Vacation Rentals in Moscow

Vacation Rentals in Moscow

Vacation rentals in Moscow

Pure culture in the capital of Russia

Moscow, the city with around 300 churches and numerous other sights, offers you thousands of holiday apartments, which are either not far from the centre or in a quieter location a little outside. You will also find some vacation rentals with garden, whirlpool and sauna. Many landlords are happy to serve you breakfast in your accommodation and offer bicycle rental. Moscow offers a wide range of equipment and services.

Holidays in Moscow

Location and orientation

Holidays in the megacity

Moscow is the capital of Russia and with its 12.4 million inhabitants is considered the second largest city in Europe. It has several cultural monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With three international airports, eight long-distance railway stations and three inland ports, Moscow is also the country's most important transport hub.

Moscow's underground railways are not only the most frequented in the world, but also the most beautiful.

Top 3 travel tips

1. Visit the main hotspots in the city centre

Moscow has many churches, museums, theatres and galleries to offer. You will also find the tallest skyscrapers in Europe, such as the Seven Sisters and the 540-high Ostankino Tower, Europe's tallest building. The Red Square and the Kremlin are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Also worth seeing is the Russian Orthodox Church and the Danilov Monastery.

2. The largest Jewish museum in the world

The Museum of the History of the Jews in Russia houses around 4,000 exhibits on life, culture and religion. Of these, approximately 1,000 exhibits document the life of Jews in Russia between the 18th century and modern times.

3. To the local recreation area in the centre

The most popular of the hundred parks in Moscow is Gorky Park, which is located directly on the banks of the Moskva River. In summer, folk festivals with impressive fireworks and open-air performances take place here. You can also walk over picturesque hills and dreamy bridges in the older part of the park, the Lustgarten, to take a break from everyday life. From the Lustgarten you can reach the Sparrow Mountains, from where you have a wonderful view of the Moscow city centre.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Moscow

How much do the vacation rentals in Moscow cost on average?

Moscow is the city in Russia that offers the lowest prices, with an annual average of only $117.55 per night during 2020.

During which months can you find the best price for vacation rentals in Moscow?

If you want to save the maximum during your visit to Moscow, pack your bags and travel there in November ($75.54 per night on average), December ($88.44), or May ($106.87), to find the lowest prices for the whole year.

During which months are vacation rentals more expensive in Moscow?

Analyzing the data from 2020, we found that costs per night for accommodation here are usually higher, on average, during the months of September ($167.88), March ($143.98), and October ($125.48).

Should I plan a trip to Moscow well in advance?

Considering the figures observed in 2020, it is an excellent city for a last-minute escape, since it has an average annual availablity of 73%, which is comparatively high.

Which months offer the highest availability?

The months when it's the easiest to find free accommodation in Moscow are January (the average amount of properties that are available reached 90.5% of the total in 2020), July (89.75%), and November (85.5%).

Which months is it more difficult to find available vacation rentals?

The month with the highest average booked rental figures is April (only 52.75% of properties were available on average in 2020). Followed by February (60%), and March (65.25%).

How many vacation rentals does Holidu have in Moscow?

In Moscow we work with 5 different providers to give you a choice of 5100 properties, so you will not be short of options!

Holidu compares hundreds of websites to find your perfect holiday rental for the best price.

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