Cabins in Lake Cushman

Cabins in Lake Cushman

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Cabins in Lake Cushman

The best rental locations in Lake Cushman

Organize your next vacation to the stunning area of Lake Cushman. This destination can be found in the Mason County of Washington, United States of America. Situated on the Skokomish River, the lake was originally just a long broad section of the river. Now the area is a popular retreat for various recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, and boating. Moreover, the lake has crystal clear waters and splendid landscape surrounding the area. The lakes calm waters and rugged landscape will keep you fascinated about this place.

Rental properties in Lake Cushman

There are numerous cabins to choose from for your trip to Lake Cushman. Whether you wish to be located closer to the center of town or right by the lakeside, the options available are plenty. Imagine waking up in the morning and having a nice breakfast while admiring the lake from your porch. Invite your friends over for a barbecue lunch in your backyard. Spend the afternoon swimming in the lake right outside of your accommodation. These are some of the memories you could be making with an accommodation in Lake Cushman.

Travelers and activities

Outdoor adventures in Lake Cushman

You can explore the stunning rugged landscape of Lake Cushman by partaking in one of the many activities the area provides. One of the most visited parks is the Olympic National Park. This spot can be found right above of Lake Cushman on Mount Ellinor. Situated on a 2,340-foot ascent, this summit is the perfect place to take a stroll through the pine trees and spot the wildlife. On the other hand, you can also go for a hike around the Skokomish River. Here you can find the Staircase Rapids Loop which will take you by the river for over 2 miles and on an elevation of 150 feet.

Lake Cushman for families

If you wish to bring your family with you on your vacation to Lake Cushman, try out these fun activities for a delightful time together. During a warm summer day, go refresh in the water. With over 4,000 acres of cool and calm waters, you and your family will be able to find plenty of water sports to enjoy, such as kayak, canoeing, and stand-up paddling. On the other hand, if you are looking for a thrill, try out cliff jumping. On Lake Cushman you will be able to The Big Rock. This rock provides a popular diving spot with various heights going up to 17 feet.

Did you know that Lake Cushman was named after Orrington Cushman?

Top 7 travel tips in Lake Cushman

1. Mount Rose

Hike around the mountains. This trail will take you on a 5.7-mile-loop around the stunning rugged mountain that looks over the lake. The trail is quite steep and challenging but the views from the top will be rewarding.

2. Mount Ellinor

Visit one of the mountains. This is another of the popular mountains in the area. With nearly 3500 feet of elevation, you can find a 5.5 mile loop which will take you all the way to the peak.

3. Skomish Park

Spend a relaxing day at the lake. Located just a short drive away from Olympia, this park will be able to provide you with plenty of amenities and activities, such as picnic tables, floats, and a long strand of sand.

4. Hardware Distillery Co.

Have a taste of the local brew. This distillery will provide you with a vast selection of local beers and whiskeys. You will also get the chance to taste their famous Broasted Chicken.

5. Hoodsport Coffee Company

Have a delicious breakfast. This coffee company will provide you with freshly roasted coffee and exquisite homemade pastries. If you happen to like ice crem, try out their chocolate habanero ice cream or the lemon raspberry sorbet.

6. Hood Canal Adventures

Take an adrenaline ride on a jet ski. This company will give you the exciting opportunity to rent out jet skis and boats. You will be able to explore every nook of the lake while having an exciting time.

7. Hoodsport Winery

Try out the wine of Lake Cushman. This winery is one of the best in the area. The friendly staff will give you a short tour of their grounds and explain to you the wine making process while you taste their homemade wine.

FAQs: Cabins in Lake Cushman

Which types of amenities are available at the cabins in Lake Cushman?

When looking at the amenities you can find on Holidu, it can be said that the cabins in Lake Cushman have everything that vacationers search for! Here, the cabins generally include a variety of amenities, the most popular being: internet (88%), barbecue (76%), and fireplace (59%)...Not bad, right?

How are the reviews for the cabins in Lake Cushman?

The cabins in this destination have a lot of positive comments from travelers. 76% of the cabins in Lake Cushman have excellent reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars!

Are the cabins in Lake Cushman suitable for families with children?

Holidu's data reveals that 76% of cabins in Lake Cushman are suitable for families with children, so you won't have a problem finding the perfect cabin for you and your family.

Are the cabins in Lake Cushman suitable for travelers and their furry friends?

Yes! In Lake Cushman, 47% of the cabins give you the opportunity to bring along your furry best friend, 29% even have a garden!

Do the cabins in Lake Cushman tend to offer Wi-Fi?

Yes! According to Holidu's data, 88% of cabins in Lake Cushman have internet connection. So no need to panic, you will be able to stay connected at any time!

Do the cabins in Lake Cushman often have a fireplace or a pool?

Of course! Based on last year, 59% of the cabins in Lake Cushman have a fireplace. The perfect destination for a cozy winter vacation!

Are the cabins in Lake Cushman suitable for stays with the whole family or better for an escape as a couple?

Based on last year, 100% of cabins welcome families of up to four people. Approximately 82% of the cabins here have at least two separate bedrooms. This is the perfect destination for a vacation as a small family!

Do the cabins in Lake Cushman have a beautiful view?

18% of cabins have a balcony or terrace, and 41% have a view, but since it is not very common so availability can be selective. If this is important to you, you should start your research early, and use the filters to be sure to find the cabin perfect for you. However, 29% of cabins in Lake Cushman have gardens, where you can bask in the sun. If you like to have lunch or dinner outside, and especially if you like barbecues, 76% of the cabins have them.

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