 72%, 72%, and 71%, respectively.

During which months is it more difficult to find available vacation rentals?

Vacation rentals in Indonesia reach their peak in demand in December, with an availability rate of 64%. The second most requested month is January, with 65%, and the third is June with 68%. However, even during the busiest months the availability rate average is 65%. It will therefore be effortless to find your dream accommodation no matter the time of year.

How many vacation rentals are there in Indonesia?

We have grouped together the offers from 15 different partners in Indonesia, so we can offer you around 31,000 properties. You're going to have a hard time picking your favorite!

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