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Highlights in Las Vegas

  • Vibrant Party Venues
  • World-renowned cuisines and local eats
  • Beautiful surrounding desert drives
  • Bright city lights and world-class shows
  • Warm sunny days

Most popular in Las Vegas

Pool 161
Internet 240
Balcony/Terrace 118
TV 197
Air conditioning 241
Garden 54
Parking 240
Washing machine 203
Heating 225

Las Vegas Vacation Rentals

Choose a Rental Home In Las Vegas That Keeps You In The Loop

Travelling to the bustling city of Las Vegas Nevada and looking for a rental home? The entire city is your oyster and there are properties available across the board. The most heavily populated area is, of course, accommodations on the ever-thronging Las Vegas strip but if you prefer something more quiet and out of the hubbub, there is a vacation home just waiting for you in areas like North Las Vegas, Sun City and Spring Valley.

A Room with a View – of the Strip!

A vacation home is an easy thing to find in Las Vegas. The only question is, what are your preferences? Would you like to be tucked away at an all-suite resort, party at Caesar’s Palace, experience luxury in a villa for 4 or keep it budget-friendly in an apartment-hotel? There are tons of options for every party size and depending on where in the city you want to be staying. The most popular ones are on the Las Vegas Strip like accommodations at the LINQ Hotel & Casino and The Hilton Grand. But you can also find Bed & Breakfasts in the South of the districts with private pools and gardens.

What happens In Vegas… stays in Vegas

Las Vegas is always known to the be life of the party – and for good reason! Even if you’re not on the Strip, the relaxed and party-centric culture permeates the city’s vibe through and through. When you stay in any vacation rental, expect to feel the royal treatment. Amenities include such features as fully stocked kitchens, hot tubs and private pools with enough room for 4 to 5 people, entertainment centers within the property itself as well as proximity to shuttles that will whisk you away to all the best parties and hot casinos in town!


A jewel in the State of Nevada

With its flat lands and quiet cities, Nevada’s crowning jewel that pulls in crowds from around the world is, without a doubt, Las Vegas. This city is bustling with lights, action and tons of parties. It’s where friends go to get away for their bachelorettes, to ring in birthdays and to simply take in all the shows and and casino attractions. It’s a global leader in the hospitality industry and is actually smack dab in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Besides the well-known Vegas Strip, there is also Fremont East, which is reminiscent of the Gaslamp area in San Diego.

So Much To See, So Little Time

The most well-known of its parts is Downtown Las Vegas, populated as it is by the famous Mirage hotel, the Golden Nugget and the World Market Center. But the City of Las Vegas is also surrounded by national parks such as the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The Stratosphere Last Vegas (which was formerly known as Vegas World) is a huge attraction, as it is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the U.S. The tower also houses a hotel and casino and has a great activity known as “Sky Jump” which is a controlled-descent, bungee-jumping ride for visitors from the top of the tower.

Las Vegas desert
Las Vegas desert


Out & About

Whether you’re here to just enjoy the pool parties and after parties, ring in some thrills at the casino or you want to catch several famous shows like Cirque Du Soleil, there’s never a dull moment. Getting around Vegas is easy with a car or taxi rental and there’s always someone willing to split the ride. Once you get to the Strip, just be a foot pedestrian and explore on your own. The city is well connected, however, with a robust transit system known as the RTA. Double-decker buses and trolley buses run 24 hours a day from Mandalay Bay to downtown. There’s also a “Strip & Downtown Express” service (known as SDX) that runs from every 15 minutes from 9 am to midnight.

You can never lose: Did you know that in Nevada, video slot machines absolutely must pay you 75 percent of your money back out?

Top 5 Things to do in Las Vegas

1. Take in the City via The Stratosphere

Head up to the observation deck and take in the city. It’s especially great at night time! Whne you’re done, head down for some great food and exciting times at the casino. Or else, if you’re more daring, try the Sky Jump – just make sure you do it in the daylight!

2. Experience the World…right in Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for its mimicry – after all, the city is all about entertainment. The interiors of many of the hotels are built to resemble world famous icons. So, if you fancy a trip to Paris, check out the imitation Eiffel Tower at the hotel Paris Las Vegas. Or, if Venice is more your style, don’t miss the gondolas and the replica of St. Mark’s Square at The Venetian.

3. Visit a weird museum

The “Atomic Testing Museum” and the “Mob Museum” are exactly what they sound like: weidly themed but funny tourist attractions that pull back the curtain on nuclear testing in America and crime families in Sin City.

4. Don’t Miss the Water Shows

At the world-famous Bellagio, everything is larger than life – including the world famous fountains that burst into action every half-hour from 3 pm to 5 pm. It’s especially spectacular in the evening and at night, with the brightly- lit backdrop of the hotel and casino. Get your cameras ready!

5. Get back to nature for an hour or two

If you take a bus or drive to the northwest part of the town, you’ll hit Rancho Drive, which is where the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, home to gorgeous botanical gardens full of desert foliage, nature trails, and museum exhibits.