Vacation Rentals in Puerto Peñasco

Vacation Rentals in Puerto Peñasco

Vacation rentals in Puerto Peñasco

Vacation rental locations

If you’re looking for a beachfront getaway in Mexico to soak up the fun near the Sea of Cortez, visit Puerto Peñasco, a desert enclave with many attractions. Known as “Rocky Point” or “Arizona’s Beach,” the city boasts of its blazing Sonoran sun, pristine beaches, and rocky tide pools. Puerto Peñasco is a perfect vacation destination for visitors with varied needs. Whether you want to visit alone or with family and friends, the city got you covered. You can find ideal vacation rentals spread along the coastline, a few yards or miles to various beaches.

Vacation rentals for everyone

Before traveling, you’d like to consider whether Puerto Peñasco has a vacation rental to suit all your needs. On the upside, this city has something for everyone; thus, there has to be a rental property for you. Whether you’re traveling with your lover, family, friends, kids or pets, you will find a rental property to accommodate you. Find a spacious and fully-equipped rental for a larger group or a smaller one for a romantic getaway with your lover. In addition, most rentals come with pools, balconies, ocean views, TVs, internet, gardens, air conditioning and Jacuzzis.

Vacations in Puerto Peñasco

The area and getting around

A city bustling with activities

Puerto Peñasco is the Arizona’s beach town in the state of Sonora, Mexico. You can drive across the border if you’re coming from the Southwest. However, if you don’t prefer driving, you can use the closest airports in Tijuana or Hermosillo. When you arrive in this seaside resort town, you can drive to various attractions for your outdoor activities. Visit the uninterrupted stretches of white sandy beaches, Old Port, historic Malecon, golf course, parks, among other exciting places. While at it, you will enjoy a desert climate with abundant sunshine throughout the year.

Authentic Mexican cuisine and unique local activities

If you prefer to explore the city center or the surrounding area, you’ll always find unique activities to keep everyone entertained. For example, you can visit downtown Puerto Peñasco during the day or night to explore various local activities. Head to the Malecon Plaza, known as the Old Port or the Fish Market. Old Port is a vibrant cultural center where you’ll meet other travelers and locals. You can explore the buildings and pop into a restaurant to sample authentic Mexican cuisine. Visit bars and clubs for beer and cocktails or sample the area’s art, local music and shopping.

Travelers and activities

Water activities

Are you a water sports enthusiast and would prefer spending your vacation near various beaches in Puerto Peñasco? Then, you can head to the seashore and explore the beaches around. Here, you will enjoy a mix of lively beaches, sandy beaches, and quiet beaches. With the scorching sun, you will have inviting water to drench yourself. Try water activities such as swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, boating, snorkeling, parasailing, surfing, jet skiing, fishing, and more. Visit Mirador Beach and discover why the city is best known as “Rocky Point.” The beach has rocky areas ideal for tide pooling, especially low. Take your family to a boat lunch or try a fishing competition in La Cholla for whitefish, red snapper, black sea bass, halibut, and gold spotted bass.

Land activities

If you’d like to explore Rocky Point away from the water, this seaside village offers various fun activities ideal for people of all ages. For example, you can play multiple games on the sandy beaches like volleyball, football, baseball, handball, or enjoy building sandcastles. Also, the white sand will offer you a chance to sunbathe as you watch boats and people in the water. If you want to venture away from the beach, you can hire an ATV and explore the seaside desert with its rugged terrain. In addition, you can try horseback riding to explore the coastline while enjoying the panoramic views of the coast.

Puerto Peñasco began as a tiny fishing village in 1928. Over the years, spring breakers from California and Arizona visited the village, and it quickly became an ideal destination for tourists. The area still maintains its fishing roots like the Oyster Farms and seafood eateries.

Top 5 travel tips for Puerto Peñasco

1. El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve

Spend a day exploring the wonders of El Pinacate and its adjacent Desierto de Platform Environment Reserve with your family or friends. These sites are famous for their surreal and stark natural beauty. The biosphere has the largest shifting dunes and volcanic craters in North America. Explore the 30-mile volcanic field with its volcanic cones and sandy coastline. You will also enjoy spotting wildlife like deer, sheep, puma, and Gila monsters.

2. Isla San Jorge

Puerto Peñasco is a perfect place for wildlife lovers to watch various animals in their natural habitats. You can treat your family to a trip to Isla San Jorge, popularly known as Bird Island. Enjoy a boat excursion and head about 25 miles south, watching birds. Ensure you carry binoculars to spot seabirds such as herons and boobies. In addition, you might see whales, dolphins and sea lions.

3. Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort

If you’re looking for a golf course to perfect your golf swing in Puerto Peñasco, there are a few world-class golf courses in the city. Visit Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort and spend a leisurely day playing golf and exploring the site. The golf course features scenic views of the Sea of Cortez. With its 18-hole championship course, you can rest assured to enjoy playing alongside experts.

4. The Galeria Del Mar Bermejo

Would you like to explore the street art that has attracted visitors and artists for centuries? Visit the Galeria Del Mar Bermejo located near Malecon. Here, you’ll find street art and international art such as jewelry, pottery and other handicrafts. Enjoy exploring an outdoor museum with street murals and galleries in downtown streets. You can also go down to the beaches through beach stairs splashed with stunning murals.

5. Enjoy listening to Agua de Coco

Visiting Mexico exposes you to vibrant music, and when you visit Puerto, you won’t miss the music. Agua de Coco is a local jazz and salsa band. This lively music has been around Peñasco since 2011 by Sonoran native sons. Find out where they’re playing and follow them if you love dancing. You can also take your lover or friends to watch them as they put on an awe-inspiring performance.

FAQs: Vacation Rentals in Puerto Peñasco

On average, how much do vacation rentals in Puerto Peñasco cost?

Last year, rentals in this destination had an annual average cost of around $333 per night.

Which months allow you to save the most on vacation rentals?

If it is your aim to save the maximum during your visit to Puerto Peñasco, travel in December ($299 per night on average), January ($300), or February ($300), to find the lowest prices for the whole year.

When does the price of vacation rentals in Puerto Peñasco go up the most?

Last year, the month that showed the highest annual average prices in Puerto Peñasco was July, with an average price of $372 per night. This was followed by June, with an average of $364, and then August, with $355.

Should I plan a trip to Puerto Peñasco well in advance?

In order to not have problems finding accommodation in Puerto Peñasco, it is necessary to think ahead as 72% of rentals are usually booked, according to last year's data.

When are more vacation rentals available?

The most available months are, on average, January (with an availability of 59%), December (53%), and February (46%), according to the trends observed in the prior year.

When will it be harder to find an available vacation rental in Puerto Peñasco?

According to data from last year, the months when it is most difficult to find accommodation in Puerto Peñasco are, in order, June (with 6% of available rentals), May (10%), and July (15%). During this period, the availability is only 10%. It is therefore preferable to book far in advance.

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