Cabins in Marble Falls

Cabins in Marble Falls

Other holiday ideas and property types in Marble Falls that might be interesting

Cabins in Marble Falls

The best rental locations in Marble Falls

Organize your next trip to the wonderful area of Marble Falls. This destination can be found in the Burnet County of Texas, United States of America. The city is part of the Highland Lakes and situated right on the Colorado River. With a population of about 6,077 inhabitants, you will find this city to be the perfect destination if you are looking for a smaller and peaceful place by the lake. With a long and rich history, the city was founded back in 1887 by Adam Ranking Johnson. Here you will be able to enjoy plenty of recreational activities, discover fantastic natural landscape, and learn about history.

Rental properties in Marble Falls

There are plenty of choices available for cabins to pick from in Marble Falls. Whether you want to be situated closer to the town center, right by the lakeside, or immersed in the natural landscape, you will be able to pick from many options available. Imagine spending your morning drinking coffee on the porch while you admire the gorgeous lake in front of you. Go for a dive off of the dock right by your house or try and catch your dinner while you fish. Invite friends over for barbecue in your backyard. Have a glass of wine with your partner while watching the sunset. These are some of the memories you could be making with an accommodation in Marble Falls.

Travelers and activities

Outdoor adventures in Marble Falls

You will be able to find plenty of ways to enjoy the stunning natural landscape of Marble Falls. Head on over to the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge for a special adventure. Here you will be able to walk through ash thickets, creeks, wetlands and limestones while trying to spot the vast array of wildlife that inhabit the area. This place has two types of endangered birds, as well as seven miles of nature trails. Another great place to visit is the Johnson Park. This relaxing urban greenspace is filled with pecan trees and it can be found right in the center of town. The park will provide you hiking and biking trails, as well as an outdoor amphitheater and picnic areas.

Marble Falls for families

If you wish to take your family on vacation in Marble Falls, try out these activities for a wonderful time together. Check out the Cypress Valley Canopy Tours. This tours will allow you to experience an adrenaline rush as you fly through the 100-foot-tall canopy of cypress trees on a zip line. The area has about five zip line courses and it takes 90 minutes to complete. On the other hand, you can check out the Hidden Falls Adventure Park. In this 3,000-acre of terrain you will be able to find all types of off-road activities. Rent out a mountain bike or a dirt bike and explore these off-roads with your family.

Did you know that Marble Falls hosts the largest drag boat race in all of the United States of America?

Top 7 travel tips in Marble Falls

1. Lakeside Park

Spend the day at the park. This park is located right on the bank of the Colorado River. Here you will be able to find plenty of greenery, a public swimming pool for the warmer days, as well as tennis and basketball courts.

2. Longhorn Cavern State Park

Go explore the caverns. In this state park you will be able to find rare limestone caves which were formed by the waters that rushed through this area 300 million years ago. You can get to these caves after an easy 1.5-hour hike.

3. McReynolds Wines

Taste the local wine. This winery and vineyard will allow you to try the hand-crafted Texas wine. Located just a short drive away from Marble Falls, the vineyard offers tours of its grounds and wine tasting dinners.

4. Sweet Berry Farm

Pick some fresh berries. This farm focuses on cultivating various kinds of berries. While visiting you will be offered the chance to pluck your own berries, try out their homemade ice cream, as well as partake in a number of group activities.

5. Save the World Brewing Company

Try the brew of Marble Falls. This brewery has an impressive selection of craft beers. Whatever your favorite taste may be, the brewery will offer a vast array like Belgian-style scotch ale, creamy double milk chocolate stout and more.

6. Shaffer Bend Recreation Area

Go play sports at the park. This stunning park located on the north bank of the Colorado River has more than 500-acres of land to enjoy. Some of the popular activities here include horseback riding and mountain biking.

7. Historic Downtown

Go on a shopping spree. The historic downtown district of Marble Falls has a plethora of locally owned shops to check out. You can find a handmade chocolate store, art galleries, and boutiques.

FAQs: Cabins in Marble Falls

Which types of facilities can you find at the cabins in Marble Falls?

When looking at the services offered by Holidu, it seems that the cabins in Marble Falls offer everything that vacationers dream of! Here, the cabins generally include a variety of facilities, the most popular being: barbecue (100%), air-conditioning (100%), and balcony (67%)...What more could you want?

How do travelers usually rate cabins in Marble Falls?

The cabins in this destination are often well rated. 67% of the cabins in Marble Falls have an average rating of 4.5 stars!

Are the cabins in Marble Falls suitable for families with children?

Holidu's data reveals that 42% of cabins in Marble Falls are suitable for families with children, it should therefore be very easy for you to find the perfect cabin for you and your family.

Are the cabins in Marble Falls suitable for travelers and their pets?

Certainly! In Marble Falls, 75% of the cabins offer the possibility for travelers to take their pets with them, 25% even have a garden!

Do the cabins in Marble Falls tend to have an internet connection?

Based on the last year, it appears that in Marble Falls there are not many cabins that have it. There are other destinations in the USA which have a higher percentage of cabins with an internet connection. But that could be just what you need to get away from it all during your vacation!

Do the cabins in Marble Falls typically come equipped with a fireplace or a pool?

Not always. Based on last year, there are only a few cabins in Marble Falls that offer a fireplace.

Are the cabins in Marble Falls suitable for stays with several people or better for a weekend break as a couple?

According to last year, 92% of cabins accept up to four guests. Approximately 42% of the cabins here are made up of at least two separate bedrooms. Marble Falls is the ideal destination for taking your small family on vacation!

At the cabins in Marble Falls are you able to have a beautiful view and spend time outside?

More than half of the cabins have a balcony and a view (67% and 50%) making it the best destination for those who dream of waking up to a beautiful view in the morning. 25% also have a garden, so you will certainly find your vacation paradise. If you like enjoying your meals in the sun, and especially if you like barbecues, 100% of the cabins are equipped with them.

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