Vacation Rentals in Sri Lanka

Vacation Rentals in Sri Lanka

Vacation rentals in Sri Lanka

Accommodation in tropical forests

The island of Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination due to its rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty. No matter in which region your chosen vacation rental in Sri Lanka is located, it is mostly surrounded by richly planted gardens, which represent a special recreational value. Such an apartment also allows you to easily reach the Buddhist temples and the nearest cities.

Vacation rentals with ocean view

When it comes to holiday homes, the island of Sri Lanka impresses with a high level of comfort and exquisite furnishings. It is not uncommon for you to receive an entire villa with pool and sea view with a vacation rental in Sri Lanka. Take advantage of the good location of the accommodation to reach the beautiful beaches lined with palm trees in just a few minutes.

Paradisiacal ambience at a bay near Beruwala
Paradisiacal ambience at a bay near Beruwala

Holidays in Sri Lanka

Location and orientation

The Indian Ocean State

The island state of Sri Lanka is located east of India, with the shortest distance between the island and Kodiyakkarai in India being about 55 kilometres. On Sri Lanka there are some worth seeing cities with interesting sights, like the centrally located city Kandy with tooth temple and Jaffna in the north with Tamil stronghold. The capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo, where the international airport is located.

Explore different landscapes

For the search for an apartment in Sri Lanka, the island offers several regions with different landscapes. The central highlands are characterised by mountains and tea-growing areas up to 2,500 metres high. In addition, Sri Lanka is divided into the lowland plain and the coastal region, which has numerous palm beaches.

A popular form of transport in Sri Lanka are three-wheeled vehicles, also called tuk-tuks. The three-wheeled mopeds, which are protected by a canopy, offer an economical way to get from one place to another within a city area.

Top 3 travel tips

1. Pay a visit to the cave temple

Absolutely worth seeing is the cave temple of Dambulla, a rock temple equipped with 53 cave Buddhas. The temple was built in 104 BC as a refuge for King Valagama Bahu. Besides a 30 meter high golden Buddha at the Golden Temple you can also visit a museum here.

2. Observe whales passing in the south

On Sri Lanka you have in the south with Mirissa the possibility of driving with an excursion boat for whale observation on the sea. It is not uncommon for a blue whale to suddenly appear right next to the boat, allowing you to admire the animals at close range. Refreshments such as snacks and drinks are offered on the boats.

3. Try delicious dishes from Singhalese cuisines

The dishes on Sri Lanka are among the hottest in the world. The dishes consist mainly of rice and curry and are varied with vegetables as well as fish or chicken. In addition, string hoppers, pasta noodles in strips, are a popular ingredient in the cuisines of Sri Lanka.

Train on the mountains of Sri Lanka over the nine-arch bridge
Train on the mountains of Sri Lanka over the nine-arch bridge

Things to know

Choose the best travel time

Sri Lanka has a warm, tropical climate. Temperatures vary according to region and season. In the highlands it can cool down to 16 degrees Celsius. In the coastal areas it is mostly around 32 degrees. The southwest of the country is almost always humid, with most rainfall occurring from May to October. On the north and east coasts, the monsoon brings less heavy rainfall, which is why this area is also suitable as a destination during the monsoon season. However, strong winds are expected in October and November.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Sri Lanka

On average, what was the cost for vacation rentals in Sri Lanka last year?

At an average cost of $136 per night, Sri Lanka lies at the lower end of the price range for vacation rentals in Asia.

What time of year offers, on average, the best vacation rental prices in Sri Lanka?

If you would like to save as much as possible during your vacation to Sri Lanka, pack your bags and travel there in October ($112 per night on average), June ($127), or November ($128), to find the lowest prices for the whole year.

When does the price of vacation rentals in Sri Lanka go up the most?

When it comes to looking for a vacation rental in Sri Lanka, the most expensive months are, in order of highest to lowest, July, August and March, with average prices per night of $160, $153, and $146, respectively.

Are there usually many vacation rentals available in Sri Lanka?

When visiting Sri Lanka, there is no need to plan well in advance as the annual occupation is 30%.

Which months offer the highest availability?

March, July and February are, in order of highest to lowest, the months that have the largest number of properties free, with an average availability of 74%, 73%, and 72%. The average being 73% during these three months, you will be sure to find a vacation rental that suits you.

When are there fewer vacation rental options available in Sri Lanka?

The months with the lowest properties available in Sri Lanka are, in order, January, December, and November with respective average availability figures of 60%, 64%, and 68%, based on the previous year. However, it's not necessary to worry because even in the busiest months the booking availability average is 64%. It will therefore be effortless to find your dream vacation rental no matter the time of year.

How many rentals are there in Sri Lanka?

Holidu offers around 12,000 accommodations in Sri Lanka from 10 different providers, so find the perfect type of accommodation you are looking for. We have everything you need!

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