Vacation rentals in Aguadilla

Vacation rentals in Aguadilla

Vacation rentals in Aguadilla

A surfer’s paradise

Aguadilla is a charming city on the northwest side of Puerto Rico. It’s full of picturesque sandy beaches and the kind of waves that surfers dream about. You don’t have to be a surfer to thoroughly enjoy this tropical heaven though, the pristine beaches, panoramic views, top-rated restaurants, and golden sunsets will give you plenty of reasons to fall in love with the place. If you are looking for an unforgettable family vacation destination or couple’s getaway, Aguadilla is the place for you!

A blissful beachside vacation rental

Aguadilla vacation rentals are colorful, playful, and fun. Rentals here come in a diverse range of architectural styles, from modern, to rustic, to quintessential beach rental, and more. Opt for a beach rental just steps away from the sandy shores of a beach or a rental with a private balcony and uninterrupted views of the ocean. There are rentals in varying sizes, with smaller options for couples on a romantic getaway, as well as oversized rentals for large groups on vacation together.

Vacations in Aguadilla

The area and getting around

Arriving at Aguadilla

Aguadilla is served by Rafael Hernández International Airport, also called Aguadilla Airport, which is very close to Aguadilla. Once you’re at the airport, it only takes around 10 minutes to reach Aguadilla with a taxi or a rental car.

Getting around Aguadilla

Aguadilla is considered a fairly walkable city with plenty of restaurants, shops, and beaches all within walking distance of each other. Plus, on foot you can truly enjoy the beautiful scenery and vibrant culture of the city close-up. If you’re in a hurry, or you prefer not to walk in the heat and strong sun, taxis and public transport are readily available as well.

Travelers and activities

Aguadilla for off-the-beaten-path travelers

If you love traveling to faraway places and discovering the hidden gems other tourists often miss, then you’re in the right place. Aguadilla overflows with spectacular and hidden places just waiting to be discovered. Go for a walk on the picturesque Punta Borinquen Beach during low tide and explore the secret little maze of hidden caves. It's rocky terrain, so be careful as you walk. Another secret nearby beach is Pena Blanca Beach. The beach is hidden behind rocky cliffs which hide its shining golden sands until you get close. And cliffs are not the only things that cover the sands, if you go there during high tide, the sands disappear altogether, and you’ll swim in a giant natural pool. But if you’re there during low tide, you’ll find yourself in a secluded little beach which only a few visits.

Aguadilla for surfing enthusiasts

Aguadilla beaches are famous for surfing. Surfer’s Beach is one of the most popular places for surfers, as you can guess from its name. This beach has great waves and a very serene atmosphere where you can meet plenty of locals and visitors. It also offers a spectacular sunset view. For more surf-friendly beaches, go to Wilderness Beach. This beach has some of the biggest waves around. So, it’s only recommended going there if you’re a pro surfer. Even then, it’s best to be cautious, not only because of the waves but also the sea urchins on the rocks.

Aguadilla has 19 beaches, which is more than anywhere else in Puerto Rico!

Top 5 travel tips in Aguadilla

1. Spend the day at Crashboat Beach

Crashboat Beach gives you all the sandy shores, crystal clear water, and colorful fish that you could ever dream of! You can stay here all day long swimming, snorkeling, or taking Instagram-worthy photos. This picturesque beach also has vendors and restaurants where you can get drinks and food. If you want to beat the crowds, it’s best to get here early!

2. Hike to the Old Aguadilla Lighthouse ruins

The once majestic lighthouse of Aguadilla was built in 1889 but was destroyed beyond repair in an earthquake in 1918. Some of the walls that are still standing show what an architectural masterpiece it was and make an amazing photo opportunity set against a spectacular ocean backdrop. Don’t miss out on this great photoshoot opportunity!

3. Try delicious Puerto Rican and Caribbean food at Zazones

Nothing warms you up to a new place more than eating some authentic, local cuisine. If you’re looking for some home-cooked Puerto Rican dishes, look no further than Zazones. The restaurant offers delicacies from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean along with some Spanish-inspired dishes to boot. You can’t go wrong with anything on their menu!

4. Hike to Survival Beach

Hiking is best done when there’s a beautiful, untouched beach at the end of the path. This is the case with the hike to Survival Beach. Getting there can be quite difficult with a vehicle, so it’s best to depend on your own two feet to reach this gorgeous beach with its incredible rocky landscape. Pack a picnic and spend a tranquil afternoon here swimming and sunbathing.

5. Visit Prisma Collective

Bringing souvenirs home for yourself and your loved ones is great, but you can make it even more special with the gems on sale at Prisma Collective. This vibrant art gallery is filled with the unique works of local artisans. You will find a wide variety of unique, handmade souvenirs here, from self-care products, to handmade clothes, paintings, and more.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Aguadilla

How much do the vacation rentals in Aguadilla cost on average?

You have chosen the cheapest destination in Puerto Rico, at only$213 per night in the previous year.

During which months are vacation rentals cheaper in Aguadilla?

According to last year, the months with the cheapest prices in Aguadilla are March, April and February, with average prices of $197, $200, and $202, respectively.

In which months is it more expensive to rent a vacation rental in Aguadilla?

Analyzing the data from last year, we found that costs per night for accommodation here are usually higher, on average, during the months of October ($243), November ($221), and July ($220).

Should I plan a trip to Aguadilla well in advance?

When going on vacation to Aguadilla, it is necessary to plan ahead as 78% of rentals are usually booked, according to the data from last year.

What time of the year can I find more available vacation rentals?

The months when it's the easiest to find free accommodation in Aguadilla are September (the average amount of properties that are free reached 52% of the total last year), October (48%), and August (36%).

When are there fewer vacation rental options available in Aguadilla?

The months with the lowest properties available in Aguadilla are, in order, February, June, and March with respective average availability figures of 7%, 8%, and 10%, based on the previous year. During this period, the availability is only 8%. It is therefore preferable to book early.

Are there many rentals in Aguadilla?

Holidu has around 120 properties in Aguadilla, provided by 2 different partners.

Holidu compares hundreds of websites to find your perfect holiday rental for the best price.

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